《Modo 302聚光灯教程》(Luxology Modo Training Spotlight )[ISO]

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中文名Modo 302聚光灯教程
英文名Luxology Modo Training Spotlight

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Luxology Modo Training Spotlight -Modo 302聚光灯教程,全面介绍Modo 302最新的建模,渲染和动画技巧.

modo 是一款强大的细分表面多边形建模工具,Studio ArtFX作为一个独立的小型动画工作室通过整合modo,动画师能够快速高效的创建各种复杂模型,并与其工作流程中的其它工具紧密结合!建模强,它的渲染也是一绝。ZBrush与Modo两革命性软件完全激活了CG业的设计技术。

polygon的modo是一款高级多边形细分表面建模工具。modo 被设计用在电影,游戏,电视,印刷和更多的其他市场。modo 联合一个高度先进即时的细分表面引擎,快速的,有柔性的和可展开的模型用工具工作,而且最具有创新的和有柔性的使用者接口之一曾经产生。由于 modo toolset 和接口的有柔性性质, modo在创造任何类型的模型上都是优良的!Luxology 的新型多边形和细分建模软件。有先进的实时表面分层引擎、快速并且灵活的模块创建工具。




This brand new video album from Luxology’s Andy Brown is a guide to some of the new modeling, rendering and animation enhancements in the modo 302 update.

The videos cover subdivision surface modelling techniques utilizing new action centers and falloffs, symmetry improvements and sculpting. They also look at creating and animating morphs, creating time-lapse effects using the new Physical Daylight feature, as well as utilizing the Trackview to subtly edit the timing of animations.

The new modo 302 features are not looked at in isolation from the rest of modo. They are incorporated into three very different projects that allow you to understand the use of many other important modelling and animation tools in modo.

The videos are narrated in English. Users of this video album should have a basic knowledge of modo to fully benefit from this content.

The modo in Focus album is bundled with the Production Evaluation version of modo.

Three comprehensive projects
Subdivision surface modeling
Using Physical Daylight
Trackview to edit animations


Video 01 - modo 302 Spotlight
(Total Run Time: 43m)

In this video we focus on animation, and in particular how the addition of the Trackview in modo allows you to finesse your animations by helping you to control the timing of keyframes. We create a simple animation of a radio controlled car turning a corner, reversing, and then doing a 180 degree spin to end up in its starting position. As well as looking at Trackview we take a close look at centers and pivots, keyframing, understanding and editing animation curves and rotation orders.

Supporting Content: Dopetrack_Start.lxo, Dopetrack_Finish.lxo, image folder containing 1 image


Video 02 - modo 302 Spotlight
(Total Run Time: 31m)

In this video we look at a number of new 302 features as we create a time-lapse animation of a flower opening. We start by looking at the creation of a series of morph targets using the bend tool, the new Flex tool, Select Closed Loop and the sculpting tools. We then utilize the new TrackView feature to quickly animate these morphs to create a non linear animation effect. We finish by taking advantage of the new Physically-Based Daylight feature and create a time-lapse animation.

Supporting Content: Flower_Start.lxo, Flower_Finish.lxo, Image folder containing 10 images

File Size:

Video 03 - modo 302 Spotlight
(Total Run Time: 46m)

The first video in this two part project concentrates on Subdivision Surface modeling. We start by building the body of a flying patrol car that will later be piloted by a policeman. The entire operation of building the vehicle from a simple cube is covered in detail and many modelling features are used including the new falloff and the new Use Topology Symmetry mode. Next the character of the policeman is created from a provided base mesh using modo’s mesh sculpting tools and utilizing the new stroke interpolation feature. Lastly, a small flying robot that the policeman can deploy is modelled based upon geometry that has already been created. This geometry is quickly modified to become a small “spybot” with a light and antennae. The scene elements are then renamed and organized so that they are ready for part two of the project.

Supporting Content: Margaret.lxo, Policeman.lxo

File Size:


Video 04 - modo 302 Spotlight
(Total Run Time: 74m)

In the second part of this project we animate the policeman in his patrol car so he moves towards the camera, stops abruptly, makes sure that you are not a wanted criminal using his spybot and then, when he’s satisfied that you aren;t he moves off again to continue his search. Before we can start animating we need to set up the scene, surface name and texture it. We then go to work keyframing the animation making extensive use of the Graph Editor and Trackview. To finish the project we render out the animation using motion blur and some animated depth of field.

Supporting Content: PolicemanAnimStart.lxo, Policeman_AnimFinished.lxo, Image folder containing 2 images

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