Kiss -《Las Vegas未发表现场》(LIVE IN LAS VEGAS)[DVDRip]

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专辑中文名Las Vegas未发表现场

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Synopsis: In October 29, 1999 the world's greatest touring band blew onstage in the world's entertainment capital. With Kiss: Live in Las Vegas, fans of the world's hottest band can finally see this groundbreaking rare appearance up close and personal.

The performance had been slated for broadcast over the Internet to an audience of more than One Billion People Worldwide. Tickets to the show were among the most coveted in history and were reserved for an invitation only guest list that consisted of celebrities and large investors in the company promoting the event.

On the night of the webcast the computer servers that had been set up to send the performance through the Internet Crashed, leaving KISS' legions of fans desperate to see the concert which had been hyped for months prior to the doomed global link up.

KISS: Live in Las Vegas gives fans a chance to finally see the concert that fate denied them the first time around. This high-energy performance features some of their biggest hits and proves that they can indeed live up to the claim.

Technical Information:

Rating: Ex
Release Date: May 27, 2002
Regional Coding: Region 2 DVD - UK & Europe - This DVD will only play on European Region 2 or multi-region DVD players.
Number of Discs: 1
Screen Ratio: Fullscreen Edition - 1.33:1
Sound System: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
Running Time: 100 minutes

Special Features:

Interview With The Band
Footage Of The Band Launching Their First Theatrical Film
Gene And Pauls Appearance At Hollywood Tower Records
Kiss Receiving Their Star On Hollywoods Walk Of Fame
Footage And Interviews Of The Kiss Army

You wanted the best, you didn't get the best! Fans are used to the deluge of Kiss related merchandise on the market including a Kiss coffin (yes, you read that right). The Live in Las Vegas concert DVD is one of the biggest rip offs in the market. Fans will want to steer clear of this release. This is Kiss' October 29, 1999 concert in Las Vegas that was to be broadcast simultaneously over the internet until the server crashed. This feat would later be successfully accomplished during the early days of The Farewell Tour before drummer Peter Criss had to be unceremoniously replaced by former band member Eric Singer due to contractual difficulties.

The first problem with this disc is that the cover boasts that it features the hit songs Rock and Roll All Nite, Shout it Out Loud, God of Thunder and Love Gun. My spider sense should have been tingling from the absence of a set list from the back of the DVD case because the entire concert is these four songs. When I see the words "concert" on the cover of a DVD, I think that there is an actual full length concert, not just four live numbers. There is a multi-angle option as well as a "director's cut" of these songs, but none of that really matters when you're missing most of the concert. The picture quality is at best on par with the various bootlegs of vintage concerts available on the internet.

The concert has been remixed in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, although I can't hear a difference. There are a number of extras of no particular importance, mostly footage from the premiere of Detroit Rock City and from an appearance by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley at Tower Records in Hollywood to promote the release of the Kiss Box Set. There is nothing redeeming about this release.

I give this DVD a 0.

成立于1972年由PAUL STANLEY和GENE SIMONS组建并吸纳了PETE CRISS和ACE FREHELY为其成员。1975年夏天的专辑《ALIVE》给乐队带来了成功。KISS的引人之处在于他们的现场气氛,怪异的化妆,花哨的服饰,眼花聊乱的舞台效果,再加上他们的硬摇滚,营造除了无与伦比的演出气氛。现场演出的成功使得《ALIVE》达到的白金销量。在这之后,乐队又发行了四张专辑其中的《ROCK AND ROLL OVER》,《LOVE GUN》,《ALIVE II》奠定了乐队大牌的地位。1978年乐队的每个成员个子作了一张专辑并取得了不同程度上的成功。1979年专辑《DYNASTY》中的歌曲“I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN’YOU”在全世界流行开来。此后不久,乐队内部出现问题PETE CRISS离队并从此实力大为减弱一直到1983年。乐队也试图改变原来的风格,但未被接受,FREHLEY因对乐队的未来方向不满在1983年也离开了乐队。在这期间的专辑在商业上都不是很成功。在此之后的专辑1985年的《ASYLUM》和1987年的《CRAZY NIGHT》又使乐队继续在商业上取得成功。在1989年的专辑《HOT IN THE SHADE》中的歌曲“FORVER”使乐队在美国排行榜上取得第四的最好成绩。1991年鼓手ERIC CARR死于癌症,ERIC SINGER接替了他的位置,专辑《REVENGE》到1992年发行。并再次进入排行榜的前十名。1993年乐队发行《ALIVE III》专辑。1996年乐队举行了全球巡演,并获得了成功。1997年乐队陆续推出了几张不错的专辑。1998年又推出专辑《PSYCHO-CIRCUS》。


Rock And Roll All Nite
Shout It Out Loud
God Of Thunder
Love Gun






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