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中文名Learn to Speak English
英文名Learn to Speak English

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Millions of people worldwide have discovered the value of Instant Immersion™, the most effective program available for learning to speak a foreign language quickly. The New and Improved! Instant Immersion™ English suite combines brand new features and speech recognition technology with an authentic learning environment - the best way to master a foreign language. Based on the highly effective EuroMethod™ (an intuitive approach that surrounds you with native speakers and a new culture) this 5 cd-rom suite immerses you in the learning process with cultural videos, entertaining games, and interactive lessons with native speakers. You'll quickly move from beginner level to that of intermediate with the first two discs from Eurotalk™, publisher of language-learning software in Europe. Talk Now and World Talk will have you speaking English faster than any other language-learning software on the market, with fun, easy-to-follow instructions. Speech Solutions builds on the Eurotalk™ discs by introducing more progressive dialogue skills while reinforcing basic pronunciation principles. For building vocabulary, the English Talking Dictionary includes thousands of essential terms. You can also run the start-up directions and definitions in your native language. Rounding out your immersion experience, Who is Oscar Lake, a fun and challenging interactive mystery game, tests your new skills.
Talk Now! is designed for beginners who want to start learning a new language as soon as possible. As handy for business as it is for pleasure, Talk Now! introduces the essential vocabulary needed to successfully communicate in English.
World Talk builds on the fundamentals of Talk Now, taking you to the next linguistic level with more intermediate activities, added dictation, and a recording section - topics covered include the calendar, building sentences, asking directions, and using numbers. With the unique recording feature, you can compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers. By mimicking the actors, you'll reap the rewards of language learning the fast EuroTalk way!
Speech Solutions serves as a thorough English pronunciation guide with all 52 English speaking sounds isolated for maximum comprehension. View close-up animations that provide a visual representation of your speech - helping you understand how to adjust airflow and maneuver the voice box for correct pronunciation. Record and compare your speech to that of a native speaker to further ensure accuracy. You can even make use of several special features dedicated to improving your listening skills - a key aspect in learning any language.
English Talking Dictionary allows you to search for words using 5 different methods: alphabetically, by sound, theme, part of speech, or text - simply type in the word you wish to define. No other dictionary can so easily adapt to an individual's needs and skill level. This unique dictionary allows you to hear a native speaker pronounce each word. You can even compare your speech to the instructor's by using the recording feature. Easily learn over 7,000 essential terms with the aid of thousands of pictures and sample sentences for each root word. This program also provides the translations and instructions in 12 different languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
Who is Oscar Lake is the first language-learning program of its kind anywhere. You won't find repetitive drills or endless vocabulary lists here. Instead, Oscar Lake plunges you directly into a foreign city where you must solve a puzzling mystery in a new language. With Oscar Lake, you learn by hearing, seeing, and doing. And because you interact directly with all the characters you meet, you control the pace of the story, the speed of learning, and even the outcome of the game. But be careful! With its multiple endings, Who is Oscar Lake? can make you the hero who recovers the stolen diamond, or the convict who ends up taking the rap!
System Requirements
PC: Pentium® II 200MHz or higher, Windows® 98 or better including XP, 800X600, High color display , 32 MB RAM, 50 MB HD, 4X CD-ROM drive, Speaker, mouse, microphone (optional), printer (optional), internet access (optional)






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