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版本1.0 pc版本

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版本号: 1.0 VSTI
软件语言: 英语
运行环境: window2000/XP/2003
推荐配置:Windows XP, P III/Athlon 700 MHz, 512 MB RAM, 1.2 GB Free Hard Disc Space, DVD-ROM Drive
软件大小: 下载大小为911MB,解压后为1.2GB
软件分类: 多媒体/音色盘/音色素材/制作TRANCE类音乐专用/虚拟乐器

这个是zero-G出品的一个TRANCE专用的虚拟乐器,没有中文介绍,下载大小不到911MB,是基于Native Instruments的INTAKT系列采样器(这是我最喜欢的采样器)而制作的音色,非常棒,如果大家喜欢TRANCE,不妨一试,解压后1.2gb,也不是很占用空间,链接2为注册机


WIRED: THE ELEMENTS OF TRANCE is a super-powerful virtual instrument that turns your computer into the ultimate trance production machine and provides every component you need to make the perfect tracks!

"It's a killer... there's a huge mass of content to this instrument... you're looking at one serious soundset... The production is very good... The construction kits are well thought out and work together coherently, and the individual instrument goups provide a wealth of well chosen, usable examples... Native Instruments INTAKT performs the hosting duties competently, and brings to the collection a further dimension of creativity... This collection does exactly what it says on the box. It's trance-tastic, and we're very impressed. 9/10"

"...Wired has plenty to offer trance producers and all the essential elements are here to put together complete tracks. Given that there is over a Gigabyte of sample data, the combination of sample data and playback front-end is certainly very good value for money... For instant gratification - perhaps exploiting Intakt most effectively - the 14 construction kit presets are hard to beat. These tend to have a selection of keys operating in each of Sampler, Beat Machine and Time Machine modes, and typically contain some drum loops, individual hits, perhaps a few instrument loops and a bass or melody sound. Whilst construction kit formats are seen by some as a 'paint by numbers' approach to music, Intakt allows you to 'play' the loops, hits and instruments in real time, resulting in a more creative process - and, frankly, it is also downright fun..."

- A massive virtual instrument with a huge and exclusive trance sound archive that provides every constituent you need to make the perfect trance track, including just about every 4/4 percussion combination you can imagine.
- Over 1 GB of diverse material including trance drumloops, epic trance sequences and arpeggios (all full of energy and vibe and easy to edit and make your own), plus trance-friendly pads, pad loops, euphoric synth lines and trance bass loops, effect stabs, trance snare rolls, and a huge selection of vital trance drumkit sounds.FOR A FULL LIST OF ALL CONTENTS PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK ON THE LEFT OF THIS PAGE (to view the PDF file)
- All loops are totally customizable to fit your own track and preferred style.
- Sync each loop to your host sequencer at ANY TEMPO YOU WANT with the included software!
- Includes a special version of INTAKT SAMPLER from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS (plug-in or standalone) for MAC and PC specifically designed for loop playback.


Although subtitled "Elements of Trance", the sounds in this dance production factory will work in a variety of classic dance genres. Many loops are also usable for other genres like chemical, techno, house etc. The beauty of the INTAKT interface is that you can alter the tempo without getting time shift grungies, and you can pitch-shift or apply filtering or FX to individual slices of loops, which is great for making a synth bass line match the tonality of an existing tune. Or you can rearrange or randomize the order of the slices of synth lines. The bulk of the loops are aggressive drum and percussion loops. There are also plenty of kick-only patterns, and other isolated percussion loops. A selection typical dance piano and guitar loops are provided as well. There's enough material in this category alone to keep you busy for ages. As a bonus, there's also a very useful selection of drumkits. The "grooveloops" collection (leads, buzzers, basses, pads, ambiences etc) is a vast and powerful collection designed to work with the drumloops. You'll find it's a real party to mix, split and process these sounds just the way you like them. A lot of great sounding synths have been used here, including some really fat analog bass loops and super cool acid loops. There's plenty for the Ibiza house producers too - the guitar and piano loops provide just the right inspiration and will help you muster your last ounce of euphoria. This is a good all-around dance collection, and with almost 2000 samples, the variety of the content is enormous - if you can't find what you're looking for here, (or create/customize it with the INTAKT interface) you probably won't find it anywhere else!


WIRED includes a stunning new state-of-the-art plug-in audio engine/interface from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS which is specifically designed for rhythmic loop playback, manipulation, and mayhem.

The convenient one-screen interface is based on (and provides all the sound manipulation tools of) NI's new INTAKT sampler, and features tremendous sound shaping abilities without disrupting the creative flow, including a first-class multimode filter, an envelope follower, two LFOs, effects, and more. The loops have been set up so that they can be automatically synced to tempo, either via the Beat Machine or the Time Machine. The Beat Machine has loops divided into their individual hits (slices) which means they can be played at a wide range of tempos without any change in pitch. It also allows the user to give each hit individual settings for pitch, playback direction, pitch envelope, amp envelope, distortion, delay, and more; a MIDI file of each loop can be easily exported so that groove, accent, and feel can be manipulated in any host sequencer. The Time Machine time-stretches or compresses loops in real time. Not only can you sync, stretch, and pitch the loops, but also filter, effect and modulate them as well! A powerful sound-shaping filter, flexible envelopes, syncable LFOs, and distortion, syncable delay, and lo-fi effects can inject even more energy and individuality into the loops. Since the software interface is based on the KONTAKT engine, working with it is fast, easy, and it sounds great!







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