《小忍者》(The Little Ninjai)更新到Chapter.12 & II + Games + Desktops

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英文名The Little Ninjai
版本更新到Chapter.12 & II + Games + Desktops

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If you're new to Ninjai we suggest watching the story from the beginning.


Ninjai, The Little Ninja is our online action/adventure series. We invite you to join Ninjai on his exciting, enlightening and sometimes humorous journey as he travels throughout the Ancient World.

If you have any suggestions or comments you would like to share with us, please e-mail us at thegang@ninjai.com. Thanks to all those who have written to us since we launched, especially those offering to help on the project. Stay tuned…



After much interest to take Ninjai into the gaming world, we've come upon our latest

Competition. We are giving YOU, the fans, a chance to come up with your own original Ninjai

game. It can be any kind of game you want. The entries will be voted on by fans and the

gang. If your game wins, not only will it be featured on NINJAI.COM, but you’ll also be

cruisin’ in free Ninjai gear.
There are two sections for this competition.

a) Completed Games

cool.gif Games in Development

The development area will give fans a chance to watch your progress and maybe even help out,

critique and contribute idea's. When your game's finished, it will be marked complete and

eventually be judged by the Gang and Ninjai's fans. Once we have a few completed games, the

competition will start. Lets see what ya got ...

Ambush at the Coloured Clouds Pass [Completed]
Author: Thach Nguyen
Game: Ambush at the Coloured Clouds Pass
Status: Completed
Author's Description: Action/Arcade
Forum Comments: i thought it kinda sucked... but if you added some sword action into it, it would of improved the game for me any way greatly. but excellent effort!

Among Demons [In development]
Author: Teddy Grubb
Game: Among Demons
Status: In development
Author's Description: Sidescrolling Action
Forum Comments: Sweet game!!!!!!! now you just need to finish it and plz use letters for the attacks.

Jump 'n Run (production title) [In development]
Author: Sergej Hein
Game: Jump 'n Run (production title)
Status: In development
Author's Description: Platform Action
Forum Comments:

Originally posted by Administrator A nice platform game that is looking very complete already! Let's give our encouragement to Sergej Hein! [b]Author's comments: If anyone can post a translation of the german at the end, it would be appreciated ... smile.gif To play this game, please go here. [/B]

Little Bird [Completed]
Author: Benkő Tibor
Game: Little Bird
Status: Completed
Author's Description: Catching Game
Forum Comments: 396 Cool Game. MORE APPLES!!

Ninjai : Budokai Scroll [Completed]
Author: thomas sanvito
Game: Ninjai : Budokai Scroll
Status: Completed
Author's Description: Action/Adventure
Forum Comments: this gamez hard man :merc:

Ninjai Journey [In development]

Author: Karim Amrani
Game: Ninjai Journey
Status: In development
Author's Description: Adventure/Puzzle
Forum Comments: its kind of boring and very easy

Ninjai Knockout [Completed]

Author: Damien Soskin
Game: Ninjai Knockout
Status: Completed
Author's Description: Whack-a-mole style game.
Forum Comments: /jaigraje huda , ni kej, mogoce je grafika mau predobra(hahah) ampak spila je igriva.Tist k razume kaj pisem je tsar$@!$@!$@!$!@!$!!$@#@@$!@!@$@$!$!@!$!!$@@@!@$@$$$$@!!!!!$@@@$

Ninjai Scroller (rewritten) [Completed]

Author: Tyrone Watt
Game: Ninjai Scroller (rewritten)
Status: Completed
Author's Description: Side Scrolling Action

Ninjai: The Adventure Game [Completed]

Author: Stuart Lynch
Game: Ninjai: The Adventure Game
Status: Completed
Author's Description: Role Playing Adventure Game.
Forum Comments: what do you do in the second frame. and how do you use the sword thnx

Ninjai: The Morning Brings Courage [Completed]

Author: Karim Amrani
Game: Ninjai: The Morning Brings Courage
Status: Completed
Author's Description: Action Game

Ninjai: the Rescue [In development]

Author: Steven Washington
Game: Ninjai: the Rescue
Status: In development
Author's Description: Ninjai Action/Adventure Game
Forum Comments: Come ON!!!! UPDATE!!! iv'e been here more than a year an' STILL it's not updated? HURRY UP!!! PLEASE!!!!! :takawaga::sad::tninja:

Who Am I? [In development]

Author: Bilbo Baginski
Game: Who Am I?
Status: In development
Author's Description: Action/Adventure/RPG
Forum Comments: fku m'thinfkingungratefulninkompoopdogeatinghippytreehugger! it rulz

Official Ninjai Poster

For quite some time now you guys have been asking us to add a Ninjai poster to our downloads section so that you can put them up around your town or for your walls at home. So here you go – we have provided 2 sizes, a larger version for those of you who want to take a trip to the copiers and a letter sized version for those of you who want to print them at home. We hope you enjoy them.

(As stated in our Terms of Use, these Posters are solely for your personal, non-commercial use.)

http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/poster_smllsize.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/poster_largesize.jpg
Desktop Printer Large Format Printer
11 x 6.3 inches 35 x 20 inches

You will need Acrobat Reader to open the Ninjai Posters.

Official Ninjai Desktops


http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/bathing.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/bloody.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/flying.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/looking.jpg

http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/walking.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/waterfall.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_01.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_02.jpg

http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_03.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_04.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_05.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_06.jpg

http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_07.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_08.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_09.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_10.jpg

http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_11.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_12.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_13.jpg http://www.ninjai.com/images/2005/downloads/desktop_14.jpg


Official Ninjai Flashclips
These downloadable Flash Clips (which are excerpts from the first 5 chapters) have been made available for you to share with your friends, put on your personal websites, and/or simply for your own enjoyment. We hope you like them. Please don't forget to follow the instructions we have included with the clips on how to set the correct dimensions when uploading them onto your website.

(As stated in our Terms of Use, these Flashclips are solely for your personal, non-commercial use.)

Official Ninjai Soundbytes
We picked out some of our favorite Sound Bytes from the first chapters in our series and have made them available for you to download and share with your friends. Enjoy!

(As stated in our Terms of Use, these Sound Bytes are solely for your personal, non-commercial use.)

Official Ninjai Avatars
Here's a new way to share Ninjai with your friends! Download Ninjai Avatars for your chat programs like MSN Messenger.

To download an avatar to your hard drive, right click and choose Save Picture As.


http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/lbbath.jpg http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/lbhide.jpg http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/lilbird.jpg

http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/njbath.jpg http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/njjump.jpg http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/njlb.jpg

http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/njwalk.jpg http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/takabath.jpg http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/takaeyes.jpg

http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/ninjai_cliff.jpg http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/ninjai_moon.jpg http://ww2.ninjai.com/images/downloads/avatars/ninjai_rope.jpg


Official Ninjai Screensavers
Coming Soon!

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