Alison Balsom -《浪漫巴黎》(Paris)[FLAC]

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艺术家Alison Balsom

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一点古典 一点爵士 一点跨界

呈现浪漫 深情 优雅的小号世界

★2013留声机古典唱片大奖(Gramophone Classical Music Awards 2013)年度艺人奖(Artists Of The Year)得主,曾两度获得「全英经典音乐奖」(Classic BRIT Award)年度女音乐家大奖!




艾莉森鲍尔珊/ 浪漫巴黎
Alison Balsom / Paris
唱片公司:Warner Classics
CD / 1 片装

01 萨替:第三号金诺佩第(裸体歌舞)
02 皮亚佐拉:1930年代咖啡馆 〈吉他:米洛许〉
03 皮亚佐拉:遗忘
04 米榭.列格杭:那年夏天
05 梅湘: 圣婴耶穌之吻
06 梅湘: 圣婴耶穌之吻
07 梅湘: 圣婴耶穌之吻
08 拉威尔:哈巴奈拉
09 拉威尔:G大调钢琴协奏曲第二乐章
10 萨替:第三号玄祕曲
11 科斯马:秋天的落叶
12 强哥‧莱茵哈特:云

Performer: Guy Barker, Milos Karadaglic
Orchestra: The Guy Barker Orchestra
Conductor: __
Composer: Maurice Ravel, Erik Satie, Eddy Marnay, Astor Piazzolla, Oliver Messiaen, et al.
Audio CD (September 23, 2014)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Warner Classics

Release Date September 8, 2014
Duration 51:58
Genre Classical
Styles Chamber Music

Alison Balsom Paris

Without a doubt one of today's most ground-breaking classical musicians, Alison Balsom now turns her attention to repertoire inspired by the world's most romantic city, Paris.

Balsom spent an important period of her life at the Paris Conservatoire and has pulled together a set of unusual pieces that range from great 20th-century French composers - Ravel, Duruflé, Messiaen - to jazz maestro Django Reinhardt and popular chanson française.

Balsom is also joined by some star guests on the album including guitarist Miloš Karadaglić, the renowned trumpeter Guy Barker and Downton Abbey star Julian Ovenden, who sings Les feuilles mortes in the original French.

The diversity of the works means that the album avoids a stereotypical 'Parisian' sound, and Balsom brings all her glamour and brilliant technical virtuosity to a very varied and inventive selection of works.

AllMusic Review by James Manheim [-]
British trumpeter Alison Balsom, with a distinctive clear sound and as photogenic as one could ask, has moved to the front of the pack of young trumpeters vying to succeed the giants of the late 20th century. With Paris, she reaches a transcendent new level. There is nothing so original about a program of light Parisian music, but the way in which Balsom carries it off is unique. For one thing, the music isn't so light: it ranges from elegant (the Satie and Ravel pieces) to moody (Piazzolla), to profound (the selections from Messiaen's Le Baiser de l'Enfant Jésus). Only at the end does the mood relax with a pair of popular and jazz selections. The tempo is in the middle range and doesn't vary much from piece to piece, and the trumpet is kept in quiet mode throughout. It's a sequence that would have defeated a lesser player, but in Balsom's hands it becomes hypnotic. She had a hand in the arrangements herself, and the selection of works, like Satie's Gymnopédie No. 3 and Gnossiene No. 3, that you would never guess could find a home on the trumpet, is extremely ingenious. Mostly Balsom has worked with major symphony orchestras, but here she takes the daring step of teaming with the small Guy Barker & His Orchestra, an ensemble oriented toward jazz that is itself led by a trumpeter. The feel of the album is unique: it is not jazzed-up classical music (although the program does end with Django Reinhardt), but a texture with a uniquely flexible relationship between soloist and ensemble. A superior recital in every way.

Alison brings her glamour, poise and dazzling virtuosity to Paris with a selection of music written in and inspired by the most romantic city in the world. “The Parisian concept developed organically the more I looked for music that I loved, that could work in this sound world,” explains Alison. “I spent a key part of my musical life in Paris at the Conservatoire, and whilst this album is anything but a stereotype of a 'Parisian' sound, every track has a link to the world of Paris. I should admit though, that on the first day of recording even the musicians asked if we were making two separate albums, the pile of music on their stands being so wildly diverse and unexpected...” Accessible yet surprising at every turn, the programme ranges from 20th-century French composers (Satie, Ravel, Messiaen) to jazz (Django Reinhardt) and popular chanson française (Joseph Kosma), all in enchanting arrangements for trumpet.

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01. Gymnopédie Nr.3 Start
02. Café 1930 Start
03. Oblivion Start
04. La Valse des Lilas Start

Vingt Regards sur I'Enfant-Jésus (20 Betrachtungen über das Jesuskind) (Auszug)
05. Très lent, calme Start
06. Modéré Start
07. Modéré Start

08. Pièce en forme d'Habanera Start

Konzert für Klavier und Orchester G-Dur (Auszug)
09. 2. Adatio Start

10. Gnossienne Nr. 3 Start
11. Les feuilles mortes (Autumn leaves) Start
12. Nuages






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