Suzanne Vega -《Songs In Red and Gray》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Songs In Red and Gray
歌手Suzanne Vega

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引用(Editorial Reviews)

Suzanne Vega remains one of the most relentlessly, mercilessly tasteful recording artists alive. Every note on Songs in Red and Gray has been arranged with the meticulous precision of a butler laying silver on a table. Every sound is so polished and buffed that you barely notice you're listening, every syllable of every lyric only admitted to the melodies after painstaking reviewing and rewriting, and every song sung as if Vega believes that her core audience consists of elocution teachers. This has worked, occasionally, for Vega before--it should not be forgotten what an original presence she was with "Left of Center" and "Marlene on the Wall"--and it works, occasionally, for Vega now. There are a few fine songs here, notably the gently acerbic "Last Year's Troubles" and the wryly subversive "Maggie May" (not the Rod Stewart standard), but there is also a whole lot of glutinous, over-refined suet. Vega still needs to give her songs a much longer leash. --Andrew Mueller

引用(Customer Reviews)
Her best, May 7, 2004

Reviewer: Conor J Lynch (Dublin) - See all my reviews
Suzanne Vega's "Songs in Red and Gray" is, in my view, her masterpiece. Gone are the sometimes precious melodies and forced intellectuisms that dulled some of her previous works. Here we have a more world wisely approach gathered from over 22 years in the business. This is her most mature and flowing work to date. The general theme is one of heartbreak and determination of a marriage broke down. Similar in theme to Shawn Colvin's "A few small repairs" but not in tone. The music here is reflective (Soap and Water, Penitent) and persuasive (Last Years Trouble, Maggie May). Each song is a highlight and the change here is that the production is non showy (courtesy of Rupert Hine) in comparison to her ex producer (and ex-husband). The CD concludes with St. Clare (the sole cover) and is a beautiful epitaph to this superb CD. Released soon after 9/11 this CD had an apt resonance and sounds as beautiful now as it ever did with regal lyrics and flowing melodies. I would recommend this to fans and casual browsers alike.



# Penitent
# Widow's Walk
# (I'll Never Be) Your Maggie May
# It Makes Me Wonder
# Soap and Water
# Songs in Red and Gray
# Last Year's Troubles
# Priscilla
# If I Were a Weapon
# Harbor Song
# Machine Ballerina
# Solitaire
# St. Clare
# Golden






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