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专辑中文名Organic Cloud
艺术家Tetsu Inoue
版本playable ZIP[WV]

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发行版本:AW 030


Tetsu Inoue,一位著名的作曲家,在电子音乐,氛围音乐创作了多张SOLO专辑,近年来声名鹊起,与Pete Namlook等多位电声,氛围音乐家合作,获得了巨大成功.其实如果我们多听几张氛围作品,会发现其他他们的风格都很相近,用的手法也没普遍,所要表达的意境甚至都有相似之处.不同的是他们的个性,决定了他们在选择乐器的时候,有的电子成分多,有的乐器演奏成分多,而Tetsu Inoue则偏重于比较纯净的乐器演奏,不会有太多的电子和声的出现,这是最大的区别.

Tetsu Inoue is a well-known producer of electronic music which could be described as ambient music with a heavy influence from minimalist music. He has lived in Japan, San Francisco, and New York. He has collaborated with musicians such as Pete Namlook, Bill Laswell, Andrew Deutsch, Jonah Sharp, and Taylor Deupree.
His debut solo album, Ambiant Otaku, is regarded by many as a classic of minimalist ambient techno and was initially released in a limited edition of 1000 copies on Pete Namlook's Fax Label. It was later re-released, but even the re-release is very hard to find, often fetching high prices on eBay. ~ from Wiki


Clean electonica presented with abstract serenity. Deep chimes, electronic blips and digital dissections work among synthetic waves and swells - sounding almost random at time, then close to melodic - not quite either. Esoteric, beatless passages twinkle with clear tones, thrumming as dense banks of sound pass by - I'm reminded of dust motes and bright particles suspended in shafts of light, carried in concert by air currents yet independent, irregular. Promotional notes point out that Tetsu Inoue makes use of "random synthesised sounds and field recordings" which are fragmented and "sieved through in microscopic detail" - the resultant music feels strangely engineered whilst appearing natural and intuitive.


Graceful, glitchy, modern and clean - scientific precision suggests a spacey sound that might complement a computer construct of the universe as much as the real thing. Tranquil and drifting, yet Yolo stops short of restful - constant shifting intricacies and disconcerting moments keep the listener attentive uncertain.


As with the music - the cover artwork presents an image that might well be an unstructured collection of dots - do these make patterns? They seem to form curves and constellations as the mind seeks to locate order in the layout. Simple blue points on a white background are reversed into while points against blue within - held up to the light, this arrangement is even more indeterminate. Sleeve notes are minimal - a track list with times and other brief details - clinical and concise.


Released on DiN Records as DiN 22 - this is actually Tetsu Inoue's ninth solo release. A nice phrase from the DiN press release says - "The music of Yolo is a series of events connecting with each other though not necessarily connected; a patchwork that constantly mutates and renews itself."

To extract CUE, LOG and covers from this file, rename the ending of it to ISO and open with WinRAR or emulate in Alcohol, Nero, etc.
For playback in separate tracks, make sure file ending is .wv and open it in foobar2000.

Format: WavPack (playable ZIP) - CUE, LOG, Covers embedded
Original Release by a-one

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01. The Night In Goa
02. Journey To Ixtlan
03. Chill In Chill Out
04. Ring Of Power
05. Bionic Commune






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