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中文名Autocad 2009精华教程
英文名Lynda com AutoCAD 2009 Essential Training

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Lynda com AutoCAD 2009 Essential Training (Autocad 2009精华教程):
Lynda出品的AutoCAD 2009教程,Jeff Bartels主讲,共7小时课程。

AutoCAD 2009会出现一个类似于Office的宏录制器的功能,可以把你的操作过程和步骤录制下来。
Autodesk AutoCAD2009版本将更有成效地帮助用户实现更具竞争力的设计创意,其在用户界面上也有了重大改进。

AutoCAD 2009 sports cutting-edge features and a brand new interface, making it the perfect opportunity for those with no prior drafting experience to learn AutoCAD from the ground up. In AutoCAD 2009 Essential Training, Jeff Bartels gives a thorough explanation of the interface and explains the commands in the same order they would be encountered in a typical workflow. He discusses each concept using simple line work, and then applies it to a real-world example. The course is "industry neutral," meaning the skills and techniques can be applied to any drafting discipline: architectural, mechanical, civil, or design. Example files accompany the course.

AutoCAD 2009 软件整合了制图和可视化,加快了任务的执行,能够满足了个人用户的需求和偏好,能够更快地执行常见的 CAD 任务,更容易找到那些不常见的命令。新版本也能通过让用户在不需要软件编程的情况下自动操作制图从而进一步简化了制图任务,极大地提高了效率。
欧特克公司平台解决方案和新兴业务部高级副总裁 Amar Hanspal表示:“AutoCAD 2009 产品组合的设计目标是提高熟练的用户生产效率,也让新的用户更快地创造效益。长期以来,欧特克一直致力于帮助我们的客户利用针对我们生活、工作和娱乐的环境的,针对我们所经历的途径以及针对我们所使用的产品更佳的设计来让人们的生活显得与众不同。AutoCAD 2009 的创新拓展成为一个广度和深度都无可匹敌的产品组合,涉及各个行业的具体解决方案,如:建筑,土木、机械、电气和管路工程,工厂管理,地理空间信息系统等。它们是同类最佳的解决方案,能够帮助我们的客户改善、实践他们的设计创意。”

Jeff Bartels
Jeff Bartels has been using AutoCAD professionally since the program was a DOS-based application. As the CAD manager of a civil engineering firm in Illinois, Jeff is responsible for the production and oversight of large-scale subdivision plans and construction drawings, and the installation and configuration of AutoCAD. He conducts weekly training workshops to ensure his CAD staff is current with the latest software.
Jeff is a faculty member at two different colleges, where he teaches advanced AutoCAD courses. He is known for always giving 110 percent in the classroom, as well as for his ability to make complex concepts easy to understand. He provides on-site AutoCAD training for several businesses and schools, and produces training materials to help high school and college instructors teach AutoCAD in their classrooms. Jeff is a regular instructor at the annual Illinois Drafting Educators Association conferences, where he consistently receives high marks for his seminars.
When Jeff isn't at work or in the classroom, he enjoys spending time at home with his family. He is desperately trying to stay ahead of his children in Guitar Hero.
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