Alison Balsom -《听见小号的声音》(Sound the Trumpet )[24bits 96KHz][FLAC]

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专辑英文名Sound the Trumpet
艺术家Alison Balsom
版本[24bits 96KHz]

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EMI 鲍尔珊(Alison Balsom)/韩德尔与普赛尔:听见小号的声音
[Sound the Trumpet - Royal Music of Purcell and Handel]【1CD】







EMI 50999-440329-2(1CD)5099944032920
Sound the Trumpet - Royal Music of Purcell and Handel
艾莉森‧鲍尔珊, 小号 / 平诺克指挥英国古乐团
Alison Balsom, Trumpet / The English Concert, Trevor Pinnock

产品条码: 5099944032920
产品编号: 5099944032920
发行公司: EMI [发行商品]
发行日期: 2012年11月23日
产品制造地: 欧美 .
发行类型: 乐团 . 小号 . 管弦乐 . 古典 . CD .
内装片数: 1片

1、亨德尔:我觉得快乐(选自:《高卢的阿马迪吉》三幕歌剧),HWV 11
9、亨德尔:《阿塔兰塔》序曲,三幕戏剧音乐,HWV 35
10、亨德尔:圣光的永恒之源(安妮女王祝寿颂歌),HWV 74
11-15、普赛尔:《精灵女王》- 音乐和舞蹈组曲
17-21、亨德尔:第二号《水上音乐》,D大调,HWV 349
23-26、亨德尔:双簧管协奏曲1号,降B大调,HWV 301

Orchestra: The English Concert
Conductor: Trevor Pinnock
Composer: Henry Purcell, George Frideric Handel
Audio CD (October 22, 2012)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Warner Classics

Release Date October 1, 2012
Duration 01:06:03
Genre Classical
Styles Concerto

AllMusic Review by James Manheim

British trumpeter Alison Balsom has been popular from the start, and she seems to gain strength as she tackles each new project and expands her range. Here she plays a Baroque trumpet (apparently a natural trumpet with finger holes but no keys) and is accompanied by the period-instrument English Concert under its veteran conductor Trevor Pinnock. They worked together on most of the arrangements of pieces by Handel and Purcell, and the results in this well-worn British musical ground are nothing short of stunning. The variety of timbres that emerge from Balsom's instrument is nothing short of stunning, and the place to start in sampling it is with the three vocal duets, two with the fine countertenor Iestyn Davies and one with soprano Lucy Crowe. These give the uncanny effect of almost hearing two vocal parts that so many instrumentalists aim for in arrangements like this, but that so few actually achieve. Balsom has always been a charismatic player with an attractive tone, and an anthology of her earlier recordings is available. But the way she's going, it makes sense to keep up with the state of her art.

In the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, Alison Balsom celebrates the heroic era of the Baroque trumpet in works by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) and Henry Purcell (1658 or 1659-1695), whose anthems, odes, sinfonias and operas have provided the music for numerous royal celebrations from their own day to the present.

Joining forces with Trevor Pinnock, harpsichordist, conductor and pioneer of historical performance, and with the English Concert orchestra that he founded, Balsom demonstrates the versatility and expressive power of her valve-less instrument in original works and new arrangements. These include Purcell’s Sound the trumpet and Handel’s Eternal Source of light divine in duet with countertenor Iestyn Davies and Purcell’s The Plaint from The Fairy Queen in duet with soprano Lucy Crowe. Further repertoire includes suites from Purcell’s semi-operas King Arthur (1691) and The Fairy Queen (1692) in new arrangements by Balsom and Pinnock, Handel’s Water Piece in D Major HWV 341 and his Oboe Concerto No. 1 in B-flat Major HWV 301 transposed into C Major.

Alison Balsom is one of today’s most popular classical musicians. Having managed to break through to the mainstream without abandoning her musical integrity, she continues to draw ever-wider audiences for her performances and recordings of diverse repertoire.


Arranged By – Alison Balsom (tracks: 2 to 8, 11 to 15, 16, 22, 23 to 26), Trevor Pinnock (tracks: 1, 17 to 21, 23 to 26)
Composed By – George Frideric Handel* (tracks: 1, 9, 10, 17 to 21, 23 to 26), Henry Purcell (tracks: 2 to 8, 11 to 15, 16, 22)
Directed By – Trevor Pinnock
Edited By – Alison Balsom (tracks: 2 to 8, 11 to 15, 16, 22, 23 to 26), Trevor Pinnock (tracks: 1, 17 to 21, 23 to 26)
Harpsichord – Trevor Pinnock
Orchestra – English Concert, The*
Organ – Trevor Pinnock
Trumpet [Natural Trumpet] – Alison Balsom

Barcode and Other Identifiers

Barcode: 5099944032920
Label Code: LC 06646
Other (SPARS): DDD

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IPB Image


Amadigi di Gaula HWV11
01. Sento la gioia (Act 3) 4:45

King Arthur Z628 – Suite
02. I. Overture (Act 1) 3:37
03. II. Come if you dare (Act 1) 3:02
04. III. Symphony (Act 5) 1:56
05. IV. Shepherd, shepherd, leave decoying (Act 2) 1:48
06. V. Round thy shores (Act 5) 1:11
07. VI. Trumpet tune (Act 5) 0:47
08. VII. Fairest isle (Act 5) 2:03
09. Atalanta HWV35 – Overture 4:02

Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne HWV74
10. Eternal source of light divine

Countertenor Vocals – Iestyn Davies 3:35

The Fairy Queen Z629 – Suite of Musicks and Dances
11. I. Symphony (Act 4) 6:28
12. II. Rondeau (Second Musick) 1:41
13. III. Jig (Act 1) 1:07
14. IV. Prelude (Act 5) 1:03
15. V. Chaconne and chorus (Act 5) 3:58

Come, ye Sons of Art Z323 (Ode for the Birthday of Queen Mary)
16. Sound the trumpet Countertenor Vocals – Iestyn Davies 2:35

Suite in D HWV341 ‘Water Piece’
17. I. Overture (Water Music – Suite in D HWV349) 1:44
18. II. Gigue: Allegro (Water Music – Suite in D HWV349) 1:47
19. III. Minuet (Aria) 1:50
20. IV. Bourrée 1:00
21. V. March No.2 (Partenope HWV27) 1:07

The Fairy Queen Z629
22. The Plaint (Act 5)

Soprano Vocals – Lucy Crowe 7:45

Oboe Concerto No.1 in B flat HWV301 (transposed into C major)
23. I. Adagio 1:59
24. II. Allegro 1:41
25. III. Siciliana: Largo 2:13
26. IV. Vivace 1:35






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