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    制作发行No Magic, Inc.
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中文名MagicDraw UML Enterprise
英文名MagicDraw UML Enterprise
制作发行No Magic, Inc.

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支持团队开发的UML建模和CASE工具。支持J2EE, C#, C++, CORBA IDL, .NET, XML Schema, WSDL, 数据库建模, DDL生成和反向工程。此为WINDONS系统下的版本。

Golden, Colorado - December 21, 2004 - No Magic, Inc.®, a leading object-oriented tools company, today announced the release of MagicDraw® UML 9.0, the latest version of its visual UML modeling and CASE tool with teamwork support.

"IT organizations are under extreme pressure to deliver cost effective system solutions to business problems. Tight coordination between business demands and software systems which result in increases in IT productivity are necessities today. With UML 2.0 support, model differencing and system analysis and requirements metrics, MagicDraw Version 9.0 narrows the divide between business needs and the systems developed to meet those needs. It turns software development into a manageable business process allowing review and control by various stakeholders in the process, " stated Saulius Kaukenas, Director of Product Development for MagicDraw.

What's New in MagicDraw UML 9.0:

UML 2.0 notation support. Use the power of UML 2.0.
Visual Model differencing - See the changes made between two different versions of a model. This feature is available in the Enterprise Edition Only.
Transformation of UML models to specific XML Schema and DB models. Ability to customize or add transformations. This feature is available in the Enterprise Edition Only.
UML model, system analysis and requirements metrics enable project leaders, head analysts, and head architects to measure projects by different viewpoints and to review models. See the difference between the results of current and previous metrics. This feature is available in the Enterprise Edition Only.
Find Usages/Dependent Elements - MagicDraw users can track/view element dependencies in the UML model. This timesaving feature allows analysts and architects to automatically analyze existing models. This feature is available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions.
Java 5 code engineering support.
Resource Manager allows downloading the newest resources: localizations, examples, profiles, plugins, templates and custom diagrams.
DB improvements:
Improved Oracle database schema generation and reverse engineering. Beginning from Oracle version 9i, after reverse engineering the database, you may retrieve additional information such as stored procedures, packages, and storage parameters;
Specialized profile and diagram for Oracle;
Retrieve JDBC functionality is moved to Code Engineering Sets.
Teamwork/module improvements:
Ability to store user specific configuration on the server;
Table of used modules on commit and ability to choose add/merge/import option;
Ability to use latest or particular version of teamwork module (latest/fixed version number).
MagicDraw runs also where Java 1.5 is supported.

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