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3T分别代表Tariano {Taj},Taryll和Tito Joe{TJ},他们的名字在国内知道的人可能不多。但是提到他们的家族,估计无人不知——那就是杰克逊家族。他们的叔叔便是那位流行乐坛长盛不衰的天王Michael Jackson,而这三个男生是其二哥Tito Jackson之子.Tito 和包括Michael 在内的四位兄弟,曾经组成了 The Jackson 5 乐团,而且在他们的努力下,使得这个家族成为美国流行音乐史上最具传奇色彩和代表性的一个音乐世家.这三个年轻人继承了这一传统,在音乐方面亦是才华洋溢。他们的首张个人专集Brotherhood销量就超过了两百万张。而其中的单曲anything完全由他们自己创作,演唱和制作,大受好评。2004年,他们又推出了这张专集Identity。

Little did Joseph and Katherine Jackson know when they started their family that they would give birth to the world's most esteemed musical dynasty.3T are part of that celebrated family tree. As nephews of "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, arguably the world's greatest living entertainer, and sons of Tito, the second oldest Jackson brother, and the late Delores Jackson, they have inherited the ultimate pop music pedigree. What's more, the trio- Tariano {Taj}, Taryll, and Tito Joe {TJ} delivered on their innate musical promise, with their debut effort, "Brotherhood" having sold over 1 million copies in Europe alone.
"Brotherhood's" first single, "Anything," which was written, performed, and produced by 3T themselves, achieved gold status in the U.S. and the U.K., selling over two million copies worldwide. "Anything," combined with the singles "Why," "I Need You," and "24/7," gives 3T a very impressive four Top Five hits in the U.K. alone. The album has also achieved gold status in many other countries including Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Thailand and the Philippines ... and it achieved platinum status in France.

After many worldwide promotional tours 3T embarked on their first foray as headliners on a sold-out concert tour of Europe. Living up to their musical legacy is second nature to "the three T's," as their mother Dee Dee affectionately referred to her sons. The brothers witnessed first-hand the frenzy of the elder Jacksons' success and the mega success of Michael and Janet. Yet they kept their show business aspirations to themselves during their formative years, absorbing a huge variety of musical influences including The Beatles, The Bee Gees, and Bread.

Focusing on becoming accomplished musicians, they sharpened their skills on piano, guitar, drums, bass and later cutting-edge computer equipment. After stockpiling an impressive collection of original material, their Uncle Michael was thrilled to take them under his wing, allowing them access to his vast entertainment resources. He signed 3T to his fledgling record label, MJJ Music, for their first album, "Brotherhood," which was distributed by Epic/Sony. Michael not only gave them his blessing early on, but also the creative freedom his nephews needed at that stage of their careers, which resulted in them writing 8 of the 12 tunes which comprised "Brotherhood."

Proud father Tito looks back fondly on the years his sons spent perfecting their craft before entering what can only be called the family business. "I saw signs of their talent even when they were toddlers," he says. "They used to hold brooms and mops and imitate the Jackson brothers. But they've been working especially hard for the last ten years or more, becoming good writers and singers in their own right. Coming from an entertainment family, they know they can't half-step."

"They're talented, always ready to work, and really make a great trio," Dad, Tito sums up. Naturally, with Jackson blood in their veins, 3T can't help but live up to their lofty legacy. They have now moved on from MJJ Music/Sony and have just released a second album in Europe entitled "Identity"

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