《Windows Server 2008 安全防护教程》(Winstructor Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Security)[Bin]

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中文名Windows Server 2008 安全防护教程
英文名Winstructor Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Security

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Winstructor 出品的Windows Server 2008服务器安全防护教程。

Windows Server 2008 是最安全的 Windows 服务器操作系统。通过这套系列视频教程,将帮助你充分利用这些新功能,并告诉你如何锁定你的新的 Windows 2008 服务器。

In these videos you'll discover:

- Creating a Security Baseline Configuration
- Structure OU's for Better Management
- Reduce the Attack Surface of your Server
- Security Configuration Wizard
- Applying Policies
- Secure Domain Controllers
- Control Service Administrators
- Locate Unused Accounts
- Configure Secure Dynamic Updates
- Disable Recursion
- Secure Zone Transfers
- Global Query Block List
- Reservations and Exclusions
- Configure DHCP Enforcement Policies
- Remove Unused IIS Components
- Server Bindings
- URL Authorization
- IIS Permissions
- IPv4 Address and Domain Restrictions
- Configure Point and Print
- SMB Signing
- Relocating the Print Spooler
- Removing the default Administrative Shares

...and more

Windows Server 2008 Security contains the following Training Videos:Security Baseline
Duration: 19:58
In this Video you'll learn all about creating a security baseline configuration that ensures that not only are your systems as secure as possible, but also management of your systems is easier.

Security Configuration Wizard
Duration: 22:27
In this Video you'll learn all how to use the Security Configuration Wizard to reduce the attack surface of your server by locking it down with a secure policy. You'll also learn how to manually apply this policy to a server and apply it to a group of servers using Group Policy.

Securing Windows 2008 Active Directory Domain Services
Duration: 16:23
Your Domain Controllers are one of the most important server roles in your forest so it stands to reason that they need to be secure. In this video you'll learn what you can do to secure your Active Directory Domain Services.

Securing Windows 2008 DNS Servers
Duration: 16:34
In this video you'll see how you can secure your DNS Servers using Active Directory Integrated Zones, Secure Dynamic Updates, Zone Transfers, Root Hints, Recursion the Global Query Block List - a new feature of Windows Server 2008 and more.

Securing Windows 2008 DHCP Servers
Duration: 29:33
In this video we'll see how we can secure our DHCP Servers. You'll learn about Reservations, Exclusions and DHCP groups and how to configure them using the DHCP Console and using Group Policy. You'll also discover the new DHCP Enforcement Policy and learn how to set up Network Access Protection so only clients that meet strict health requirements are able to obtain a full DHCP Address Lease

Securing Windows 2008 Web Servers
Duration: 18:20
In this video you'll learn how to remove unused IIS 7 components to reduce the attack surface of your web server. You'll also learn about implementing SSL, IPv4 Address and Domain Restrictions, URL Authorization, Bindings and Permissions.

Securing Windows 2008 File Servers
Duration: 11:24
In this video you'll learn how to digitally sign your File Server traffic by implmenting SMB Signing. You'll also learn about removing the default administrative shares as well as Encryption.

Securing Windows 2008 Print Servers
Duration: 12:29
In this video you'll learn about the new Point and Print feature of Windows 2008 and Windows Vista as well as how to manage printer shares and permissions, implement SMB Signing and move the Spooler to another location.


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    ò   iNK H0RN Presents ..                                                ò
    ò                                                                       ò
    ò   Winstructor Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Security                  ò
    ò                                                                       ò
    ò   Release Date : 31/10/08                                             ò
    ò   Type         : Bookware/Training                                    ò
    ò   Supplier     : iNK H0RN                                             ò
    ò   Disks        : 1 CD                                                 ò
    ò   Archive      : i-wmws08s.rar                                        ò
    ò   Nb of files  : 08 x 15 MB                                           ò
    ò                                                                       ò


     Windows Server 2008 is the most secure Windows Server Operating System
     available. In this series of videos, we'll help you take full advantage
     of these new features and show you how to lock down your new Windows
     2008 Servers!

     :  http://www.winstructor.com/videos/windows-server-2008-security.htm

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   ò :  INSTALLATION                                                       ò
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   ò    a. Extract                                                         ò
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   ò    c. Play & Learn                                                    ò
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