Keb' Mo' -《Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues:Keb' Mo'》(1994 - 2003)256K[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues:Keb' Mo'
歌手Keb' Mo'
版本(1994 - 2003)256K

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关于Keb' Mo'的中文介绍确实很少,各位可以看看zfol_510的帖子: keb 'mo' -《保持简单》(Keep it Simple)[MP3!]

这张专集是大名鼎鼎的《Martin Scorsese Pressents the Blues》系列中的一张,其中收集了Keb' Mo'在1994 - 2003年间翻唱过的blues名曲,例如:Robert Jhnson的《Come In My Kitchen》,虽然Keb' Mo'的风格稍带些流行的味道,但还是值得一听,喜欢blues的朋友不妨试试!

★★★★☆ 5 out of 4.5 stars., March 18, 2005

Reviewer: N_Joy (North Carolina) - See all my reviews
I must admit I had always thought Keb Mo was a little generic as a blues artist until I came across this CD in Scorcese box set. Put it in the CD player just to get a little better idea about where Keb is coming from and man was I surprised. This is really good. His cover of Robert Johnson's "Come In My Kitchen" is probably the best cover of this song I have ever heard. "Henry" is probably my favorite, just a nice smooth relaxing song. This is a good CD to listen to on summer night, it just sounds like summer to me. All in all I'm glad I gave this CD a chance because now I see Keb is a really great modern blues artist and there aren't many of those around now.
★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars PURE BLUES AND AWESOME!!!, January 12, 2005

Reviewer: Michael Buckley "Kristine" (Pleasanton, Ca) - See all my reviews
I love blues and believe it or not, its my first Keb' Mo' cd. Where have I been and what was I thinking? This is one of the greatest blues cd's I have EVER heard. Its just blues in its purest form - simple, yet soul-ful, and so much meat it in, it takes time to digest it all. The arrangements are excellent - the piano or electric guitar will come in to enhance the mood or the lyrics. Its so wonderful that you HAVE to pay attention to it! You'll find that he pulls you in from whatever you are doing, to stop and listen. And what a voice - he was born to sing the blues! I'm overwhelmed - excellent musicians, great song choices, clever arrangements. This cd has it all! Next time Mr. Mo' is in town, I will be front and center! This cd is a fine wine, so sip it slowly and enjoy!


01. Soon as I Get Paid (Moore/Parker) - 4:37
02. Come on in My Kitchen (Johnson) - 4:08
03. Perpetual Blues Machine (Graper/Moore) - 3:15
04. Don't Try to Explain (Moore) - 3:57
05. I'm on Your Side (Moore) - 3:39
06. Henry (Moore/Parker) - 5:18
07. Am I Wrong (Moore) - 2:19
08. A Letter to Tracy (Moore/Parker) - 4:10
09. Love in Vain (Johnson) - 3:04
10. Dirty Low Down and Bad (Moore) - 3:09
11. Every Morning (Moore) - 2:58
12. Dangerous Mood (Moore/Parton) - 4:59
13. It Hurts Me (James/Sehorn) - 5:27
14. Crapped Out Again (Moore/Parker) - 2:32
15. Love Blues (Moore/Powell) - 3:02
16. Peace of Mind (King/Moore) - 4:11







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