keb 'mo' -《保持简单》(Keep it Simple)[MP3!]

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专辑英文名Keep it Simple
歌手keb 'mo'

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keb 'mo' 本名Kevin Moore,公认的天才乐手兼年轻的Blues歌手.39岁才从民谣和R&B领域转学Blues,却在短短几年内获得了巨大的成功.96,98,05年三次获得格莱美最佳当代Blues唱片奖.
风格介于纯种的"古典布鲁斯"和"流行布鲁斯"之间,比起同时代的歌手,歌曲的根源味道更浓一些.我是从他2002的专辑<Big Wide Grin>开始认识他的,一听就很喜欢,希望大家也能喜欢.

“I don’t wanna be a Superman,” Keb’ Mo’ admits on the title track of his fine new blues-rock album. Instead, he wants to keep “it simple, real simple.” And while it may be true that the Keb’ Mo’ formula is rather uncomplicated, it’s also a historically tried and true method, one that works to perfection almost every time.

Keb’ Mo’ is a master guitarist and a soulful singer. He’s also a witty lyricist as well. “Prosperity Blues,” for example, is like the antidote to your typical sad sack blues story. “My baby left me/But she came right back/When I gave her the keys/To that brand new Cadillac.” Instead of singing about everything that’s wrong with his life, this track finds Keb’ Mo’ moaning gleefully about just how good he’s got it. For a so-called blues singer, Keb’ Mo’ sure sounds like a happy guy the most of the time on this particular album. “Let Your Light Shine,” with its stuttering rhythm and bumping bass-driven melody, gives out the message that the greatest power against troubling times is self-confidence and personal righteousness, whereas “One Friend,” an acoustic blues number, is all about the priceless treasure of true friendship. “I’m Amazing” is full of thankfulness, with words like, “I’m grateful for the simple things/That I take for granted every day,” while “Closer” delights in the intimacy created by true love: “Let’s get closer/A little bit closer”

Keb’ Mo’ is not a completely happy fellow throughout, however, or he wouldn’t truly be a blues singer. The regretful track “Proving You Wrong,” for instance, tells the story of how one partner may have won an argument, and thus the battle, but ultimately lost the war in the whole process. After crying about sacrificing his wife and family, this song certainly does not celebrate his hollow victory.

It’s worth noting that this album features a few notable special guests, also. “House In California,” which is aided by extra vocal help from Vince Gill and Amy Grant, speaks about finally finding a home in a warmer climate. “Riley B. King,” which is spiced by organ to give it a little of that Al Green-ish Southern soul flavor, spotlights guitar solos by both Robert Cray and Robben Ford. The song is a tribute to B.B. (which stands for Blues Boy, by the way) King, as Riley B. King is actually that blues man’s real name. Keb’ Mo’ just brought along a few fellow King disciples to help him praise the simple beauty that is B.B. King.

With “Keep It Simple,” Keb’ Mo’ has created a winning album from start to finish, which is a task that is a whole lot harder than it looks. Nevertheless, he makes it look so easy and simple.


1. France
2. Let Your Light Shine
3. One Friend
4. Shave Yo' Legs
5. Prosperity Blues
6. Closer
7. Keep It Simple
8. Riley B. King
9. House In California
10. Walk Back In
11. I'm Amazing
12. Proving You Wrong






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