《三维软件教学DVD系列》(3D Fluff Training for CINEMA 4D Vol. 1~Vol.3)[2005-07-14更新]第三辑:Non-Organic Modeling[ISO]

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英文名3D Fluff Training for CINEMA 4D Vol. 1~Vol.3
别名Non-Organic Modeling
版本[2005-07-14更新]第三辑:Non-Organic Modeling

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2005-07-14 更新: 第三辑 Non-Organic Modeling 光盘镜像发布,本人已将 MAC 下的 toast 压缩分卷合并转成 ISO,方便大家直接加载~~~
3D Fluff Training for CINEMA 4D Volume3 - Non-Organic Modeling.iso

2005-03-18 更新: 应3月9日以前下载第一辑的朋友的要求补发第一辑首次发布时缺失的两个重要视频,3月9日后下载重新发布版本的朋友无需下载!!!
01 Modeling.avi
02 Modeling Thickness.avi

2005-03-10 更新: 第二辑 Radiosity Interiors 光盘镜像发布,体积高达3.05GB!

2005-03-09 重要更新!

3D Fluff出品的Cinema 4D R9教学DVD第一辑,总学时长达4个小时,适合中高级用户,包括两部分:
第一部分将从建模开始一步步教你一个时尚的花瓶,在Photoshop中完成最后的后期渲染,而在第二部分中你将学习一个摩托车轮的建模,并赋予它材质,创建动画,使用XPresso和Sketch & Toon作进一步处理。光盘包含所有的工作文件和一些资源。(POPO临时翻译)

Wiggle your hips down the catwalk with 3D Fluff's Non-Organic Modeling DVD. In Volume 3 you will find a large spectrum of modeling tools, tips and methods covered - teaching you many useful techniques.

The first tutorial will take you from a simple cube to a fully featured remote control. Janine shows you how to handle bevels, edge loops and HyperNURBS to create a high quality, clean flowing mesh suitable for almost any purpose.

An easier torch project is demonstrated by Matthew along with a whole host of technical modeling tips. These include Booleans, Lofts, Extrudes and more; allowing you to use the right tool in the right place to achieve the best results.

With over 4 hours of footage, this represents the longest and most detailed training DVD produced by 3D Fluff to date. These lessons take you to a more advanced level than previous DVDs, yet they still retain a sensible learning curve for those who are new to CINEMA 4D.

This DVD strictly requires CINEMA 4D Release 9 or above due to the modeling tools used.

Main topics covered:
- Creating clean and efficient polygon meshes
- HyperNURBS weighting
- Polygon and Spline based modeling
- Which tool to use in any given situation
- Making your life easier with the correct selection tools
- Common shortcuts

System requirements:
Windows PC or Apple Mac with a DVD-Rom drive. This DVD will NOT play in a standalone DVD player. Requires Quicktime 5 or higher (Mac) or Windows Media Player (Windows) for playback. 500 MHz CPU or higher and a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 recommended. Soundcard (or onboard sound) and speakers / headphones required for audio output.


Design and visualisation is one of the main professional uses for CINEMA 4D. That's why we’ve chosen this as a topic for our first training DVD. The DVD consists of two main parts: the first part will take you through creating a stylish glass vase by starting with the modeling and finishing off the final render in Photoshop. In part two you will learn how to model, texture, animate and render a bike wheel and how to use XPresso and Sketch & Toon to take it even further. We've also included all the project files and a few extra goodies on the DVD.

The projects are aimed at intermediate to advanced users of CINEMA 4D. We've worked hard to give you the highest possible video and audio quality to make sure you won't miss a single thing. The video is presented with a lossless codec at a resolution of 1024x768 pixels.

The projects make use of the Advanced Render and Sketch & Toon modules but even if you only own the core package of CINEMA 4D Release 9 you will still be able to work through the projects.

The tutorials are co-presented by Matthew O'Neill and Janine Pauke. In total, the videos are just under 4 hours long.

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