Mahatma -《Perseverance 》[Flac]

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Genre(s) Thrash Metal
Lyrical theme(s) Death, Depression, Time
Label:Dope Entertainment


南韩激流儿,翻的犹大名曲,不太喜欢deathvocal,曲子翻的不错,强化了各类鞭挞要素加之于犹大的传统麦。此团去年发片《Beginning Of The End 》,logo怎么看着眼熟,好象log... ----http://video.aol.com/video-detail/mahatmaand47560and54616and53944and47560-painkiller-judas-priest-coverthrash-metal/4016771584

Executed Well but really dull.. - 45%
Written by caspian on November 22nd, 2007

I don't know if other reviewers get this, but sometimes I'll feel quite guilty giving a really bad review. I'll occasionally get a cd that's full of emotion and passion, but the music just totally sucks, no matter how much blood and sweat the band members put into it. I liken it to a retarded kid trying to run a marathon- there's a huge amount of effort put into it, but at the end of the day it's still epic fail.

Admittedly, Mahatma don't really fall into the 'retarded kid/marathon' category, as these guys are pretty adept at their instruments. Perhaps a 'good jogger/marathon' thing is a better description. There's still lots of effort and passion, a fair bit of skill, but overall it still just isn't that great.

Basically, Mahatma traffic in a pretty aggressive form of thrash, shouted vocals (with the occasional sunn incursion- sorry dudes, but unless if you're Boris, Asians can't get away with clean vocals) and lots and lots of riffs. Unfortunately, it's all so damn unmemorable that I struggle to describe anything after that. Some riffs are fast, some quite slow, there's a big Megadeth influence. There's plenty of leads, they hang around for a bit and some of them are quite fast.

...Yep. That pretty much sums it up. Not all of the riffs are that boring- 'Beginning of The End' is a damn good song all round, quite fast and a fairly enjoyable thrash number. Likewise, 'Violence' is quite, well.. Violent, just really fast 'n' punchy. Indeed, 'fast 'n' punchy' is a great way to describe most of these songs (at least they aren't 9 minutes long ...AJFA style songs), and perhaps someone who's a really big thrash fan will find more to enjoy here.

However, I was really quite bored. I'm sorry, dudes. The thrash numbers just go by quickly in a blur of boring, neither here or there riffage, the Judas Priest cover is terrible (when are people going to stop covering these guys?) and the attempt at the epic final song really doesn't work. These guys sound like they know what their doing, and indeed, the vocalist delivers and intense performance, but overall I was just really bored by this. Perhaps next time, eh?




1. There Is No Hope Without Suffering 01:39
2. Beginning Of The End 03:59
3. Unseen Enemy 04:47
4. Having Hopes 04:50
5. Violence 07:04
6. Falling To Hell 05:11
7. Reform 04:49
8. The Road I Must Follow 05:49
9. Stormrunner 04:17
10. Painkiller (Judas Priest cover) 06:03
11. Despair Overcome 08:14
Total playing time 56:43






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