《3ds Max工具和流程制作教程》( Gnomon Introduction to 3ds Max tools and workflows with Cetin Tuker )[ISO]

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中文名3ds Max工具和流程制作教程
英文名 Gnomon Introduction to 3ds Max tools and workflows with Cetin Tuker

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Gnomon Introduction to 3ds Max tools and workflows with Cetin Tuker (3ds Max工具和流程制作教程):
Gnomon出品的为数不多的3D Studio MAX工具和制作流程教程,包含Max核心理念,专业建模,动画,材质及照明.是3D Studio MAX爱好者不可多得的资源
在这方面的DVD ,Cetin Tuker给出了一个介绍性的解释,包括主要观念,行动,工具和工作流程在3ds max 软件中的应用。概述用户界面和解释如何自定义,创造几何,创造二维形状,选择对象和修改,如何管理和档案的场景有效。最后讨论动画及时间控制,并给出了在 MAX 中快速介绍动画。

In this DVD, Cetin Tuker gives an introductory explanation of the main concepts, actions, tools and workflow of 3ds Max. In the first chapters Cetin gives an overview of the user interface and explains how to customize it. Next, he demonstrates placing and transforming objects and discusses hierarchies which are very important for animation. Cetin covers the basics of viewing and navigating in 3D space, creating geometry, creating 2D shapes, selecting objects and modifying them by using the modifiers and modifier stack. He also shows how to manage scenes and files effectively. Finally Cetin talks about animation and time controls and gives a quick introduction to animation in Max.

320 minutes of lecture.

Product Code: CTU02

UI Overview
Customization of UI
Viewing and Navigating 3D Space
Creating Geometry

Scene Management
Selecting Objects
Creating Shapes
Using Modifiers
Managing Files
Animation and Time Controls

01: UI Overview
02: Customization of UI
03: Placement of Objects
04: Hierarchies
05: Viewing and Navigating 3D Space
06: Creating geometry
07: Scene Management
08: Selecting Objects
09: Creating shapes
10: Using modifiers
11: Managing files
12: Animation and time controls

Cetin Tuker graduated from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara with a BA in Architecture in 1992 and completed his MA in 1996. He started working with 3D computer graphics in 1991 producing architectural visualizations and started his 3D teaching career in 1994. In 2001, after working on several multimedia and 3D animation projects, he joined the team of the AMBUSH – PUSU, the first Turkish 3D real-time action video game, and stayed with them through the project’s completion in 2004. He has since been teaching 3D animation and motion graphics in the Graphic Design Department of the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, Turkey. Cetin has a number of published articles in respected 3D magazines and his first book about “3D environment design” was published in 2006. Cetin also works as a character animator in the digital post-production field primarily for TV commercials.

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