Kim Wilde -《The Hits Collection》[APE]

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专辑中文名The Hits Collection
歌手Kim Wilde

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发行版本:EMI Gold 0946 3 56984 2 1
专辑风格:Rock/Pop, Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock


Kim Wilde金怀德英国史上拥有最多首进榜单曲的英国女歌手,在美英两地写下冠亚军的佳绩单曲。

Kim Wilde有一副跟Blondie乐团女主唱Deborah Harry一样充满著奔放、性感、活力的沙哑歌声,法国传媒形容她是「摇滚版的性感小野猫碧姬芭杜」,德国乐迷尊称她是1980年代最具性感魅力的女歌手,她的歌声主宰了1980年代的流行乐坛,她至今依然是「英国金榜史上拥有最多首进榜单曲的英国女歌手」以及「英国唱片史上最畅销的英国女歌手」这两项纪录的保持者,Kim Wilde在全球拥有14首排行冠军单曲,以及50首TOP5单曲,写下1000万张专辑与2000万张单曲的销售。在主宰流行音乐市场长达15年的岁月之后,90年代后期的Kim沉醉於家庭生活,把生活重心从娱乐事业变到园艺领域,在电视上主持园艺节目,还发行了跟园艺有关的书作。

Kim Wilde (born Kim Smith, November 18, 1960 in Chiswick, West London) is an English pop singer, professional gardener and pop cultural figure.

She burst onto the music scene in 1981 with the new wave classic "Kids in America", which hit number two in the UK Singles Chart. Major U.S. success eluded her until 1987, when she topped the charts with her version of The Supremes' hit "You Keep Me Hangin' On".

Since 1998, Wilde had an alternative career as a gardener, whilst still being active in music

Wilde released her debut single "Kids in America" in January 1981. It was an instant success, reaching number two in the UK Singles Chart and scaling the Top 5 in other important markets such as Germany, France and Australia[2]. Although it achieved only moderate success in the U.S., peaking at number 25 when belatedly released in 1982, it is often regarded today as Wilde's signature song.

Her debut album Kim Wilde repeated the success of the single, spawning two further hits in "Chequered Love" (Top 5 in the UK, France, Australia and Germany) and the UK-only single "Water on Glass". It was followed in 1982 by another million selling[citation needed] album, Select, led by the synthesizer-driven mid tempo "Cambodia" and "View From a Bridge". Both were Number 1 hits in France and reached Top 10 positions in Germany and Australia. In France, "Cambodia" sold more than 1 million copies[citation needed].

At the time there was some controversy about Wilde's hesitation to do live concerts [3]. Her first concerts in September 1982 took place in Denmark [4], before embarking on a UK-wide tour in October [5].

Wilde's third album, Catch As Catch Can (1983) was a relative failure. The first single from the album, "Love Blonde", was another success in France and Scandinavia, but failed to have major success in other important markets. The failure of the album led her to her leaving RAK and sign with MCA Records in the summer of 1984.

On January 13, 2001 Wilde performed live for the first time in years, as a guest star in a show by ABBA tribute band, Fabba, for a local charity. This sparked an interest in performing live again. Since November 2001, she has toured the UK three times (and once in Australia during 2003) as part of the "Here & Now Tour", an Eighties revival concert series, together with artists such as Paul Young, The Human League, Belinda Carlisle, Howard Jones and Five Star.

New recordings also followed. In 2001, she recorded a new track, "Loved", for a compilation album which became a surprise hit in Belgium, but flopped elsewhere. It was in summer of 2003, she had a hit with Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime, a duet with German pop star Nena. The singles was a success in many European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Netherlands or Poland[citation needed].

In 2006 Wilde signed a new record deal with EMI Germany and released the first single from her tenth studio album in many countries across Europe, Scandinavia and Asia. "You Came 2006" charted Top 20 in most of these countries and became her biggest solo hit in Germany since 1988. The album Never Say Never included eight new tracks plus five re-worked previous hits and has charted in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. There are no current plans to release the album in the UK.

The second single from the album, which was voted for by fans on her official website was "Perfect Girl", released in November 2006. It spent nine weeks on the German Top 100 singles chart. A third single, "Together We Belong", was released in March 2007 and a fourth single, "Baby Obey Me", was released in Germany as a remix featuring German rapper Ill Inspecta.

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01. Kids In America
02. Chequered Love
03. Water On Glass
04. Cambodia
05. View From A Bridge
06. Child Come Away
07. Love Blonde
08. Dancing In The Dark
09. Tuning In Tuning On
10. Shane
11. Boys
12. Watching For Shapes
13. Take Me Tonight
14. Just Another Guy
15. Can You Hear It
16. Back Seat Driver
17. Bitter Is Better
18. Love Blonde (12' Version)
19. Dancing In The Dark (Nile Rodgers 12' Version)






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