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9 CD, 27小时的交互式教学

这 Cisco CCNA 认证代表了网络的和Cisco技术的基本知识。有了LearnKey的 CCNA这个系列教学,考试者可以准备2门所需要的考试: Cisco Networking Technologies exam (INTRO) 和 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices exam (ICND). 专家 Michael Storm 介绍了这两个 Cisco 考试中所有的主题。


Cisco INTRO (640-821)
Session 1
Section A: Objectives
· Objectives
· Prerequisites

Section B: Network Evolution
· Computer Networking
· History
· Types
· Enterprise
· Storage Area
· Content Delivery
· Internetworking

Section C: Internetworking
· Network Development
· Islands of Automation
· TCP/IP Connectivity
· OSI Model
· Distributed Processing
· Ethernet
· 802.x

Section D: OSI Model
· Layer Usage
· OSI Benefits
· Basic Functions

Section E: Upper OSI Model
· Layer 7
· Layer 7 Services
· Layer 6
· Layer 5

Section F: OSI - Layer 4
· Layer 4
· Data Transports
· Layer 4 Protocols
· DOD vs. OSI
· Flow Control
· TCP Connections
· Sliding Window Process
· Layer 4 Ports

Section G: OSI Layer 3
· Routing
· Addressing & Switching
· Layer 3 Protocols
· Routing Process
· IP Addressing
· Assigning IP Address
· Router Function

Session 2
Section A: OSI - Layer 2
· Data Communication
· MAC Address
· Protocol Communication
· Protocols
· Dial Protocols
· IEEE Standards
· Data Encapsulation
Section B: OSI-Layer 1
· Media Specifications
· Standards
· Topology Types
· Ethernet Topology
· Fast/Gig Ethernet
· Ring Topology
· Other Topologies

Section C: TCP/IP Protocol
· Protocol
· IP Addressing
· Binary to Decimal
· Binary to Hex
· Address Classes
· Other Classes

Section D: Using IP Addressing
· Host Bits & Network Bits
· Subnet Masks
· Basic Addressing
· Reserved Addresses
· Other Reserved Ranges
· Unique Addresses
· Segmented Network

Section E: Network Devices
· Cisco Devices with OSI
· Layer 3 Router
· Router Functions
· Layer 2 Switching
· Layer 2 Hardware

Section F: Ethernet Cabling
· UTP & UTP Identification
· Connecting Devices
· Coaxial Ethernet
· Fiber Optic
· OC Specifications

Session 3
Section A: Router Introduction
· Basic Wan/LAN
· Lab Environment
· Internal Components
· Boot Process
· Console Connection

Section B: IOS Access Commands
· Router Login
· Global Configuration Mode
· Enable Mode Password
· Secret Password
· Access Point Examples
· Encrypt All Passwords

Section C: Basic Commands
· Set Enable Password
· Set Secret Password
· Test Passwords
· Set Console/Aux
· Set Telnet Password
· Set Encryption
Section D: IOS Maintenance Commands
· IOS Help
· Terminal Editing
· Displaying Config
· Setup Mode
· Saving Options
· Backup Config & IOS
· Restore a Config

Section E: ID & Interface Commands
· Change Hostname
· Banner
· Access Interface
· Assign IP Address
· Changing Hostname
· Running Configuration
· Interface Command
· Troubleshoot Interface

Section F: IOS Configuration
· Add Banner/Password
· Configure IP Addresses
· Save/Verify Configuration
· Modify Configuration
· View/Verify/Save

Section G: Access & Discovery
· Using Telnet
· CDP Neighbors
· CDP Lab
· CDP Neighbor Detail
· Access Routers
· Use IP Host Mapping
· Manage Telnet Sessions

Cisco ICND 2.1 (640-811)
Session 1
Section A: Introduction
· IP Routing
· LAN Objectives
· Security/WAN Objectives
· Prerequisites
· Lab Environment

Section B: Basic Configuration
· Central Office Router
· Login
· Ethernet Interfaces
· Serial Interfaces
· Serial IP Addressing
· Verify Connectivity
· Verify Interfaces
· hostname/IP Mapping

Section C: Basic Router Function
· LAN Segments
· IP Addressing
· Router Process
· Route Table
· Routing Process
· Switching Process
· Route Determination

Section D: Cisco Routers
· Router Families
· 12000 GSR
· 7500 Series
· 4000 Series
· 5000 AS Series
· 3600/3700 Series
· 2600/2500 Series

Section E: Router Maintenance
· Password Recovery
· Set New Password
· Identify Proper Procedure
· Change Register Value
· Revert to Saved Config
· Finalize Recovery
· 2500 Password Recovery

Section F: IOS Upgrade
· Process
· Show Version
· Copy New Image
· Replace Flash
· Verify File Copy
· Reload Router
· Verify Configuration

Session 2
Section A: Routing Considerations
· Route Determination
· Known Routes
· Routing Table
· Table Data
· Static Routing
· Dynamic Routing
· Administrative Distance

Section B: Static Routing
· Implementation
· Show IP Route
· Create Static Route
· Static Route Limits
· Troubleshoot Interface
· Return Traffic Issues
· Additional Routes
· Gateway of Last Resort

Section C: Dynamic Routing
· Distance Vector Protocol
· Link State Protocols
· Protocol Selection
· Routing-by-Rumor
· Distance Vector Loops
· Looping Prevention
· Split Horizon
· Route Poisoning

Section D: RIP Protocol
· Characteristic
· Router Determination
· Enable RIP
· Holding Down Updates
· Adding/Verify RIP
· Verify IP Routing
· Show Commands
· Classful Boundary

Section E: Troubleshooting RIP
· Traffic Collection
· Debug IP Rip
· Turn Off Debug
· View Debug Output
Section F: IGRP Protocol
· Characteristics
· IGRP Metric
· Metric Calculation
· Enable IGRP
· Holding Down
· Configure IGRP
· IGRP Convergence
· Debug IGRP

Session 3
Section A: (E)IGRP Protocol
· Characteristics
· DV & LS Features
· Enable (E)IGRP
· Holding Down (E)IGRP
· Troubleshooting

Section B: Configure (E)IGRP
· Implement (E)IGRP
· Add (E)IGRP
· Show (E)IGRP Neighbors
· Modify Remote Routers
· Remove Protocols
· Modify Branch Router
· Verify
· Show IP (E)IGRP Topology

Section C: (E)IGRP Optimization
· Redundant Routes
· Load Balancing
· Metric Adjustment
· Verify Link Speed
· Link Failure
· Convergence

Section D: OSPF Protocol
· Characteristics
· Terminology
· Implementing Areas
· Link State Database
· Area Broader Routers
· OSPF Metric
· Dijkstra Tree
· Configure/Verify

Section E: LAN Segmentation
· Network Congestion
· Broadcasts/Multicasts
· Protocol/Service Updates
· Limit Broadcasts
· Reduce Collisions
· LAN Optimization

Section F: LAN Devices
· Layer 2 Switching
· MAC Address Table
· Layer 3 Routing
· Layer 3 Switching
· Multi-Layer Switching

Section G: Switch Configuration
· Catalyst LAN Switches
· Hostname/Password
· Remote Access
· Ethernet Ports
· Port Description
· Port Speed Module
Session 4
Section A: Configure Switch
· Basic Configuration
· Configure Remote Access
· Verify Access
· Configure Ports

Section B: Campus Networks
· Traffic Models
· 80/20 Rule
· 20/80 Rule
· Hierarchical Model
· Blocks
· Collapsed Core
· Switching Modes

Section C: Spanning Tree
· Bridging Loops
· STP Process
· Root Bridge Elections
· Election Process
· Loop-Free Decision
· STP Path Cost
· Root Port Selection

Section D: STP in the Campus
· Campus Design
· STP Implementation
· Set Root Switch
· Optimized Spanning Tree

· Identify STP
· Modify Root Bridge
· Identify Port Selection
· SPT Recovery

Section E: VLANs
· VLAN Usage
· Segmentation
· Router Gateway
· Router Options
· Integrated Router
· VLAN Campus Design

Section F: VLAN Requirement
· Prerequisites
· VTP Modes
· VTP Pruning
· Configuring VTP
· Create VTP
· Create VLAN

Section G: Configuring VLAN
· View VLANs
· Create VLAN
· Enable Trunk
· Configure VTP Domain
· Configure Port

Session 5
Section A: TCP/IP
· Architecture
· Mapping to OSI
· TCP/IP Conversations
· MAC Address/ARP
· Data Encapsulation
· Data Un-Encapsulation
Section B: IP Addressing
· IP Addressing Classes
· Subnet Mask
· Address Scheme
· Reserved Addresses
· Other Reserved

Section C: Subnetting
· Design Requirements
· Subnetting Example
· Classful Subnetting
· Subnet Calculator
· Determine Scheme
· Subnet Class B
· Mask Subnet
· Block Valve

Section D: Advanced IP Addressing
· Submask Representation
· Reverse Engineering
· Implementing VLSM
· Classful vs.Classless
· Non VLSM
· VLSM Process
· VLSM Results

Section E: Access Lists
· ACL Implementation
· ACL Processing
· ACL List Rules
· IP Access List
· Standard IP ACL
· Wildcard Mask
· Assigning ACL

Section F: IP Standard ACL
· Assign ACL to Interface
· Create Deny ACL
· Assign ACL
· Verify/Troubleshoot ACL
· Modify ACL
· Verify Outbound ACL

Session 6
Section A: Extended IP ACLs
· Command Syntax
· Deny
· Permit
· Deny FTP
· Assigning ACL
· Monitoring ACL
· ACL Configuration

Section B: Configure ACL
· Verify Access
· Create Access List
· Deny Web Access
· Assign ACL
· Verify ACL

Section C: WAN-PPP
· Connection Types
· Point-to-Point Serial
· PPP Architecture
· Enabling PPP
· Change Protocol
· Configure Authentication
· Verify Authentication

Section D: WAN-Frame Relay
· Characteristics
· Components
· Terminology
· CIRs & Discard Eligible
· Topology
· Interface Determination/Encapsulation
· Assign LMI/DLCI
· Frame-Relay Configuration

Section E: Configure Frame Relay
· Modify Cloud Protocol
· Configure Sub-Interface
· Verify Frame-Relay
· Test Connectivity
· View Interface

Section F: ISDN
· Characteristics
· Implementation
· Create Static Routes
· Addressing

Section G: Configure ISDN
· Create Connection
· Configure Dialer
· Bring UP BRI
· Verify Connectivity

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9 Sessions(CD's): 27 Hours of Interactive Training

The Cisco CCNA credential represents a basic knowledge of
networking and Cisco technology. With the CCNA Series from
LearnKey, candidates pursuing the two-exam option for
certification prepare for both required tests, the Introduction
to Cisco Networking Technologies exam (INTRO) and the
Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices exam (ICND). Expert
instructor Michael Storm covers all Cisco exam topics for both
tests. At the conclusion of this course, you will be prepared to
pass the INTRO and ICND exams required to complete the two-exam
option for CCNA certification

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Burn or Mount

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? ?
餐瓮? Founded in 1998. The Society of Sharing is dedicated to 餐瓮?
? sharing knowledge and resources, and doing whatever it ?
? takes to get them to the inexperienced and experts alike. ?
? We earned our name, as we work strictly on a donation ?
郯? basis, and take pride in that fact. 郯?
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郯? 郯?
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? SoS can be reached at sosfxp@hush.com ?
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Well we spent 5 hrs driving to take a ferry to an insland. Its not
that big, only maybe 2500 full time residents. But it has a lake in
the middle, and in that lake there is a small island. That was our
destination. Our art teacher "Harry" let his daughter take us to
his cabin. Thing is, we forgot to bring a boat to get us to that
island. We could see the cabin, but had no way of getting there. We
needed a boat, and all we could see were a couple dozen aluminum
boats chained to trees on the shoreline. A couple of swings with the
axe and Ben had procurred us a boart. His first attempt to row
across the lake with one of the other guys was unsuccesful, as
there was a fairly strong headwind. They made it across, but hadn't
taken any gear and it took them 1/2 hr. I kept the girls occupied
with drinking games. Nothing is worse than whiney women when
camping. When Ben and Matt returned, we loaded the boat up, but no
matter how fast they rowed, they made 0 progress against the wind.
We needed a motor. A quick survey of the surrounding vehicles found
one in a parked van, and the van was ulocked, but I was still
reluctant. Ben wasn't, and within a few minutes we were motoring
across the lake with the ladys and the gear and made quick work
of getting the cabin into "living" conditions. Ben was maxing out
on the beer and no amount of protest (not to mention the wind had
gained speed) could convince him, or anyone else, to return the
boat and the motor to the other side of the lake that night. We
partied pretty hard, some drinking game called "f*ck up".
The next morning saw better weather. i woke up late and Ben was
already very innebriated. I tried to convince him to return the
boat and motor, but it nearly came to blows. Eventually he
relented, realizing I would be putting it in his face for the
rest of the weekend if I had done the right think, and he had
refused. By the time we started the boat motor and were halfway
across the lake we were both quite altered.. that's when the motor
stalled. Fortunately, a neighbor from a nearby cabin came by and
asked if we were having trouble.. He kept giving us strange looks.
I explained we'd flooded the engine and a tow would be nice.
"Ok" he says "but i have to go head to the parking lot first"
"Well that's where we are headed" I explained.
"Sure, then toss me a line" he said, and towed us into the
carpark. We simply puttered aroudn the carpark until he had
walked up and checked something in the vehicle NEXT to the van
we had broken into. Eventually he drive off back to his cabin in
his boat. We unhooked the engine and placed it back in the van. We
walked around the edge of the shore until we saw a family having a
barbecue outside their own cabin. We asked for a ride across the
lake back to our island, but seeing as how Ben couldn't even stand
without swaying, the nice mother offered him food, more and more and
more food. He also begged for a beer, but somehow, luckily, they were
out of that stuff (heh heh). Then we got a ride back to the cabin in
a Boston Whaler with dual 150hp engines. I was appalled at the
decadence of the boat for that tiny lake. Maybe it's his ocean
fishing boat as well.
The next morning the girls all went kayaking. They told us of meeting
the neighbor who had towed us back to shore the day before. He had been
rummaging through his VAN checking out his outboard motor there. No
wonder he had given Ben and I bad looks... it was his van we broke
into and his motor we had "borrowed". I suppose he was simply grateful
to us for returning it relatively unscathed, but considering where we
were, one call to the police and there was no escape of any sort.
That night Ben and I took turns being as loud as possible chanting
Cheech and Chong songs out to the entire lake until late late. The next
morning that same neighbor came by to "borrow a paint roller". I took
the hint, woke Ben up and we both offered our services, ending up
painting his shed. It was a fair deal, as he fed us and gave us lots
of Jack Daniels shots in return. Funny how cabin life can be so much more
trusting than city life ever could be.
The only problem with that cabin was the outhouse. All spider webs and
flies. "No problem" says Ben, as he fires up the chainsaw and blazes a
path to the neighbor's outhouse with the toilet paper and window and
cushion seat. I wonder how old Harry explained that one to the neighbors..

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