The Anthony Wilson Trio -《Jack of Hearts》(红心杰克)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Jack of Hearts

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★ 爵士天后黛安娜.克瑞儿御用吉他手安东尼.威尔森2009年第七张个人大碟,与电风琴大师 Larry Goldings 共演的杰作!

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★ 美国音响杂誌TAS 2009年十一月特别推荐!

★ 知名制作人 Joe Harley 担纲制作,录音大师 Michael C. Ross 採用现场直录方式录音,充满真实自然的临场感!

其实早在2005年的「向 John Savlove 致敬」( Savivity)专辑中,安东尼.威尔森就已经在他的三重奏中加入电风琴的编制,邀请了来自洛杉磯的电风琴手 Joe Bagg 助阵,2009年他更召集了 Larry Goldings 担纲演奏 Hammond B-3 电风琴,让这个三重奏更具有「后咆勃」的风味。 Larry Goldings 深受 Larry Young 与 Jimmy Smith 的影响,演奏风格是非常「重口味」的「后咆勃」风格,素有「电风琴界的 John Coltrane」的称号。

在这张「红心杰克」中,Larry Goldings不但与安东尼.威尔森共同创作了许多新曲,还将 Coleman Hawkins 的经典《Hawkeyes》以及两首 Duke Ellington 较少见的作品《Zweet Zursday》与 《Carnegie Blues》作了非常精彩的改编。除了两位大师精彩的吉他与风琴的对话之外,这张专辑的鼓手则由 Jeff Hamilton 与 Jim Keltner 两位担纲,表现也是可圈可点。录音师 Michael C. Ross 全程採用AKG C-12、C-12A与Neumann真空管麦克风录制,直接录在两轨类比母带上,完全不经过混音与其他的后制处理,效果超乎想像的生动自然!加上Groove Note採用最顶级的45转180克黑胶压制,更让整体效果更接近母带,将安东尼.威尔森杰出的技巧忠实再现!

Anthony Wilson Trio / Jack of Hearts
价格:NT$ 1,200
货号: GRV1046-1

Release Date July 21, 2009
Genre Jazz
Styles Guitar Jazz Jazz Instrument
Recording DateJanuary 27, 2009 - January 28, 2009

AllMusic Review by Alex Henderson [-]
Jack of Hearts isn't the first Anthony Wilson album to feature an organist extensively; for example, he worked with the Los Angeles-based organist Joe Bagg on his 2005 release Savivity. But the guitarist has worked with acoustic pianists more often than organists (at least as of 2009), and Jack of Hearts is unusual in that it finds Wilson not using a pianist at all. On this early 2009 session, Wilson forms an intimate trio with Larry Goldings on organ and Jeff Hamilton or Jim Keltner on drums. In the '90s and 2000s, Goldings was one of the leading proponents of a post-Jimmy Smith aesthetic on the Hammond B-3. Goldings has been greatly influenced by the late Larry Young, who started out as a Smith disciple but evolved into an innovative, distinctive post-bop/modal player and went down in history as "The John Coltrane of the Organ." Of course, Goldings is not a clone of Young; he is most certainly his own person, but he shares Young's love of post-bop. So it isn't surprising that Goldings does a lot to shape the post-bop perspective that dominates Jack of Hearts. His presence is a major plus on material that was composed by Goldings and/or Wilson, and it is a major plus on memorable arrangements of Coleman Hawkins' "Hawkeyes" and two of Duke Ellington's lesser-known pieces ("Zweet Zursday" and "Carnegie Blues"). The fact that neither of those Ellington tunes is a standard speaks well of Wilson, who is smart enough to realize that one of the joys of the vast Ellington songbook is hearing all of the worthwhile Ellington compositions that didn't become standards. Jack of Hearts is a consistently engaging addition to Wilson's catalog.

Label: Groove Note ‎– GRV1046-1
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, 180gm, Gatefold Jacket
Country: US
Released: 2009
Genre: Jazz

Product Details
Audio CD (July 21, 2009)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Groove Note
ASIN: B0026B6X1Q
Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars

5.0 out of 5 starsSmooth Music from this SACD
By Eman on September 28, 2011
Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase
I very much enjoyed this album. The tempo and arrangement leaves nothing to be desired. This SACD is of very high recording quality with the bite of guitar and notes/ambiance of organ coming through beautifully. Glad to hear Jeff Hamilton in some of the tracks as well. This is my second title by Anthony Wilson and will most likely purchase additional albums in the future.

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01. Mezcal
02. Jack of Hearts
03. Hawkeyes
04. Carnegie Blues
05. Theme from "Chinatown"
06. Vida Perdida Acabou
07. Orange Crate Art
08. Harajuku
09. Zweet Zursday
10. Homecoming






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