Eric Alexander Quartet -《Lazy Afternoon - Gentle Ballads IV 》(慵懒下午茶~纯民谣IV)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Lazy Afternoon - Gentle Ballads IV

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「エンジェル.アイズ」「マイ.ファニー.バレンタイン」「ブルー.ガーデニア」等、 エリックの深いエモーションのテナー.サックスがディープなブルー.フィーリングを湛えて、聴く者を魅了する感动作。

艾瑞克.亚历山大四重奏 - 慵懒下午茶~纯民谣IV CD
Eric Alexander Quartet: Lazy Afternoon ~Gentle Ballads IV

A great entry in the Gentle Ballads series from tenorist Eric Alexander -- and a set that's got a lot more force than you'd guess from the title! Sure, the tunes are mostly mellow numbers, but Alexander plays them with a very soulful depth -- blowing beautifully on extended renditions of familiar tunes, and really taking off past the obvious here -- almost handling the material with the same sort of creative vibe that you'd hear from Archie Shepp on a late 70s session, from those years when he'd moved back inside and was working real magic with older songs. The group's a quartet, with rock-solid rhythm from Mike LeDonne on piano, John Webber on bass, and Joe Farnsworth on drums -- and titles include "Feelin Good", "Lazy Afternoon", "When Love Was New", "Slow Hot Wind", "The Good Life", "When We Were One", and "Angel Eyes".

Artist/Band: Eric Alexander Quartet
Name: Lazy Afternoon - Gentle Ballads IV [200g LP]
Cat No.: VHJD-25
Performed by: Eric Alexander (tenor sax)
Mike LeDonne (piano)
John Webber (bass)
Joe Farnsworth (drums)
Release Date: 06/17/2009
Description: Limited-pressing, 200-gram audiophile vinyl LP edition!

Eagerly awaited latest Venus release from tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander is the fourth in the renowned "Gentle Ballads" series. Like the earlier Gentle Ballads, Gentle Ballads II and Gentle Ballads III, this album is a collection of beautiful ballads that showcases the brawny and powerful Alexander's genlte and lyrical side.

Alexander's maturity as a musician is clearly reflected in his ballad playing. His big tone, his ability to express small nuances, and his muscular style free of cheap sentimentality combine to create stunning effects, elevating this album's status from merely good to one of a modern masterpiece.

Alexander and co. avoids uniformity by playing aggressively in some of their solos. The song selections are also more varied than in the past and includes lesser known gems like "Feelin' Good." Highly recommended!

The CD version of this album is available here

Produced by Tetsuo Hara & Todd Barkan. Recorded by Katherine Miller at The Avatar Studio in New York on August 12, 2008. Mixed and mastered by Venus Hyper Magnum Sound Direct Mix: Tetsuo Hara. Cutting Engineer: Kazumi Tezuka

Review by Ken Dryden

Eric Alexander has had many opportunities to record as a leader for several different labels, though producer Tetsuo Hara, owner of the Japanese label Venus, has become a huge fan, recording him almost any time he travels to New York City. This 2008 session finds the tenor saxophonist with several musicians with whom he is very familiar, including pianist Mike LeDonne, bassist John Webber, and drummer Joe Farnsworth (the latter two who play with Alexander in the co-op band One for All). There's no mistaking the influence of John Coltrane in the loping opener, "Feelin' Good," where Alexander projects a huge tone on his instrument and LeDonne works in a few runs and chords suggestive of McCoy Tyner. The dreamy, free introduction to "My Funny Valentine" segues into a lush, sensitive performance. Alexander is at his emotional peak with his powerful interpretation of the ballad "Goodbye." The late-night feeling is prominent in the quartet's bluesy treatment of "Angel Eyes." This is another superb outing by Eric Alexander.

Eric Alexander - tenor sax
Mike LeDonne - piano
John Webber - bass
Joe Farnsworth - drums

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01. Feelin' Good
02. Lazy Afternoon
03. When Love Was New
04. Slow Hot Wind
05. My FunnyValentine
06. Goodbye
07. When We Were One
08. The Good Life
09. Angel Eyes
10. Blue Gardenia






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