Jason Mraz -《Love Is a Four Letter Word 》(爱有十三划)[24bits 96KHz][FLAC]

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专辑英文名Love Is a Four Letter Word
歌手Jason Mraz
版本[24bits 96KHz]

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著名男歌手Jason Mraz推出2012年最新专辑《Love Is A Four Letter Word》,专辑在Hollywood传奇录音室Sunset Sound录制,请来著名制作人Joe Chiccarelli (White Stripes、The Shins、Elton John、U2、Beck) 监制,并找来第一线乐共同演出。

专辑收录美国iTunes榜、Billboard Digital榜冠军单曲 “I Won’t Give Up”、ASUS (华硕电脑)全球广告主题曲 “The World As I See It”等围绕在生命、爱与感动的12首动听歌曲!

Love Is A Four Letter Word (爱有十三划)
艺人 Jason Mraz (杰森‧玛耶兹)
发行月份 2012-Apr
类型 西洋歌曲,流行乐

产品名称: Love Is A Four Letter Word (EU Version)
歌手名称: Jason Mraz (歌手)
推出日期: 2012-04-17
语言: 英语
光碟格式: 镭射唱片
重量(连包装): 60 (g)
运费单位: 1 这是什么?
出品商: Atlantic / Wea
YesAsia 产品编号: 1030789253

Jason Mraz 终於在本月推出第四张大碟Love Is a Four Letter Word,新碟继续贯彻他追求平静随和的感觉。歌曲中Jason Mraz 尝试探讨人性和爱的问题,向乐迷拋出哲学问题。大碟中除了一月已推出的I Won't Give Up热播,Everything Is Sound、Freedom Song、93 Million Miles及Living In the Moment都很不错。

Audio CD (April 17, 2012)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Atlantic
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Release Date April 17, 2012
Duration 55:50
Genre Pop/Rock
Styles Adult Alternative Pop/Rock Alternative/Indie Rock Alternative Singer/Songwriter Contemporary Singer/Songwriter Contemporary Pop/Rock

AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine [-]
Underneath his tongue-twisting wordplay, Jason Mraz fancies himself a loverman -- and given that his greatest success came from the sticky sentiment of "I'm Yours," who can blame him for thinking this way? Nevertheless, he's never made a full-blown makeout record until Love Is a Four Letter Word, an album steeped in '70s soul. Mraz doesn't neglect his acoustic guitar nor does he abandon his showy verbal gymnastics, but apart from a cut or two -- including "I Won't Give Up," the album's first single -- they're buried underneath stacks of luxurious strings and thick, insistent grooves, touches that tie the record together with elegance. Mr. A-Z has hinted at soul before but he's never placed music over words, a shift of emphasis that delivers great dividends. He can still be a nasally, hyperactive twit, too eager to succumb to clever-clever puns and quips, but there's an acknowledgment that even if he can't change who he is -- witness the terribly titled "Fred D Fixer," an ode to a grandfather who lived by his hands, not his wits -- he can build upon this foundation. If all he adds is color and flair, not some serious depth, that winds up being enough: by making alterations and affecting his pose, Mraz pushes himself into new territory, creating music that's perilously close to sounding seductive. What holds Love Is a Four Letter Word from actually being seductive is that Mraz seems more lech than Lothario -- there's always a sense that he's around for nothing longer than a night. But, as Love Is a Four Letter Word plays, Mraz can convince you that his pleasures are a bit more than fleeting. It may be a lie, but it sure sounds good as it's told.

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01. Freedom Song
02. Living In The Moment
03. The Woman I Love
04. I Won t Give Up
05. 5/6
06. Everything Is Sound (La La La)
07. 93 Million Miles
08. Frank D Fixer
09. Who s Thinking About You Now?
10. In Your Hands
11. Be Honest (feat. Inara George)
12. The World As I See It






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