Quetev Meriri -《Quetev Meriri》[FLAC]

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专辑中文名Quetev Meriri
歌手Quetev Meriri

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专辑类型:rog-, Avant-Rock, Electro Acoustic Ambient, Experimental



The first album of "Quetev Meriri" has been recorded in one night, without rehearsals and without any preliminary preparations. The result is five instrumental strips, each of them dedicated to a different Jewish radical philosopher - Walter Benjamin, Emanuel Levins, Rosa Luxemburg, Jacob Frank and Franz Rozenzweig - out of the intention to establish musical monuments for the greatest Jewish philosophers, that are almost totally absent from the Israeli/Zionist cultural space.

Minimal melodies wrapped in waterfalls of noises and sounds, that move between gentle electro acoustic ambient and a harsh, dirty and disturbing sound while the amplitude is stretching between silence and a powerful thrust. 2 songs were composed by Haim Rachmani to texts written by the Serbian poet Vasko Popa (translated Hebrew by Dina Katan Ben Zion) and the Israeli poet Yair Horwitz. The Name The meaning of Quetev (or Ketev / Qetev / Qeteb / Ketef) Meriri in ancient Aramaic is: Poisoned Arrow. It appears in the Hebrew bible (Deuteronomy Chapter 32, 24). In the Jewish mythology it's also a name of a demon, who dominant the noon hours. Between the fast of the Seventeenth of Tammuz - and end on the ninth day of the Jewish month of Av - the fast of Tisha B'Av, (Bein ha-Metzarim) The Musicians Yehu Yaron: a composer and writer and one of the most wanted bass players in Israel. Plays with Ruth Dolores Weiss, Aviv Guedj, Panic Ensemble, the Illiane Pansensoy's Tropical Orchestra and more, has founded and led the ensemble Six Happy Musicians, for which he wrote and composed all the songs. Yehu is currently working on new materials for a solo album. Shai Lowenstein: a guitar player with an original and harsh sound, has founded the ensemble River Styx, together with Ruth Dolores Weiss, that has published one album. Shai is playing in various ensembles, some of which are - Jupiter, Illiane Pansensoy's Tropical Orchestra and Six Happy Musicians Haim Rachmani: a composer of Hebrew poet's poems, sings and makes noises using many instruments, a member of the Illiane Pansensoy's Tropical Orchestra and the 3rd house ensemble, on the verge of a solo album.

Quetev Meriri are conducting challenging experiments with voices and noises…they move without stopping between storm and momentary tranquility, not leaving the ears unattended for even a moment. It's difficult to underestimate the achievement of Haim Rachmani, Yehu Yaron and Shai Lowenstein in this album and in the few and astonishing (not less) performances they've conducted so far with that album.

They elegantly avoid the tendency of talented musicians to brag and get intoxicated with their own abilities, but on the other hand they don't give up on the natural pretension that exists in experimental music. Quetev Meriri excellently combine additional influences of the genre, from noise "Excepter" style and the "**** Batons", and up to the frost rule of Mum and Sigur Ros wrapped in an oriental sound of oud, so that we'll all remember where we came from.

In fact, one might say that this album is of the kind that Pichfork would have rated with a grade of 8 or more. ----Einav Sheef, Walla Culture

File Format: EAC->FLAC 1.2.0 (EL6, CUE + LOG embedded), CUE, LOG, Scans (full set, 600dpi)->RAR(243.34MB)
Release by flogger77

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01. Walter Benjamin (02:13)
02. Jacob Frank (01:58)
03. Seeds (Vasko Popa) (15:46)
04. Franz Rosenzweig (05:45)
05. Rosa Luxemburg (02:00)
06. Emmanuel Lévinas (07:27)
07. Dispersed City (Yair Horwitz) (09:15)






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