Limp.Bizkit -《软饼干伦敦演唱会》(Live.in.London)[DVDRip]

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来自佛罗里达州杰克森维尔小镇的Limp Bizkit(林普巴兹提特乐团)自94年年未成军以来即不断在制造记录,96年首张专辑「Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$」发行上市后,Limp Bizkit 即以初生之续不畏虎的精神展开面对乐迷的巡回演唱行程,与前 House Of Pain(痛苦之屋合唱团)的饶舌灵-Everlast(铁人)及摇滚猛团 Kid Rock(摇滚小子乐团)同台较量。Limp Bizkit(林普巴兹提特乐团)甚至在巨型污秽的厕所开过演唱会,98年也与 Korn(鼓物合唱团)加入「Family Values」全美演唱行列,反正只要演唱会就会有Limp Bizkit的曝光。曾是纹身艺术工作者的 Fred Durst(佛瑞德斯特),Fred 还是 Flip 唱片厂牌的 A&R,也玩票担任乐团音乐录影带的导演,堪称新世代最忙碌的音乐影像创意大玩家。首张专辑中把玩乔治麦可冠军名曲 "Foith" 更被选为漂亮女星卡麦蓉迪亚主演电影 Very Bad Thing(宝贝好坏)片尾主题曲。

  1999年7月初,打著重摇滚及饶舌旗帜的劲旅,Limp Bizkit(林普巴兹提特乐团)年度专辑【Significant Other】不甘示弱也以首周63万4874张的非凡数字抢下 Billboard 流行专辑榜的冠军宝座,跃登美国侦测销售的 SoundScan 系统公司有史以来名列第15位的单周最高出货量记录,至2000年春季全美已冲破500万张,这支由主唱 Fred Durst、吉他手 Wes Borland、贝斯手 Sam Rivers、鼓手 John Otto、DJ Lethal 组成的乐团,在年度专辑【Significant Other】,力邀完美无瑕的噪音制造专家,曾为White Zombie、Buckcherry 立下汗马功劳的制作人 Terry Date 加上曾为 Pearl Jam、Stone Temple Pilot 效力的混音王牌 Brendan O'Brien 携手跨刀打造,专辑更赢得美国滚石杂志3颗半星佳评。

  首张专辑【Significant Other】里的作品是团员在巡回演唱时与观众情绪激荡后所写的歌,标题同名歌是首关于男女关系的歌,同时也标榜出乐团与众不同的属性,还有爆发性愤怒情感的"Break Stuff"、旋律性十足的 "No Sex"、"Rearranged",在背叛主义概念的牵引下,专辑里有许多声音领域的实验,例如运用弦乐效果制造戏剧性的 "Don't Go Off Wandering" ,帮派饶舌宗师团 Wu-Tang Clan 党魁 Mehtod Man 及 Gang Starr 的 DJ Premier 则在"N 2 gether Now"跨刀,而"Nobody Like You"也有 Korn 的大将Jonathan Davis 与 Stone Temple Pilot(石庙向导合唱团)的焦点人物 Scott Weilond 友情助阵,打头阵的单曲 "Nookie" 猛晋 Billboard 主流摇滚榜及现代摇滚榜前10名,第2首单曲 "Re-Arranged" 也在99年岁末冲上现代摇滚榜的冠军。Limp Bizkit(林普巴兹提特乐团)又将以专辑【Significant Other】掀起另一波更剧烈的摇滚蛊惑力!!美国传媒纷纷以「扳倒偶像、摇滚不死!」等斗大标题迎接21世纪末的浴火摇滚风暴,也连带为21世纪的摇滚揭竿起义!Limp Bizkit同时入围2000年葛莱美奖最佳重摇滚演唱与摇滚专辑两项提名。


With a fun fair, burger vans and beer stalls a-plenty, the atmosphere in London’s Finsbury Park is akin to a mini-festival as the gathered nu-metalers mix with rock fans, indie kids and a clutch of colourfully dressed ravers.

Kicking off with a short, sharp shock of a set by thisGIRL the rain clouds soon shifted to allow the sunshine in and along with the rays of light come Scottish trio Biffy Clyro. The reaction from the Finsbury Park crowd was amazing to see for this young band who have genuinely got some fantastic songs backed with tight musicianship. With huge guitar riffs, three-part harmonies, powerhouse drums and tunes to boot, Biffy Clyro are definitely ones to watch.

For any 20-year-old the chance to step onto a huge stage in front of 35,000 lubricated Limp Bizkit fans is at once a terrifying and exhilarating experience. In this case it’s handled admirably by singer-guitarist Dave McPherson who takes on the bottle-hurling crowd and delivers a cracking selection of material from their highly acclaimed ‘Overgrown Eden’ album.

With a new album ‘Kick Up The Fire and Let The Flames Break Loose’ out on Monday (Sept 8th) this was The Cooper Temple Clause’s chance to turn the crowd onto their no-holds-barred blend of techno-fuelled, Brit rock. With a track-list designed, we presume, to appease the massed Bizkit fans, the band take no chances and grab everyone’s attention with a turbo-charged version of ‘Panzer Attack’. The sheer voracity of their performance lights up the crowd as singer Ben Gaultrey and guitarist Dan Fisher fly round the stage giving it everything they’ve got and then some. New single ‘Promises, Promises’ explodes from the stage before early ‘Coopers number ‘Devil Walks In The Sand’ has the faithful singing along. Amongst the handful of new material from their forthcoming album, ‘Music Box’ is the definite standout – an epic crawling beast of a song that creeps up on you after the innocence of its twinkling intro.

Last up before the ‘Bizkit, it’s fun-loving pop-punksters A, who start things off slowly with a brand new song before launching into their monster hit ‘Nothing’ which has everyone jumping and singing along. Jason Perry’s vocals really cut through the huge crowd as he projects himself into the thronging masses. New single ‘Good Time’ gets an equally brilliant reaction as the band pull off one of the most entertaining sets of the day, smiling and throwing shapes determined to get a reaction from the front row all the way to the back of the park.

With daylight fading and darkness rolling in, it’s time for the ringmasters to take to the huge stage and show everyone how it’s done. And they do that amazingly well with an awesome set packed with classics, solo moments and a few choice moments from their forthcoming album ‘Results May Vary’. Kicking it off in style with new single ‘Eat Your Alive’, Fred Durst immediately turns the crowd into a frenzied throng as he sits on his minder’s shoulders leaning over the barrier into the pit. Clearly massively excited to be in the UK playing this free gig for the fans, Fred Durst and his assault crew rock every inch of the stage, leaping round to the thumping beats. New guitarist Mike Smith turns in a stunning performance and is welcomed by the fans who give him the all-important seal of approval.

With a set list stocked up with tracks from their last album, Limp Bizkit tear through ‘Hot Dog’, My Generation’ and ‘Break Stuff’ before launching into ‘My Way’ complete with four kids up on stage getting their chance to rock it with Fred in a once-in-a-lifetime moment that none of them will ever forget. New track ‘Underneath The Gun’ is sandwiched between ‘My Way’ and ‘Nookie’, ensuring the show doesn’t lose the spiralling energy with too many unknown tracks being played back-to-back.

Continuing to fire up the crowd with their invigorating mix of nu-metal, rap and electronica, Limp Bizkit show the pure power of their infectious melodies with tracks like ‘Nookie’ and ‘Take A Look Around’ before unleashing a whirlwind of pyros and fireworks which engulf most of Finsbury Park in a layer of smoke.

Fred Durst re-appears for an encore that starts with a rare solo version of ‘Nevermind’ before the rest of the band join him for a blinding, amped-up version of ‘Faith’. As Fred stated in his press conference before the gig “If you always get everything you want, you’ll end up being a spoilt little pussy” and stays true to his word as they leave the stage without playing what is probably their biggest hit, ‘Rollin’’. Even without this gem, the whole of Finsbury Park leave with smiles on their faces after the last firecracker has spilt its fiery embers across the night sky.


Eat You Alive
Hot Dog
My Generation
Break Stuff
My Way
Underneath The Gun
Behind Blue Eyes
Take A Look Around
Full Nelson






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