Karunesh -(Sun Within)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Sun Within

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Everybody is different and everybody is unique - yet we are all connected. We are connected through the same source, the source of existence. We can get in touch with our inner self through stillness and meditation, dance and celebration. Just be yourself and let your inner light - the Sun Within - shine and lead you on your way.

Sun Within is Karunesh's dynamic new world fusion CD, combining a variety of relaxing grooves with exciting new beats and vocals. Enjoy the warmth and seduction of female vocals and slip into the mysterious unknown world of the East. A rich original album supported with instruments such as bansuri, dobro, duduk, guitar, sitar, violin and percussion. It will take you on a world wind journey during which your inner light - the Sun Within - will shine and lead you on your way.

Born in Cologne, Germany, Karunesh released his first album Sounds of the Heart in 1987, which quickly became a new age classic. More albums followed and Karunesh became established as one of the best known artists in that genre. His music has strong Asian influences and he uses authentic Indian instruments like the sitar. He is known for his unmistakable and heartfelt melodies, embedded in soft rhythms and ambient atmospheres. Karunesh has lived in Maui, Hawaii since 1992 and his musical expression has expanded more and more into world beat/world fusion. Songs from his album Global Spirit are featured in the famous Buddha Bar compilations and many more can be found in numerous world fusion projects. Three of his albums made it into the Billboard Charts top ten. Over the past 25 years Karunesh has composed and released more than twenty albums with sales over 450.000 albums. The name Karunesh comes from the Sanskrit word for compassion.

"I want to go beyond the boundaries of different civilizations and barriers by combining a variety of music styles in fluent compositions. Music is the only language that everybody understands; within all cultures, religions and beliefs. Rhythm is food for the body, melodies for the heart and atmospheres for the soul. My music will touch the listener on all three levels." ~ Karunesh


01. Aeon [0:06:44.00]
02. Lyria [0:04:55.55]
03. Moola Mantra [0:08:59.02]
04. Desert Traveller [0:06:23.37]
05. Guru's Garden [0:05:50.19]
06. Gentle Touch [0:05:34.18]
07. Oasis [0:05:03.37]
08. Nache [0:04:17.38]
09. Baile del Soul [0:04:27.16]






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