X Japan -《Art Of Life 东京巨蛋演唱会》(Art Of Life Live 31-12-1993 On Tokio Dom)[DVDRip]

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专辑中文名Art Of Life 东京巨蛋演唱会
专辑英文名Art Of Life Live 31-12-1993 On Tokio Dom
歌手X Japan

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1993年的传说中的巨作「ART OF LIFE」唯一一次现场表演之初次映像化

1997年解散的人气摇滚乐队X JAPAN 的长约30分钟的名曲《ART OF LIFE》的现场版本将于 9月24日首次DVD化发表。这首曲子只在93年12月的两场东京巨蛋公演中被演奏过,是跨越了10个年头的传说中的演出,也是歌迷们盼望已久的大作。
《ART OF LIFE》收录在X准备踏上世界的舞台而更名为X JAPAN之际于93年8月发表的一张迷你专辑中。此曲是队长YOSHIKI半生辉煌之作,发表之初即登上ORICON榜单的第一位,共卖出62万张。在东京巨蛋演出时,震撼了在场所有10万名歌迷的心。

Art of Life
---Words & Music by YOSHIKI

Desert Rose 沙漠玫瑰
Why do you live alone 为何你独自生存
If you are sad 若你悲哀
I'll make you leave this life 我将使你离开此生
Are you white, blue or bloody red 你是蓝色、白色、还是如血般的红
All I can see is drowning in cold gray sand 我所能见的全都淹没在冷灰的沙中

The winds of time 时间之风
You knock me to the ground 你将我击倒在地
I'm dying of thirst 我渴而垂死
I wanna run away 我想逃离
I don't know how to set me free to live 我不知如何让自己自由的生活
My mind cries out feeling pain 我的心因痛苦而呐喊

I've been roaming to find myself 我四处徘徊 寻找自我
How long have I been feeling endless hurt 这无尽的痛 我还得忍受多久
Falling down, rain flows into my heart 落雨流入我心中
In the pain I'm waiting for you 在痛苦中我等待你
Can't go back 无法回去
No place to go back to 无处可归
Life is lost. Flowers fall 生命已逝 花坠落
If it's all dream 如果这都是梦
Now wake me up 现在就唤醒我
If it's all real 如果全是真的
Just kill me 就只好杀了我

I'm making the wall inside my heart 我正在自己的心中筑墙
I don't wanna let my emotions get out 我不要让我的情感泄露
It scares me to look at the world 它恐吓我注视著世界
Don't want to find myself lost in your eyes 不要让自己在你眼中消失
I tried to drown my past in gray 我试著埋葬我的过去
I never wanna feel more pain 不要再受更多的伤害
Run away from you without saying any words 无言的从你身旁逃开
What I don't wanna lose is love 我不愿失去的是「爱」

Through my eyes 从我的眼中
Time goes by like tears 时光如泪水般流逝
My emotion's losing the color of life 我的情感失去生命的色彩
Kill my heart 使我心死
Release all my pain 解除我所有的痛苦
I'm shouting out loud 我高声叫喊
Insanity takes hold over me 疯狂威胁著我

Turning away from the wall 从墙的那一面转过来
Nothing I can see 我什么都看不见
The scream deep inside 深处的呐喊
reflecting another person in my heart 在心中反射出另一个自己
He calls me from within 他从内心深处告诉我
"All existence you see before you
must be wipe out: 「你必须消灭你能见的所有存在
Dream, Reality, Memories 梦 真实 记忆
and Yourself." 和你自己」

I begin to lose control of myself 我开始失去自制
My lust is so blind, destroys my mind 我盲目的欲望破坏理智
Nobody can stop my turning to madness 无人能阻止我转向疯狂
No matter how you try to hold me in your heart 无论你如何尝试在你心中抓住我
Why do you wanna raise these walls 为何你要筑高这堵墙
I don't know the meaning of hatred 我不知憎恨的意义
My brain gets blown away hearing words of lies 我的脑因听见谎言而疲惫
I only want to hold your love 我只想拥有你的爱

Stab the doll filled with hate 戳刺充满憎恨的人偶
Wash yourself with their blood 用它们的血洗你自己
Drive into the raging current of time 在猛烈的时间之流中行进
Swing your murderous weapon into the belly 在贪欲中操纵你杀人的凶器
"the earth" 向著「世界」
Shout and start creating confusion 狂叫且开始困惑
Shed your blood for preasure 你流血为获得快乐
And what? For love? 还有什么?为了爱?
What am I suppose to do? 什么是我该做的?

I believe in the madness called " Now " 我相信在被称为「现在」的疯狂中
Past and future prison my heart 过去和未来禁锢我的心
Time is blind 时间是盲目的
But I wanna trace my heart 但我要追溯我的爱
On the wall of time, over pain in my heart 在时间之壁上,越过我心中的痛苦
Art of life Art of life
Insane blade stabbing dreams 疯狂的刀刃刺穿梦境
Try to break all truth now 试著破坏全部的事实
But I can't heal this broken heart in pain 但我无法治愈这痛苦而破碎的心
Cannot start to live. Cannot end my life 无法开始生活,无法结束生命
Keep on crying 继续哭泣

Close my eyes 闭上眼睛
Time breath I can hear 我能听见时间的低语
All love and sadness melt in my heart 全部的爱与悲哀在我心中融化

Dry my tears 拭乾泪水
Wipe my broody face 擦拭我满是血污的脸
I wanna feel me living my life outside my wall 我要在我的墙外感受我的存在

You can't draw a picture of yesterday , so 你无法为昨日描绘影象,以致於
You're painting your heart with your blood 你用你的血涂抹你的心
You can't say "No" 你无法说「不」
Only turning the wheel of time 只能用环绕在颈中的绳索
with a rope around your neck 转动时间之轮
You build a wall of morality and take a breath 你建造美德之墙
from between the bricks 在砖缝之间 延残喘
You make up imaginary enemies and are chased by them 你制造假想敌并被他们追捕
You're trying to commit suicide 你试著自杀
You're satisfied with your prologue 你对你的序幕感到满意
Now you're painting your first chapter black 现在你抹黑你的第一章
You are putting the scraps of life together 你把生命的碎片收集在一起
and trying to make an asylum for yourself 并尝试为你自己制造一个避难所
You're hitting a bell at the edag of the stage 你在舞台边缘敲钟
and 而且
You are trying to kill me 你试著杀我

I believe in the madness called " Now " 我相信在被称为「现在」的疯狂中
Time goes flowing, breaking my heart 时光流逝,破坏我的心
Wanna live 要活著
Can't let my heart kill myself 不能让我的心毁了我自己
Still I haven't found what I'm looking for 我仍未找到我要找寻的
Art of life Art of life
I try to stop myself 我试著停止我自己
But my heart goes to destroy the truth 但我的心意欲毁灭这事实
Tell me why 告诉我为什么
I want the meaning of my life 我想知道我活著的意义
Do I try to live? Do I try to love 我该试著活下去吗
in my dream 我该试著去实现梦想中的爱吗

I am breaking the wall inside my heart 我破坏我心中的墙
I just wanna let my emotions get out 我想让我的情感流露
Nobody can stop 无人能阻止
I'm running to freedom 我奔向自由
No matter how you try to hold me in your world 无论你多想在你的世界中掌握我
Like a doll carried by the flow of time 像被流逝的时光控制的玩偶
I sacrificed the present moment for the future 我为未来牺牲此刻
I was in chains of memory half-blinded 我被半瞎的记忆束缚
Losing my heart, walking in the sea of dream 失去我的心,徘徊在梦之海里

Close my eyes 闭上眼睛
Rose breathes I can hear 我听见玫瑰的低语
All love and sadness melt in my heart 全部的爱与悲哀在我心中融化
Dry my tears 拭乾泪水
Wipe my bloody face 擦拭我满是血污的脸
I wanna feel me living my life outside my wall 我要在我的墙外感受我的存在

Dreams can make me mad 梦能使我疯狂
I can't leave my dream 我无法离开梦境
I can't stop myself 我无法阻止我自己
Don't know what I am 不知我是什么
What lies are truth 什么是谎言
What truth are lies 什么是真实

Art of life Art of life
An Eternal Bleeding heart 一颗永远滴血的心
You never wanna breathe your last 你永远不碰触你的过去
Wanna live 要活著
Can't let my heart kill myself 不能让我的心毁了我自己
Still I am feeling for 我仍感觉到
A Rose is breathing love 一朵玫瑰正注入爱
in my life 在我生命中

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Art Of Life






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