Bette Midler -《The Rose: The Original Soundtrack Recording》Concerts Recorded live[MP3!]

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专辑中文名The Rose: The Original Soundtrack Recording
歌手Bette Midler
版本Concerts Recorded live

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Peaked #12 on Billboard's top 200 chart


Produced and Arranged by: Paul A. Rothchild
Associate Producer: Bill Gazecki
Engineer: Bill Gazecki, Stewart Taylor, Roger Mayer, John Neal, Bob Leonard, Ed Lever
Recorded by: The Enactron Truck
SMPTE Code Processing by: Canyon Recorders
Remixed at Elektra Sound Recorders by Bill Gazecki, Paul A. Rothchild
Concerts Recorded live during June & July, 1978

大家对经典的The Rose、When A Man Loves A Woman应该都不陌生,这张就是1978年Bette做全球巡演是的演唱会专辑,绝对的经典。


Danny Weis: Guitar
Steve Hunter: Guitar
Mark Leonard: Bass
Robbie Buchanan: Keyboards
Whitey Glan: Drums
Norton Buffalo: Harmonica & Trombone
Jerry Jumonville: Sax
Mark Underwood: Trumpet
Norton Buffalo, Bill Champlin &
Donny Gerrard: Harmony Vocals

The soundtrack for this 1979 film is the most paradoxical album of Bette Midler's career. "The Rose," the album, is arguably the best of Midler's live albums, but the songs are all new and more in the mode of rock 'n' roll ala Janis Joplin than the 1940s boogie woogie and other song types that brought Midler to prominence. As if to underscore the point, "The Rose," the song, plays to Midler's strengths as a vocalist while running counter to all the other songs on the album. It is a beautiful song and there really is a sense in which it is the only true Bette Midler song on the album, because the rest are being sung by Mary Rose Foster, a.k.a. "The Rose," the singer. But overall, the soundtrack is basically the best parts of the film.

With "Midnight in Memphis" Midler proves she could be a pretty great blues signer and "Stay With Me" takes on almost epic proportions as the Rose self-destructs on stage before her hometown audience. The flaw of this album, if you want to call it that, is that these songs are performed in character. You have to pity the person who pickes up this soundtrack without having seen the film and does not understand why Midler's voice goes through some serious deterioration in the final set of tracks. Compare "Stay With Me" with her cover of "When a Man Loves a Woman" and you have a sense of what might have been (or the version on "Divine Madness"). Still, there is something to be said for staying faithful to the film in this regard, which is why it is a pity the concert monologue has been sanitized. Of course, if you have seen the movie then you have to wonder why the tour de force version of Bob Seger's "Fire Down Below," which the Rose does with a bevy of female impersonators, was ommitted from the soundtrack because there is no way it would be considered the least worthy song from the film.

This album was produced by Paul Rothchild, who also did "Pearl," Joplin's final studio album, which certainly explains how Midler manages to capture the Joplin sound during the concerts recorded in the summer of 1978. You have to wonder what sort of demons Rothchild exorcised in putting this album together. The album made it to #12 on the Billboard charts while the the cover of "When a Man Loves a Woman" made it to #35 and then the title song made it to #3 as a single after Midler got her Oscar nomination (how it avoided hitting the top I do not know). In retrospect it seems there was no place for Midler to go but down after her smash film debut, but while she has never had a cinematic success to rival "The Rose," this is the film that put her on the A list of performers, a spot that she still inhabits. Final Note: I always liked "Camellia," the instrumental piece that Steve Hunter wrote as the Rose's introduction music. Like most of the songs on this album, it is one when the images of the film and the music are entwined in my mind.

被赞誉为当代「喜剧皇后」的Bette Midler(贝蒂米勒),长期成功游走于流行乐、百老汇舞台、好莱坞电影与赌城秀场,坚持在瞬息万变的歌坛贡献她傲人的才华,是朔果仅存的全才型女艺人之一。从七二年的葛莱美夺奖处女作「The Divine Miss M」开始,便不断以她温厚柔韧的独特唱腔,创造诸如The Rose,When A Man Loves A Woman,Wind Beneath My Wings,From A Distance等畅销经典,2000年秋天贝蒂米勒更跨足电视圈,在CBS的全新喜剧影集「Bette」中扮演影射自己身兼当红艺人与家庭主妇为难处境的角色,影集上档收视奏捷,贝蒂米勒再次证明自己老少通吃的迷人戏剧魅力。


1. Whose Side Are You On
2. Midnight In Memphis
3. Concert Monologue
4. When A Man Loves A Woman
5. Sold My Soul To Rock 'N' Roll
6. Keep On Rockin'
7. Love Me With A Feeling
8. Camellia
9. Homecoming Monologue
10. Stay With Me
11. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
12. The Rose






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