Scorn -《Vae Solis》[MP3 + MPC]

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专辑英文名Vae Solis
版本[MP3 + MPC]

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1997年的春节,当时骑着自行车来到我经常去的一家打口碟唱片摊子.乱七八糟的碟子是又脏又破,我那时候刚开始听死亡金属,就听老板介绍这张Scorn的<Vae Solis>说是不错的.也不懂什么叫做不错,先买下来再说了.但是当时这张碟被打口打的来是破破烂烂,在CD唱机上只能勉强把第9首Heavy Blood放个一半...当时听下来,我到了爱不释手的程度.但是没想到多年后,还多亏和感谢因特网这东西的功能之强大,居然被我找到了这张碟,可惜是MPC文件,比较罕见,不是那么流行的音频格式,不过音质还是说得过去的.在此,强烈建议使用FOOBAR2000来欣赏本碟.

听死亡的人,不会不知道Earache Records英国极端金属第一大厂,90年代初影响力巨大。当然,Scorn就是耳痛这个厂牌旗下的乐队之一.这个乐队比较喜欢结合电子模拟音效器来产生很多奇怪的声音为他们的金属添加很多重音,让欣赏的人觉得立刻就像进入他们的世界,黑暗,世界末日之后的那种凄凉,废墟的感觉,听第10首Scum After Death (Dub)明显就感觉这样.不过我个人还是最喜欢第6首Thoughts of Escape,一开始好像很安静的感觉,突然间就像原子弹爆炸般把听歌的人能拉进去...超级爽.相信你不会后悔.

PS. 有谁能解释一下 封面是什么东西...???


Nik Bullen – production, bass, sampler, vocals, artwork
Mick Harris – production, drums, sampler, vocals
Justin Broadrick – guitar


Scorn is the project of former Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris. The project was formed in the early '90s by Harris along with Nic Bullen (one of the founder members of Napalm Death in 1981). Bullen left the group in April 1995 and the projects continues on to this day as an essentially one man show.

Scorn is/was often associated with industrial and experimental music, particularly in their earlier years as a duo with much of their Earache Records era output. Scorn considered a rare example of a successful industrial/downtempo crossover artist. Since the departure of Bullen, much of the output has been minimalist beats with an emphasis on very deep bass lines, often resembling dub and trip-hop in structure. The departure from their early sound eventually led to Harris parting ways with Earache Records after the Logghi Barroghi release, both sides apparently having been unhappy with how the project was being handled.

After leaving Earache, the project kept pushing the dirty bass and heavy beat sound, subtly changing with each release. Over time, the band became associated with KK Records/Invisible and then Hymen - eventually parting ways with KK around 1998, and Hymen in 2002. The intervening years since saw a break in recorded output (save for what was a release of a live internet jam on Vivo Records in 2004) with live dates popping up periodically.

Starting in 2006 Harris began stepping up activities as Scorn, starting with the 10" Whistle For It, which (much apparently to Harris' dismay) was so poorly mastered as to have lost Scorn's trademark low end. After a 5 year absence, 2007 saw Scorn return to the studio properly with the long awaited full-length entitled Stealth on Brooklyn's OHM Resistance label. In early 2008 Scorn released the first of two 12"s on Combat Records. The second release was recorded and is due later in 2008. Each 12" contains one new track and a remix by a Combat Recordings artist. The most recent release announcement for Scorn is a 2 track 12" for California outfit, Record Label Records. It will be a limited edition of 300 copies on clear vinyl with handmade packaging.

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1. Spasm
2. Suck and Eat You
3. Hit
4. Walls of My Heart
5. Lick Forever Dog
6. Thoughts of Escape
7. Deep In - Eaten Over and Over
8. On Ice
9. Heavy Blood
10. Scum After Death (Dub)
11. Fleshpile (Edit)
12. Orgy of Holiness
13. Still Life






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