Motley Crue -《Red,White & Crue》2CD[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Red,White & Crue
歌手Motley Crue

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风格: Glam Metal (华丽金属)

Glam Metal 华丽金属:



BAND介绍:(from RollingStone)

For anyone coming of age in the 1980s, the rise of glam metal served as a rite of passage which most of us would rather forget. Winger, Ratt, Warrant...we have consigned these bands to mothballed oblivion for trafficking in lyrical cliches and fancified guitar fluff. Perhaps the only such band that deserves to escape the fate of a rogue Cheerio under a sofa cushion is Motley Crue. A&R opportunists and image consultants be damned, these Metal diehards have managed to keep their priorities straight by staying true to their legion of fans. These confrontational and hedonistic anti-heroes have made records we need not be entirely ashamed of owning. "Shout at the Devil" and "Home Sweet Home" have not tarnished with age, perhaps because the appeal of these songs is so primal -- requiring responses no more sophisticated than a fist in the air or a misty, sentimental tear. Even Generation Swine (1997) is -- for a comeback album -- audacious, heavy, and untamed. It demonstrates that the Crue's music is still capable of liberating fans, however briefly, from their mundane lives, emboldening them to live a little, have some fun, and rock out. What more can we ask of a band?

专辑介绍: (frome RollingStone)

Don't even suggest that the world was not desperately awaiting a Motley Crue reunion. Because it was, and they knew it, which is why the Crue is back, with all four original members hitting the road to violate each other's probations and respect each other's higher powers. What better way to celebrate than a two-CD hit collection? Well, maybe a one-CD hit collection. All the real classics fit snugly into the first half, but "Looks That Kill," "Kickstart My Heart" and "Too Young to Fall in Love" still sound so insanely great, they put you in the mood to try the second disc. That's where you catch up on 1990s efforts such as "Planet Boom" and "Bittersuite." You know better than to go near the three new songs, featuring the wheeze ballad "If I Die Tomorrow" and a Bumfights-worthy cover of "Street Fighting Man." So what -- quality control, schmality schmontrol. They're still the Crue.

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01 - Live Wire.mp3
02 - Piece Of Your Action.mp3
03 - Toast Of The Town.mp3
04 - Too Fast For Love.mp3
05 - Black Widow.mp3
06 - Looks That Kill.mp3
07 - Too Young To Fall In Love (Remix).mp3
08 - Helter Skelter.mp3
09 - Shout At The Devil.mp3
10 - Smokin In The Boys Room.mp3
11 - Use It Or Lose It.mp3
12 - Girls Girls Girls.mp3
13 - Wild Side.mp3
14 - You're All I Need.mp3
15 - All In The Name Of.mp3
16 - Kickstart My Heart.mp3
17 - Without You.mp3
18 - Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away).mp3
19 - Same Ol' Situation (Sos).mp3
20 - Dr Feelgood.mp3


01 - Anarchy In The Uk.mp3
02 - Primal Scream.mp3
03 - Home Sweet Home (91 Remix).mp3
04 - Hooligan's Holiday (Brown Nose Ed).mp3
05 - Misunderstood (Successful Format).mp3
06 - Planet Boom.mp3
07 - Bittersuite.mp3
08 - Afraid (Alternative Rave Mix).mp3
09 - Beauty.mp3
10 - Generation Swine.mp3
11 - Bitter Pill.mp3
12 - Enslaved.mp3
13 - Hell On High Heels.mp3
14 - New Tattoo (Single Version).mp3
15 - If I Die Tomorrow.mp3
16 - Sick Love Song.mp3
17 - Street Fighting Man.mp3






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