Robin Spielberg -《在风的怀抱里》(In the Arms of the Wind)playable ISO[WV]

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专辑英文名In the Arms of the Wind
艺术家Robin Spielberg
版本playable ISO[WV]

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发行公司:North Star Music (NS0095)
音乐风格:Instumental, New Age


好吧,还是让我们来说说这张惊喜的专辑吧.或许是很久没有听到这样令人欣喜的New Age作品了,在过去的一周时间里,我总是反复的播放着这张专辑,越是细听感觉越发的感觉曲子的动听,那是一种经的起推敲的静谧音乐,浪漫音乐,当然您也可以说这也是心灵治疗音乐,但我并不愿这么想,

因为,早在多年前,当Robin Spielberg取得巨大认可和演出的成功的时候,人们自然的把她与人们心目中最完美的钢琴家Kevin Kern相提并论,然后他们得出结论:"there isn't really a pianist who could compete with Kevin Kern in making beautiful and soothing music" 在这里我也不好说什么,也许我应该觉得本身这样的比较就是错误的, 为什么?

这是Robin Spielberg的第6张专辑,哦,忘了说,她是一位钢琴家,人们把他与Kevin比较,或许也是有原因的吧,他们有相似的钢琴演奏风格,相似的音乐体悟,如果我们同时听他们的作品,或许都能听出恬静,浪漫. 但音乐哪能雷同啊,他们的区别还是很大的,在这张专辑里有相当的曲目是她的独奏,另外一些则加入了cello, fiddle, flute, oboe, guitar, orchestra bells等的伴奏.

最后,作为一张个人很喜欢的作品,还是要严重的向网友推荐一样,因为很多网友会因为没听说这个名字而漏掉这样的好东西,还是引用别人的说法,如果,"who enjoys other pianist/composers such as Suzanne Ciani and David Lanz, or anyone who loves sincere, optimistic melodies." 你必然也会喜欢Robin Spielberg.

This is the sixth album from composer/pianist Robin Spielberg, and is every bit as good or better than her critically acclaimed best-seller, "Songs of the Spirit". The feel of the album reflects Robin's own gentle and optimistic personality, but this album is no snooze! One of the things that makes the recording exceptional is the way it starts out quietly, builds, becomes quiet again, builds, and ends on a very peaceful note. The instrumentation is excellent with Robin's piano sometimes solo and sometimes joined by cello, fiddle, flute, oboe, guitar, orchestra bells, and even accordion and bouzouki!

The album opens with "Dancing in the Gentle Rain", as lovely and refreshing as the title. The next two tracks are also soothing. Then we meet an elephant in the supermarket, which has to inspire a smile! "Butterfly" is a perfect musical description of a butterfly dancing in the spring sunshine. The title track tells the Sufi Teaching Story of a stream that had easily traveled through all sorts of terrain until it reached the desert. Each time it tried to cross, it found itself being absorbed by the sand. The Voice of the Desert told the stream that the wind crosses with ease, and that the stream could evaporate and be carried over the desert "in the arms of the wind". By trusting this voice, the stream was transported across the desert, fell as gentle rain on the other side, and went on its way. Robin strongly identifies with this story, and it really shows in the emotional content of this song. The orchestra bells in the background are soothing and haunting, and sounds of the wind carrying the stream are gorgeous. "Take the Time (Learning to Knit)" is patience set to music. "The Softball Game/A Swim at the Quarry" contrasts the lively pace of a ballgame on a hot afternoon with the serenity of a cool swim among the giant rocks. "Dawn at Walden Place" was composed in Robin's head one very cold winter as she was waiting for the early-morning bus to take her to New York City. She composed the piece by trying to keep the melody and counter-melody going in her head to take her mind off the cold. "Drombeg Stone Circle Dance" becomes a stirring celebration of the ancient rituals that were held on that site in Ireland. "Kitten's First Snow" makes me smile, as I too love cats. "Dream On" is the perfect closing piece for this album, and it feels like Robin is saying "So long for now".

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Format: ISO.WV: WavPack / CUE / LOG / 600dpi Full Scans
Release by prikolchik

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01. Dancing in the Quiet Rain
02. Just Float Away
03. Pages, Princesses and Daughters
04. That's How the Story Goes
05. Butterfly
06. In the Arms of the Wind
07. Take the Time (Learning to Knit)
08. The Softball Game/A Swim at the Quarry
09. Dawn at Walden Place
10. Drombeg Stone Circle Dance
11. Kitten's First Snow
12. Dream On






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