Christine Evans -《Take Me Home》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Take Me Home

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Christine Evans has delivered on the promise of her hit, debut singles with powerful songs of evocative modern pop. Her CD Take Me Home (distributed by Warner Music Canada, in stores January 25th 2005) is a well-crafted collection of original love songs bathed in lush soundscapes, which features several orchestrations by acclaimed arranger-conductor Paul Buckmaster. And was produced by Seattle studio wizard, Tom Hall. “Christine Evans is one of the most promising young artists that I’ve heard in a very long time,” enthused Hall, “When I heard her demo, I realized there was a real opportunity to create something extraordinary,” Hall continued. “They were honest, believable, compelling songs that clearly came from the heart.” Still only 14 years old, Christine has been singing and writing songs since she was seven. Her lyrical readings of hook-laden addictive songs; some sweet, some bittersweet, some so dark and haunting they are truly transcendent, echo back through a history of pop masterpieces from Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morissette and Avril Lavigne to Joni Mitchell, and a teenaged Marianne Faithful’s (As Tears Go By). With her multi-tracked vocals, Christine conjures up a one-person girl group sonically framed by Hall and a crack studio band’s clever, Beatlesque instrumental backing. Some cuts rock with pared-down, guitar intensity; others are rich, warm and perfectly married to Christine’s dramatic love ballads. Singing to her own piano accompaniment on the stark, CD-capping Forever’s Gone, Christine is riveting. Her vocals range from smoldering rage to soaring tenderness, and reveal a surprisingly mature depth of wisdom and strength beneath youthful vulnerability. The first single, Take Me Home, was chosen Song of the Year at the 3rd annual Island Music Awards. It has charted nationally, been embraced by radio stations across Canada and the video for Take Me Home has received great support from MuchMusic and MuchMoreMusic. Take Me Home is also on the latest Women & Songs 8 Compilation (Warner Music Canada) along with performances by Diana Krall, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow and others. With her career’s momentum building, Christine has performed multiple times in western Canada including the Victoria Folk Festival and appeared on CTV’s nationally broadcast Canada A.M. She’s also an Artist Ambassador for Kids Help Phone; $1 from each CD sold is donated to the organization. Still a kid herself, Christine Evans has released a superb, debut CD and emerged as one of music’s great, young talents.

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1.If Only.mp3
2.I'm So Alone.mp3
3.All That I Am.mp3
4.Crazy Inside.mp3
5.Take Me Home.mp3
6.Heaven's Door.mp3
7.My Biggest Mistake.mp3
8.Let Me Go.mp3
9.Time For Me.mp3
10.Close Your Eyes.mp3
11.Where I Live.mp3






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