《Deep Paint 3D 2.0--Deep UV--Deep Exploration 3.5--》

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中文名Deep Paint 3D 2.0--Deep UV--Deep Exploration 3.5--
制作发行Right Hemisphere Ltd

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各位从事三维建模、三维动画制作的朋友都应该知道这套软件吧?他在模型纹理的绘制上非常高效。Deep Paint 3D是目前最好的3D绘画以及材质纹理绘制工具之一,它被许多世界顶尖的电影工作室应用。

Deep Paint 3D 2.0
Deep Paint 3D® provides 3D artists with an intuitive, easy to use tool to paint and texture 3D models interactively in 3D. It uses textures or natural medium that can be brushed directly or projected onto 3D models and scenes. This creative environment supports an integrated workflow with 3ds max®, Maya®, Softimage® and LightWave 3D®. Deep Paint 3D comes complete with a bi-directional interface to Photoshop® and special support for the Wacom® Intuos pressure sensitive tablet.

Deep UV
Deep UV is a breakthrough in UV mapping technology. Using unique new mathematical techniques, it offers a superior application for the creation and modification of UV mapping for polygonal and sub-division surface models with an interactive 2D and 3D UV mapping environment. It includes fast and easy-to-use tools such as soft selection, relax and 3D UV selection. For the beginner and professional 3D artist, Deep UV will provide the most efficient UV mapping possible! It can be used stand-alone or with Deep Paint 3D version 2.0 . Deep UV makes one of the most time-consuming processes in 3D - UV Mapping easy! No more stretching, blurring or tearing. Deep UV will increase the quality of your UV mapping and decrease the time spend doing it. Deep UV saves time and increases your productivity.

Deep Exploration 3.5
Browse, View, Translate and Publish in 3D Deep Exploration 3.0 provides easy navigation tools that let you search and view your 2D graphics and 3D models. It gives artists everywhere a production edge, including the ability to quickly translate 2D and 3D file formats with animation included. With Version 3, you can now create and edit animations of 3D models for compelling presentations.

Deep Paint 3D 2.0 Specifications:
New Features in this Version
Spline tools for painting accurate outlines and shapes
Projection Paint is now part of the standard Deep Paint 3D package
Perform batch operations such as scaling color correction and channel operations on multiple material selections
New brush size cursor works in Projection or on surface paint modes
New image and clone brush feature - capture any image instantly and use it as an image stamp or texture paint in 2D or 3D
Enhanced management of multiple objects and automatic file naming
Manual and automatic material grouping
Choose different projection resolutions, ideal for high-resolution film work
Accurately save and restore Projection Paint sessions with no loss of quality or Projection Paint layer structure
Export Projection Paint or all layers as a single .PSD file

Real-time 3D painting and texturing on 3D models and scenes
Interactive 2D and 3D environment enhances productivity
Plugin support for an integrated workflow with 3ds max, Maya, LightWave 3D, Softimage, and Photoshop including filters
Seamlessly supports multiple channels, materials and objects
Select texture and paint across multiple materials
Seamless workflow with Softimage, 3ds max and Maya plugins and a two way material to Photoshop link
Paint up to five material channels with paint or textures simultaneously in 3D
Multi-layer support for bump, color, shine, opacity, and glow channels
Photoshop plugin filter support
Create and save your own texture and image paints
2D paint mode with UV unwrapping
Paint across multiple materials and objects
Image processing tools
Dynamic 3D zoom, pan, and rotate
3D masking and selection tools including a 3D polygon selection tool and save selections
Line circle polygon and text tools
Wacom Intuous and Intel?PIII optimized
Advanced undo capability
Artistic tools, true airbrush, oils, watercolors, colored & charcoaled pencils, felt pens, chalks, pastels, gouache, acrylics, impasto, textures and many more
System Requirements

Minimum: PII 300 MHz, 64 MB, 2D card with 8 MB, Windows 98
Recommended: Dual PIII 733 MHz, 512 MB, GeForce 3, Windows NT, 2000, XP

WacomTM Intuos or similar pressure sensitive tablet
Graphics card capable of displaying 24-bit color
Pentium III 266 processor or better
128MB of RAM (More for large model and texture sizes)
Windows 2000

Deep UV Specifications:
Key Features
Unfold is a revolutionary new automated UV unwrapping tool. Automatically unwrap folded, or twisted surfaces
Preserve Bitmap lets you make changes to the UV mapping after the object has been textured and preserves the texturing regardless of UV changes
Real-time preview of UV editing simultaneously in 2D and 3D
Advanced relax tools that will automatically minimize local or global distortions by selection
Complete support for quads, pents and n-sided polygons

Directly manipulate texture UV's interactively on 3D models
Untangle overlapping UV's instantly New intuitive transform tools for UV manipulation Advanced interactive 2D and 3D soft selection and feather tools for creating selections sets for scaling, rotating, etc
More efficient UV packing algorithms that packs faster and closer for the most optimal use of UV space
Merge many materials to create a single material with no loss in quality. Place all the objects from an entire scene on a single larger bitmap as an ideal way to speed up the loading of game textures while automatically preserves the original texture maps
Plugins to and from 3ds max, Maya and Deep Paint 3D (more in development)
Deep UV is a stand-alone product and has full integration with Deep Paint 3D version 2.0
Automatic interactive V.A.M.P (Variable Angle Multi Patch) and Box mapping creates distortion free mapping at the push of a button
Interactive mapper allows you to dynamically preview unwrapped UV coordinates while altering your planar, cylindrical, and spherical mapping
The 'Lift' function automatically separates upper and lower UV coordinates. Ideal for automatically mapping the front and the rear of a model in one operation
Easily apply different UV map types to different parts of an object or material. e.g. spherical for the head of a character and planar for the body
Move, scale, rotate, shear, and flip UV data with a soft selection for precise control over the area of influence of an operation
Select UV points, polygons or groups in 2D or 3D with magic wand, lasso or rectangular selection tools
Zoom and pan navigation
Advanced 3D selection set features. Select surface areas of objects by angle deflection from selected faces. Selection sets can be featured by angle. e.g. select a flat face of an object with precise control over inclusion or partial inclusion of fillets or adjacent surfaces
Apply materials to imported objects

Deep Exploration 3.5 Specifications:
Deep Exploration 3.0 creates high quality fast renderings of 3D objects and scenes for use in many graphic applications. It is also a powerful web publication tool ideal for creating interactive 3D content for web-based presentations.
An easy to use interface to manage your digital assets quickly
Don't waste time recreating digital assets that already exist on your network
Find and use your existing assets or search via the internet
Deep Exploration is built for speed. Save time and improve output by checking 3D assets for correct texture and links without having to open time consuming content creation applications
Quick and easy visualization of your 3D industrial design or entertainment data at the highest real-time quality possible
Make the most of your assets by outputting to multiple 2D and 3D formats from a single file format
Publish your 2D graphics and 3D models quickly and easily to the web for e-commerce, peer review, or any presentation requirement
New Features of Deep Exploration 3.0
Clipping plane to create dynamic cross sections to better understand 3D models
High Dynamic Range (.HDR) image viewer to display images and explore their full dynamic range
Pixel and vertex shaders for the highest quality visualization when using the NVIDIA NV30 chipset series or ATI FireGL X1, Z1 graphics cards
Create and edit animations of 3D models for compelling presentations
Grouping and hierarchy tools to easily manage complex models
鎃idget' based 3D editing tools to manipulate individual objects
General enhancements including increased file support, updated tool bar and menu usability
Support for both .HDR and. EXR (Industrial Light and Magic) High Dynamic Range images
Enhanced file support for OBJ, Softimage|XSI, Shockwave, Maya, DirectX, 3ds max and Rhino
Search your computer, network and the Internet for files by application or format
Load and view, including thumbnails, almost any 2D and 3D file format including 3ds max, Maya, LightWave, SOFTIMAGE 3D, SOFTIMAGE|XSI and Photoshop
Translate between 2D and 3D file formats and scenes with animation
Modify and save 3D file attributes such as UV maps, textures and geometry transformations
Publish 3D content for Web-based presentations
Create and edit key frame animation of 3D models for compelling presentations
Grouping and hierarchy tools to easily manage complex models
Clipping plane to create dynamic cross sections to better understand 3D models
Full screen mode operation
Launch applications from within Deep Exploration
Camera, softbody and inverse kinematics, skin and bones translation
Control texture and reflection maps including levels
High quality ray tracing output with shadows and reflection
Slide shows in 2D and 3D
Multiple rendering modes including solid, points, wire frame, transparent
View files contained in .ZIP and .RAR archives without unpacking
Merge multiple 3D files for viewing Modules available for motion capture, CAD and Web-publishing
Complete feature descriptions are available within the Deep Exploration demonstration version Help menu
System Requirements
3D hardware accelerator video card
24-bit color graphics card
PentiumTM III 266 processor
128MB RAM (more for large model and texture sizes)
Windows® 2000 or XP
Internet ExplorerTM 6.0
Pentium III 733 processor or higher
256MB RAM (more for large model and texture sizes)
An Internet connection is required for 3D web searches
To view/export Maya (ma, mb) files you need a copy of Maya
To view/export 3ds max files you need a copy of 3ds max






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