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专辑英文名Great Movie Themes
版本playable ISO[WV]

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演奏乐团:Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
指挥:Andrew Walton
发行公司:NAXOS (8.570505)


Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra 英国交响乐团。1943年创建于利物浦。其前身为1840年建立的利物浦爱乐协会的乐团。1957年伊丽莎白女王授予“皇家”称号。本世纪40年代后由萨金特、里格诺德(HUGO RIGNOLD,1905-1976),普里查得、格罗夫斯接任。现任指挥:佩塞克。乐团推动了英格兰地区的音乐活动,1966年首次出国演出。在格罗夫的指挥下曾录制了不少有影响的唱片。



Music has been central to films from their earliest days ('silent' cinema is very much a misnomer) and has been used to underline mood, or stoke or suppress excitement. Later, film companies saw that they could make more money by releasing recordings of the music, some of which became popular and even developed a life of its own outside the films. So it is with this selection, which includes a variety of popular themes, block-busters and Oscar-winners.
THE Liverpool Phil, after their splendid Pineapple Poll CD, now look to have another best seller on their hands as Carl Davis leads them through a programme of Great Movie Themes, beginning with Raiders of The Lost Ark, given all the appropriate welly.

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and James Bond are here, as well as Forrest Gump, Dances with Wolves and Chariots of Fire. And there are quieter moments too, as co-leader Thelma Handy plays a beautiful solo in Schindler's List. I was particularly taken with the music from Titanic, arranged by Wirral-based Edward Peak. Over an hour of music in excellent record sound and a bargain at the budget price from Naxos.

--Review by Peter Spaull, Liverpool Daily Post, November 02, 2007

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01. 约翰.威廉姆斯:电影【法柜奇兵】主题配乐
(John Williams: Main title theme from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
02. 约翰.贝瑞:电影【远离非洲】主题配乐
(John Barry: Main title theme from “Out of Africa”)
03. 丹尼.叶夫曼:电影【蜘蛛人】主题配乐
(Danny Elfman: Main title theme from “Spiderman”)
04. 约翰.威廉姆斯:电影【辛德勒的名单】主题配乐
(John Williams: Main title theme from “Schindler's List”)
05. 汉斯.季默:电影【神鬼战士】主题配乐
(Hans Zimmer: Main title theme from “Gladiator”)
06. 卡尔.戴维斯:电影【冠军】主题配乐 (节选)
(Carl Davis: Theme from “Champion” (excerpts))
07. 卡尔.戴维斯:电影【冠军】配乐《大国民》
(Carl Davis: Grand National from “Champion”)
08. 霍华德.萧尔:电影【魔戒:双城奇谋】电影组曲
(Howard Shore: The 2 Towers: Suite from “The Lord of the Rings”)
09. 范.吉尼斯:电影【火战车】主题配乐
(Vangelis: Main title theme from “Chariots of Fire”)
10. 蒙提.诺曼:电影【第七号情报员】007电影主题配乐
(Monty Norman: The James Bond Theme from “Dr. No”)
11. 詹姆斯.霍纳:电影【铁达尼】主题配乐
(James Horner: Main title theme from “Titanic”)
12. 亚伦.席维斯崔:电影【阿甘正传】主题配乐
(Alan Silvestri: Main title theme from “Forrest Gump”)
13. 约翰.贝瑞:电影【与狼共舞】主题配乐
(John Barry: Main title theme from “Dances with Wolves”)
14. 约翰.威廉姆斯:电影【哈利波特:神秘的魔法石】- 哈利的惊奇世界
(John Williams: Harry's Wondrous World from “Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer's Stone”)






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