Guitarra Azul -《Romantic Collection》(浪漫的的西班牙吉他)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Romantic Collection
歌手Guitarra Azul

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Guitarra Azul 的音乐融合了伦巴弗拉门戈,拉丁爵士乐,与世界声音的精彩组合..醉人的拉丁打击乐与火热的西班牙吉他贯穿了整张专辑。

Artist: Guitarra Azul
Title: Romantic Collection
Year Of Release: 2014
Genre: Instrumental Guitar

Victory Gardens Biograph presents Guitarra Azul "Oasis"

I love theater! I enjoy going to live theater 4-6 nights every week. Once in awhile, we do an Opera, or a ballet or a Symphony or perhaps an evening at Ravinia, but tonight I was invited to The Victory Gardens Biograph theater for the release of a new CD by one of the most exciting Latin bands I have ever heard– Guitarra Azul– a very "hot" "Hip" Chicago based Latin band, playing their mix of Contemporary Latin, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music led by Stefano, a brilliant Flamenco guitarist and composer– "Oasis" is a wonderful CD, 12 amazing pieces with sounds that are romantic, fiery, exciting and a pleasure to listen to... This band is a treat to hear and tonight I was even more fortunate as I was able to see them perform LIVE– David Chiriboga has magical fingers on his guitar, Antonio on bass and the three percussionists– Miguel, Javier and Ruben (who did a stirring "duel" with Flamenco dancer, par excellence" Edwin Suarez are amazing. Add in the bass sounds by Antonio and of course, the brilliant Stefano and we were witness to a night to remember. After leaving the Biograph, we put our new CD into the car system for the short ride home. I figured two tracks and we would be in the garage, but we were soon entranced by the sounds, we took a detour allowing us to hear five more tracks before pulling into our space. What a wonderful sound and what a wonderful experience. It was wonderful to see The Biograph theater almost filled to capacity on a Monday night– a mixture of ages from 3 years old to 93– skins of all colors and I would have to think all religions as well. This was a true "theatrical experience" as well as each song tells a story and the musicians and the dancers (in particular the dancers) express themselves in the telling of this story with their hearts and souls- no words. The stories they told were beautiful and their ability to convey them to us was mystical and made for a feel good evening.

Alan Bresloff
theater/music writer and critic

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01. Tizi Melloul
02. Katerina's
03. Tango Azul
04. Alma
05. Adios Amigos
06. Solamente Uno
07. Esperanza
08. Brisa Caliente
09. Milagros
10. Tres Lagrimas
11. Oasis
12. Mariposa
13. La Tasca
14. Bajo Las Estrellas
15. Cafe Triste
16. Tears in the Rain
17. Senorita
18. El Jardin
19. Azul y Verde
20. Lotus Flower






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