Joe Magnarelli -《Why Not》(为什么不)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Why Not

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爵士乐界的无名英雄– 小号瑰宝 Joe Magnarelli (获得多位大师肯定,中生代最好的小号手之一,Down Beat杂誌誉为「当今最佳咆勃乐小号手前五名」) 10/27、10/30 @ Blue Note

Down Beat杂誌:「当今最佳咆勃乐小号手前五名」

说到当今爵士乐界的最佳小号手,如果以名声来论,很多人会说Wynton Marsalis,有人会说Nicolas Payton、Roy Hargrove,这些都是当年媒体或是大唱片公司塑造出来的明星(跟其他乐器一样,都会有几位像这样的明星级乐手),但是在纽约有好几位与这些所谓明星级人物能力相同等级的小号手,他们的名字会出现在很多知名乐手或是唱片的专辑中,然而,他们的名声当然远不及那些媒体或唱片公司力捧的乐手,除非你是一个真的听爵士乐听得很细的人,才有可能会知道他们。能力等同但名声却远不如明星级爵士乐手,以小号手来说的话,Joe Magnarelli 肯定是其中一位。就如同萨克斯风手一样,很多人可能会知道Joe Lovano、David Sanchez、Chris Potter、Branford Marsalis,但是可能有很多人不知道Dick Oatts、Bobby Porcelli 或是Steve Wilson、Gary Smulyan 一样的道理,我称他们为爵士乐界的无名英雄 (Unsung Hero),在乐手间一定都为人所知,虽然普罗大眾可能不太会知道,但是对爵士乐界来说是很重要的人物。

Joe Magnarelli 出身纽约州雪城,在荷兰爵士唱片大厂Criss Cross旗下出过四张个人专辑,你也可以在名歌手Jane Monheit、电颤音琴大师Lionel Hampton、Toshiko Akiyoshi(秋吉敏子)大乐团、电风琴手Jack McDuff、Buddy Rich 大乐团、Harry Connick Jr 大乐团、打击乐大师Ray Barreto 等世界级乐手的个人专辑中听到他的小号演奏,证明他的实力长久以来得到多位大师级人物的肯定,可以说是中生代最好的小号手之一,Down Beat 杂誌更称他为「当今最佳咆勃乐小号手前五名」。

如果一定要找出一个小号大师来跟Joe 做比较的话,我个人会觉得他跟Kenny Dorham有其相似之处,,他们的音色都不属於绚丽型,但是他们的即兴乐句可以让你清清楚楚听到好像那是耳朵有清清楚楚听到那个和声,不是硬去套什么公式,句子都是感情的自然流露,几乎没有一个废音。

Audio CD (October 17, 1995)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Criss Cross
ASIN: B0000020NS
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars

5.0 out of 5 starslike the bubbles in a glass of champagne
By Robert I. Bloom on November 12, 2007
Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase
listening to joe magnarelli play his horn is always an intoxicating,relaxing stress -reducing joyride---hes not like other trumpet players--- i forget what instrument hes playing even while hes playing it because w this guy-- its what hes saying/playing that dominates---and the subtle waYS HE HAS of phrasing & his tone--- i have never heard him blow his horn one iota more than is required--- i`m referring to live playing-- ive been hearing him play for more than 10 years now at gigs he does at smalls-- in nyc--- a club that is a haven still--attracting the best players from virtually everywhere --in an intimate setting--- it is here that i sometimes find myself running for cover as trumpet players abuse my ear drums--- BUT NEVER W MAGORELLI THIS GUY HAS CLASS---HES THE OPPOSITE OF A SHOW OFF OR BLOW-HARD---- BUT HE SWINGS HARD WHEN HE SWINGS-- HE GOES FROM SUBTLE LONG PHRASES-- LIKE A GREAT SENTENCE IN A GREAT BOOK THAT KEEPS GOING AND REVEALING MORE-- TO ATHLETIC RUNS AT BREAKNECK SPEEDS THAT ARE THRILLING AND ALL EXQUISITELY DONE - HE NEVER FAILS TO DISAPPOINT -- ON THIS GREAT DISC-- HES GOT SUCH SUPPORT ITS A RICH DELECTIBLE FEAST ---LISTEN TO HIM FOR EXAMPLE IN THE LAST MINUTES OF WHEN YOUR LOVER HAS GONE TO HEAR HIM AT HIS MOST SUBTLE BRILLIANT BEST-- PHRASING AND TONE AND TEMPO SO RICH W EXPRESSION-- ITS LIKE A LITTLE CHILD SAYING SOMETHING REAL IN A ROOM FULL OF ADULTS--- AND ALL CYNICISM FALLS AWAY AND WE HEAR REALLY HEAR SOMETHING--- AS IN ANY GREAT OUT OF BODY MIND Altering experience---- esp w music - and certainly w joe magorelli--- time is being used not using us--- and so we are truly transported to a heaven-- a beautifully measured and tempo'd moving experience---he's got renee rosnes peter and kenny washington brothers in music not birth---and eric alexander all blowing quite classily along w him--on a great driving pulsing tune here blues for g -one magorelli wrote--- its such a thrilling ride----so tastefully done--a seamless trip blazing w all five of them hitting such a perfect stride together---this is a classic album and a joy to listen to--i train as a boxer -- at the gym i have them turn up the sound system full blast and i work the bag along w these cats or i'll jump rope to their perfect maeasured beats---it's all good--- i love it-- at home we wake up to the bella carolina tune another original this guy wrote---we get up outta bed and start dancing immediately--- check it out--- i`m not kidding---- just this morning i kicked off the covers and lit a fire ( we have no fire place ) and i opened a bottle of champagne and my wife is like are u nuts i have to go to work !!! ) anyway---i dig this exquisite album---

Release Date October 17, 1995
Duration 01:03:51
Genre Jazz
Styles Neo-Bop Post-Bop Jazz Instrument Trumpet Jazz Hard Bop
Recording DateDecember 21, 1994

AllMusic Review by Scott Yanow
Trumpeter Joe Magnarelli's debut as a leader features the boppish trumpeter in a straight-ahead setting. His quintet, which is augmented by percussionist Daniel Sadownick on "Bella Carolina," also features spirited solos from tenor-saxophonist Eric Alexander and pianist Renee Rosnes. Every selections works well during the mixture of standards and originals. Among the more memorable performances are a revival of Tom McIntosh's "Cupbearers," an up-tempo "After You've Gone," Magnarelli's "Y-Not" (which is based on "The More I See You") and the trumpeter's sensitive ballad feature on a slow version of "When Your Lover Has Gone." Why Not is easily recommended to fans of straight-ahead jazz.

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1. Cupbearers 8:44
2. How Deep Is The Ocean 10:00
3. Bella Carolina 9:32
4. After You've Gone 6:38
5. When Your Lover Has Gone 8:30
6. Storyteller 5:00
7. Y-not 6:24
8. Blues For B.G. 9:05






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