Rachel Podger Gary Cooper -《莫札特小提琴奏鸣曲》(Mozart complete sonatas for Keyboard and Violin volume 1)[HDtrack 24bits 88.2KHz][FLAC]

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精华资源: 2006

全部资源: 2007

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专辑英文名Mozart complete sonatas for Keyboard and Violin volume 1
版本[HDtrack 24bits 88.2KHz]

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拉克儿 波洁的莫札特小提琴奏鸣曲
PODGER RACHEL, COOPER,GARY - Mozart complete sonatas for Keyboard and Violin
Gary Cooper fortepiano
Rachel Podger violin
Fortepiano: Anton Walter, Vienna 1795; copy by Derek Adlam, 1987
Violin: Pesarinius 1739

 拉克儿 波洁Rachel Podger,出生於英国,在德国的鲁道夫斯坦因音乐学校习音乐,然后再回英国习小提琴,曾在Guildhall学校师事Parry Hart,和多位大师习音乐,后来喜爱上古乐器与音乐,逐而加入古乐团,成为小提琴古乐家,她最喜爱拉奏十七世纪和十八世纪的古乐曲,在1997年她并和古乐指挥家宾诺克合作过演出,她现在是乐坛的顶佳独奏家及演出家,受各地的竞邀不断。


拉克儿小提琴海顿莫札特协奏曲 (SACD)
Haydn Violin Cti / Mozart Sinfonia Concertante / Haydn / Mozart / Rachel Podger, Pavlo Beznosiuk, Oae (SACD)

唱片公司:Channel Classics
进口专辑 / SACD / 1 片装

Release Date January 11, 2005
Duration 01:16:59
Genre Classical
Styles Chamber Music

AllMusic Review by Blair Sanderson [-]
Fans who were blown away by Rachel Podger's acclaimed Bach and Telemann recordings have no doubt waited with baited breath for her to work the same magic on Mozart's sonatas for keyboard and violin. That these sonatas are largely -- though not always -- stacked against the violin is not an impediment to enjoyment, nor is the quirky quality of the fortepiano an obstacle: Podger is clearly the star of this recording, and her vivid playing always draws the listener's attention and admiration. Partly due to her strength and confidence, but also to the fascinating sounds she produces on her 1739 Pesarinius violin, Podger is always at the forefront and a delight to hear, even when Mozart gives her next to nothing to do. Even the tedious staccato arpeggios in the Andante of K. 6 are interesting here, proof positive that Podger can make music out of the flimsiest material. Gary Cooper is an enthusiastic partner to Podger, and his accompaniment is idiomatic and quite expressive; though the sound of the fortepiano may be an acquired taste for some, Cooper controls its timbres well enough to keep it from sounding too tinny or boxy. Channel Classics provides terrific sound on this SACD, though it is not compatible with some CD players, contrary to the label's claim.

Performer: Gary Cooper, Rachel Podger
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Audio CD (January 11, 2005)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Hybrid SACD - DSD, Import
Label: Channel Classics Nl
ASIN: B0006959QA
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rachel Podger's bracing traversal of Vivaldi's La Stravaganza set of violin concertos are among the finest Baroque recordings, leading to high expectations for more. But here, she and fortepianist Gary Cooper, venture into the more rarified world of Mozart, with considerably less success. They offer four sonatas, to which they apply a roller-coaster interpretive method, swinging from overly slow, sentimentalized Adagios to hyperkinetic fast movements undermined by Podger's uningratiating tone, which is highlighted by the excellent, if close-up recording. Missing in action are the Mozartian elegance and grace at the core of these works. The K.6, written when Mozart was about seven, and the late K.547, a teaching piece he wrote for a pupil, are inflated beyond what they can bear. The K. 378 and K.379 pair, which can take emotionally direct interpretations, are overbearing without the necessary elegance. Podger's fans will want this anyway, but she'd do well to listen carefully to Grumiaux's Mozart before continuing this sonata series. --Dan Davis

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Sonata in G major KV 379
01. Sonata in G major KV 379: Adagio 5:10
02. Sonata in G major KV 379: Allegro 4:47
03. Sonata in G major KV 379: Thema: Andantino cantabile 8:26

Sonata in C major KV 6
04. Sonata in C major KV 6: Allegro 4:18
05. Sonata in C major KV 6: Andante 3:23
06. Sonata in C major KV 6: Menuet I and II 1:53
07. Sonata in C major KV 6: Allegro Molto 3:14

Sonata in F major KV 547
08. Sonata in F major KV 547: Andantino cantabile 4:34
09. Sonata in F major KV 547: Allegro 8:09
10. Sonata in F major KV 547: Thema: Andante 6:38

Sonata in B flat major KV 378
11. Sonata in B flat major KV 378: Allegro moderato 8:11
12. Sonata in B flat major KV 378: Andantino sostenuto e cantabile 5:49
13. Sonata in B flat major KV 378: Rondeau: Allegro 4:07






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