Frances Madden -《If This Were A Dream》(如梦似幻)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名If This Were A Dream

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艺人 Frances Madden
发行月份 2014-Dec
类型 爵士音乐

We were so impressed with Frances and her music that we invited her to record an album in the studio. She has a wonderful feeling for jazz and blues standards but what makes her a real stand-out are her original songs and unique style . . . James Morrison, Jazz Legend

Artist: Frances Madden | Album: Frances Madden | Released: 2014 | Genre: Pop, Jazz | Duration: 00:52:47

Frances has become one of Sydney’s most exciting and in-demand ‘popular jazz’ artists.

Described by ABC Classic FM’s Mal Stanley as ‘one to watch’, Frances is a sophisticated and classy vocalist, pianist and original songwriter.

Frances’ original songs, whether up-tempo swing, blues or ballads, have a natural fresh quality and universal charm that connects with her growing audience. Her distinctive interpretation of classics and jazz standards often goes beyond genre, reinforcing both her unique sound and a broad ‘adult contemporary’ appeal.

Frances regularly performs with her band at Sydney’s leading jazz venues - this is her second performance at Foundry616. Her band includes some of Australia’s finest up-and-coming young jazz musicians including 2014 Wangaratta Festival finalist Peter Koopman on guitar, James Heazlewood-Dale on double bass and Tim Geldens on drums. They attracted and thrilled a large crowd at the recent Manly Jazz Festival.

Frances grew up listening to Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Eva Cassidy and Ella Fitzgerald who she acknowledges amongst her influences. She studied classical piano while at school, later moving to contemporary music and jazz, and taking up singing after she finished. She then completed a Degree in Music Performance at the Australian Institute of Music. Since graduating at the end of 2010, Frances has established herself as a viable professional performing artist.

Tonight sees the launch of her first studio album ‘if this were a dream’ which contains eight original tracks and five classic covers. The album was produced by music industry veteran John Spence (The Wiggles, Sydney Olympics), arranged by Frances herself and recorded by Tod Deeley (James Morrison, Sydney Opera House) at James Morrison Studios in Sydney.

The music is an entertaining mix of lively swing and slower tempo tunes in the jazz and jazz pop genre, as well as some blues, some Bacharach and several beautiful ballads written by Frances. It’s delivered with engaging harmonies, some masterful guitar and bass playing from a couple of Sydney’s finest young jazz players. There are some clever piano solos by Frances as well as some old hands on sax and trumpet.

The Band
Frances Madden: piano & vocals
Bryan Araniego: guitar
James Heazlewood-Dale: double bass & electric bass
Harry Day & Tim Firth: drums
Chris Gable: saxophone and backing vocals
Borbala Bodonyi [BoBo]: backing vocals
Ray Cassar: flugelhorn
Ian Cooper: strings [on I Will Remember You]
John Spence: backing vocals
Tim Wilson: electric bass [on Summer’s Song]
Tim Gannon: drums [on Summer’s Song]

Produced by John Spence.
Arranged by Frances Madden.
Strings arranged by Ian Cooper [on I Will Remember You].
Recorded and mixed by Tod Deeley at James Morrison Studios, Sydney.
Mastered by Kathy Naunton at db Mastering

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01. Money Got Me
02. If This Were A Dream
03. Summer’s Song
04. This Girl’s In Love
05. Walkin’ Away My Blues
06. The Very Thought Of You
07. Dear Mr Nick
08. Such A Beautiful Day
09. ‘Deed I Do
10. Haunting Melody
11. I Love Paris / La Vie En Rose
12. I Will Remember You
13. Wade In The Water






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