《Lynda.com- Illustrator CS4 基础教程》(Lynda.com - Illustrator CS4 Essential Training)

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中文名Lynda.com- Illustrator CS4 基础教程
英文名Lynda.com - Illustrator CS4 Essential Training

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Lynda.com出品的最新CS4视频教程,由 Mordy Golding 主讲,包括练习文件。

llustrator 可以用来完成许多不同的设计任务。正是这个因素,矢量软件llustrator包CS4基本培训教程的核心和技术,适用于任何工作者,在印刷,网页等等领域。以上的工作都都可以在这套视频中找到适合自己的工作方载。

Illustrator CS4 Essential Training
with: Mordy Golding

Illustrator can be used to accomplish many different design tasks. For this reason, Illustrator CS4 Essential Training teaches core concepts and techniques that can be applied to any workflow for print, the web, or assets that will find their way into other applications. Mordy Golding explains the elements that make up vector graphics—paths, strokes, and fills—and shows how to use each of Illustrator's drawing tools. He demonstrates how to combine and clean up paths, and organize them into groups and layers. Mordy also covers text editing, working with color, expressive brush drawing, effects, and much more. Exercise files accompany the course.

Released on: 10/13/2008



1. Key Illustrator Concepts

Why use Illustrator?
What are vector graphics?
Understanding paths
Fill and Stroke attributes
Selections and stacking order
Isolation mode

2. Creating Illustrator Documents

The Welcome screen
New Document Profiles
Using multiple artboards
Libraries and content
Illustrator templates
Adding XMP metadata

3. The Illustrator Interface

Exploring panels
Using the Control panel
Navigating within a document
Using rulers and guides
Using grids
Utilizing the bounding box
Using Smart Guides
The Hide Edges command
Preview and Outline modes
Using workspaces

4. Basic Drawing

The importance of modifier keys
Drawing closed-path primitives
Drawing open-path primitives
Simple drawing with the Pen tool
Advanced drawing with the Pen tool
Drawing with the Pencil tool

5. Basic Path Editing

Editing anchor points
Creating compound shapes
Utilizing Pathfinder functions
Joining and averaging paths
Outlining strokes
Simplifying paths
Using Offset Path
Dividing an object into a grid
Cleaning up errant paths

6. Basic Text Editing

Creating point text
Creating area text
Applying basic character settings
Applying basic paragraph settings
Creating text threads
Creating text on open paths
Creating text on closed paths
Converting text to outlines

7. Making Selections

Using the basic selection tools
Using the Magic Wand and Lasso tools
Selecting objects by attribute
Saving and reusing selections

8. Understanding Appearances

Using the Appearance panel
Targeting object attributes
Adding multiple attributes
Applying Live Effects
Expanding appearances
Appearance panel settings
Copying appearances

9. Working with Groups and Layers

Defining groups
Editing groups
Working with layers
Layer and object hierarchy
Creating template layers
Object, group, and layer attributes

10. Working with Color

Applying colors
Creating solid color swatches
Creating global process swatches
Using spot color swatches
Creating swatch groups and libraries
Working with linear gradient fills
Working with radial gradient fills
Applying and manipulating pattern fills
Defining simple patterns

11. Object Transformation and Positioning

Moving and copying objects
Scaling objects
Rotating objects
Reflecting and skewing objects
Using the Free Transform tool
Aligning objects
Distributing objects

12. Expressive Drawing with Brushes

Using a pressure-sensitive tablet
Using the Calligraphic brush
Using the Scatter brush
Using the Art brush
Using the Pattern brush
Using the Paintbrush tool
Using the Blob Brush tool
Using the Eraser tool

13. Using Symbols

Using symbols
Defining your own symbols
Editing symbols
Using the Symbol Sprayer tool
Using the Symbolism toolset

14. Applying Live Effects

Minding your resolution settings
Applying basic 3D extrusions
Applying basic 3D revolves
Basic artwork mapping
Using the Stylize effects
Using the Scribble effect
Using the Warp effect

15. Working with Images

Placing images
Using the Links panel
The Edit Original workflow
Converting images to vectors with Live Trace
Rasterizing artwork
Cropping images with a mask

16. Saving and Printing

Saving your Illustrator document
Printing your Illustrator document

17. Working with Other Programs

Exporting files for use in QuarkXPress
Exporting files for use in InDesign
Exporting files for use in Word/Excel/PowerPoint
Exporting files for use in Photoshop
Exporting files for use in Flash
Exporting files for use in After Effects
Migrating from FreeHand

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