《伟大搬运者》(Mega Movers)[TVRip]

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英文名Mega Movers

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If you're the type who can't leave anything behind, you may have to call in the MEGA MOVERS. Whether it's a 19th century church, a railroad bridge or an entire beach there's nothing our experts can't relocate. Of course, when it comes time to lift a structure from its foundations and head down the road (at a fraction of a mile an hour), every creak and groan can provide a vital clue, and a mistake of an inch could spell disaster.

Season #1:
E01: Hardcore History: Mega Movers (pilot)
E02: Moving The Impossible (feature-length special)
E03: 900 Ton Building
E04: Oil Machines
E05: B-25 Bomber
E06: Locomotives
E07: Lost & Found
E08: America Moves
E09: Perils in Paradise
PERIL IN PARADISE travels nearly 500 miles to showcase two challenging projects. In Hawaii, an old plantation house is placed deep into a rain forest on the edge of an active volcano. In North Carolina, a crew battles a flooded field packed with tree stumps to move a pre-Civil War farmhouse. Join us as the MEGA MOVERS prove that, once again, they know how to get the job done.
E10: Tower Crane
Soaring 36 stories above Los Angeles, the modern tower crane is a masterpiece of engineering. But it takes a team of masters indeed to break it down and relocate it, and we'll see how it's done.
E11: Giant Structures
E12: Massive Bridges
E13: Space Machines
E14: Strange Structures
Even for the MEGA MOVERS, some jobs are out of the ordinary. How about transporting a family business without emptying the interior--so the doors can re-open as soon as possible after the building is resettled? That's just what happened with a Pennsylvania funeral home! Next, Maryland movers confront a 146-year-old Victorian house that is thought to be jinxed. For years, many have tried to move it, and all have failed after facing major issues with utility lines, clearances, property, and accessible routes. MEGA MOVERS proves that no matter how strange or eerie or haunted they will get the job done.

Season #2:
E01: Biggest Moves #1
E02: Biggest Moves #2
E03: Ships Moving Ships
E04: Really Big Bridges
E05: Tall Structures
Whether hewn from solid rock or a matrix of space-age materials, our structures have always aspired to greater and greater heights. High-reaching accomplishments - from the 100-foot obelisks of Ancient Egypt to the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur - are challenging enough to build. But what happens when we have to relocate them?
E06: Ancient Mystery Moves
E07: Extreme Aircraft Recovery
E08: Lock, Stock & Barrel
E09: Massive Bridges
E10: Moving an Airport
What does it take to move impossibly large airport structures?
E11: Sinking a Ship
E12: Sub Salvage
E13: Intrepid: On the Move
A retired aircraft carrier gets a little help on its way to a new berth.
E14: Army Mega Moves
E15: Extreme Ocean Salvage
E16: Ships on Land
In their element ships can move with inspiring grace and efficiency, but get them out of the water and nothing's more awkward or unwieldy. Taking a cue from the 15th Century Ottoman sultan who transported his entire armada overland, this episode of MEGA MOVERS undertakes some impressive and unlikely relocations.

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