Funkadelic -《Hardcore Jollies》[MP3]

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专辑中文名Hardcore Jollies

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Funkadelic 是很有名的 funk 乐团,他们的音乐颠峰横跨 70 年代,要说 Funkadelic 必须先从 doo wop 五重奏乐团 The Parliaments (请注意不是 Parliament) 开始聊 - 其团员有 Frankie Boyce, Richard Boyce, Langston Booth 和 Stingray Davis 与 George Clinton (后来成为 P-Funk 音乐之父).1966 年前三位团员加入军队,隔年 George Clinton 找来 Billy Bass Nelson, Eddie Hazel, Tawl Ross 与 Tiki Fulwood 加入乐团,随后还有著名的成员加入,他们是来自 James Brown 的乐团 The JB's 的成员 Bootsy Collins 和 Catfish Collins (他们是胞兄弟).由於 George Clinton 与 Parliaments 的厂牌 Revilot 之间的合约限制,於是 Parliaments 的成员与伴奏乐团决定重组乐团,正式命名为 Funkadelic, 1968 年他们被厂牌 Westbound 签为旗下艺人,以后发行了无数经典专辑.随著 80 年代到来, disco 崛起, funk 音乐逐渐退出主流, 90 年代受 funk 啟发的 rap 乐团如 Digital Underground, Dr. Dre, Warren G ; funk-rock 乐团诸如 Primus 与 Red Hot Chili Peppers 等,在他们的音乐中仍能寻觅 George Clinton 音乐的踪影.George Clinton, Funkadelic 与 Parliament 为 funk 音乐做出不朽贡献,影响力无远弗届,至今仍为人津津乐道.

Funkadelic's major-label jump brought its version of life more into line with Parliament, though the crucial difference between the two -- Funkadelic's guitars vs. Parliament's horns -- remains intact. Eddie Hazel is missed, as always, but Gary Shider and Mike Hampton do fine work. Whoever peels off the concluding solo at the end of "Comin' Round the Mountain" deserves credit, even if it's sometimes flash for flash's sake. Similar exercises in feedback can be found on the title track and elsewhere, sometimes great, sometimes timekeeping. Still, after all, the album itself is dedicated "to the guitar players of the world," so it can't be said that George Clinton and company aren't keeping the proper focus on things. Generally, things are fairly light on Hardcore Jollies, though a remake of earlier highlight "Cosmic Slop" retains the sharp sentiments, even if it's not quite as strongly delivered as before (musically it's much more centered around the bass and drums, though things get duly crazed all around toward the end). Otherwise, the emphasis is on fairly clean jams and rhythms, with more lower-key goofiness than before but still merrily out there. If it's not truly gone and great like Maggot Brain or Let's Take It to the Stage, it's still good listening at its best moments. "If You Got Fun, You Got Style" makes for a better chat-up dancefloor appreciation than most, while "Soul Mate" balances out obvious "want you bad" sentiments with squirrelly lead vocals that don't quite fit the subject at hand. And who could knock the use of the "there's a place in France/where the ladies wear no pants" melody in "You Scared the Lovin' Outta Me"? Pedro Bell does some of his best work ever for the cover and inside art, while the accompanying short story is hilarious.


01. Comin' Round the Mountain
02. Smokey
03. If You Got Funk, You Got Style
04. Hardcore Jollies
05. Soul Mate
06. Cosmic Slop [Live]
07. You Scared the Lovin' Outta Me
08. Adolescent Funk






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