New Found Glory -《伦敦演唱会》(The Disaster: Live in London)[DVDRip]

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专辑英文名The Disaster: Live in London

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1997年夏天,New Found Glory乐队成立于美国佛罗里达州的Coral Springs,一支混合了朋克与情绪硬核摇滚乐的五人乐队,成员包括主唱Jordan Pundik,吉他手Chad Gilbert和Steve Klein,贝斯手Ian Grushka,以及鼓手Cyrus Bolooki。这支成立于高中校园的乐队很快就开始了他们极富活力的演出,他们每到一处都能将现场的气氛调动至极限,高能量的释放掀起一场震动。很快,凭借火爆的现场演出,New Found Glory乐队在当地以及东海岸的一些地区拥有了一部分自己的歌迷群体。

  1998年,New Found Glory乐队发行了首张EP唱片《It''''''''s All About the Girls》,但是由于在这一地区太受欢迎,因而很快就宣布全部售完,他们被当地授予了南佛罗里达地区最佳乐队奖。随后在1999年,New Found Glory乐队又在迈阿密的Eulogy Records唱片公司发行了首张正式专辑《Nothing Gold Can Stay》,结果他们的红火很快映入了主流唱片公司的眼帘,他们和MCA唱片公司签约,并且在同年重新发行了首张专辑《Nothing Gold Can Stay》。

  2000年,New Found Glory乐队的又一张EP唱片《From the Screen to Your Stereo》发行,并且在这一年晚些时候发行了乐队的第二张专辑《New Found Glory》,不过这张专辑最高仅排在排行榜的第107位,这张专辑乐队开始以流行朋克的风格为主,此后他们与著名朋克乐队Blink 182一起举行了巡演之后,New Found Glory乐队的知名度渐渐走出了佛罗里达州,获得了更大的扩展。2001年,New Found Glory乐队回到录音室开始录制新专辑《Sticks and Stones》,这张专辑在随后的2002年夏天正式发行,结果这张专辑发行首周全美售出了9万1千张,在Billboard 200排行榜上高居第四位,并且最终销量接近白金。

  取得了突破性成功之后的New Found Glory乐队开始成为了巡演中的主角之一,在巡演之后,他们又开始了新的创作。2004年5月18日,New Found Glory乐队的第四张专辑《Catalyst》正式发行,他们开始吸收更多一些情绪硬核音乐的融入其中。

I've been a fan of NFG since 2003 I guess. It all started when I almost accidently downloaded My Friends Over You off of Sticks & Stones and the whole album a bit later. As I have been listening to their stuff constantly since then, you can imagine how badly i have waited for this DVD to come out.

I must apologize because I downloaded the DVD, but it's a common thing around where I come from. I don't have money to buy their music but at least I am a true fan and have downloaded almost everything that's out there.

Ok, to the DVD now.
It starts with Truth Of My Youth - a very quick and powerful song full of energy. Throughout the whole show they won't slow down. It's amazing how the guys (Chad and Steve and Ian) rock so fast jumping around but still they play their guitars almost perfectly. If you pay attention you notice how they switch their guitars between songs (they probably have different tunings) - it's very cool in my opinion.
Jordan's voice is amazing. There are many people out there who say NFG sucks, because Jordan can't sing and he has a whining voice that sucks. But his voice is exactly what attracted me. It sounds great and Jordan is a very good singer. If you don't believe me, ask someone professional.
I also like Chad's singing. He is a good singer too and i especially like how he drives people along to rock with him.

Of course, a cool thing to watch is how the power goes out and comes back later. Thanks to this accident we can now enjoy the most beautiful song on Earth - My Friends Over You piano version, a slow and beautiful song. They also played I Don't Wanna Know acoustic.

One more thing, the crowd is amazing. It's cool how they sing along loudly, parts anyway.

To a New Found Glory fan this DVD is a must-have, I think. And all the others... check it out and decide for yourself.

I enjoy NFG because:
1) Their music is very professional (especially vocal-arrangements).
2) Their lyric are emotional and mostly about love. I like that.
3) They make music no one else makes. They have their own style thanks to Jordan's voice, Steve's lyrics, Chad's guitar-riffs and so on.

To sum up, I would say this DVD rocks over an hour and makes you wanna go and see them live. At least I couldn't keep my foot still. And hey, what's 'hagus'???


1. Truth Of My Youth
2. Understatement
3. 2's and 3's
4. Hit Or Miss
5. Failure's Not Flattering
6. This Disaster
7. Something I Call Personality
8. Better Off Dead
9. Sonny
10. Head On Collision
11. Your Biggest Mistake
12. It's Been A Summer
13. Dressed To Kill
14. I Don't Wanna Know
15. Forget My Name
16. My Friends Over You
17. The Story So Far
18. Sucker
19. All Downhill From Here






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