Angela Hewitt -《巴哈:A小调幻想曲与赋格&歌调变奏&D大调奏鸣曲&F小调组曲 / 安吉拉.赫维特》(Bach: Fantasia and Fugue in A minor; Aria Variata; Sonata in D major; Suite in F minor)[SACD-r]

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专辑英文名Bach: Fantasia and Fugue in A minor; Aria Variata; Sonata in D major; Suite in F minor
专辑中文名巴哈:A小调幻想曲与赋格&歌调变奏&D大调奏鸣曲&F小调组曲 / 安吉拉.赫维特
艺术家Angela Hewitt

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巴哈:A小调幻想曲与赋格&歌调变奏&D大调奏鸣曲&F小调组曲 / 安吉拉.赫维特
Bach: Fantasia and Fugue in A minor; Aria Variata; Sonata in D major; Suite in F minor / Angela Hewitt

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Release Date July 5, 2004
Duration 01:07:30
Genre Classical
Styles Keyboard

Hyperion’s Record of the Month for July sees Angela Hewitt rounding off her acclaimed series of solo Bach recordings with this delightful miscellany. A range of genres are represented—fantasia and fugues, chorale preludes, suites, a sonata, a set of variations—from different periods of Bach’s life, and displaying a wide variety of form, style, influence and scope. This is music that has been neglected largely because it doesn’t sit within the famous Bach canons rather than because of its intrinsic quality.

Angela Hewitt brings her customary style and elegance to these works, and her vivid, joyous music-making creates a fitting conclusion to this benchmark modern survey of Bach’s keyboard works.

Performer: Angela Hewitt
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Audio CD (August 10, 2004)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: Hyperion UK

AllMusic Review by James Leonard [-]

At the best of times under the best of circumstances, Glenn Gould was compelling, but the rest of the time, he was just nuts. Nope, when it comes to the question of who the greatest Canadian Bach pianist is, the answer is Angela Hewitt, just like when it comes to the question of who the great living Bach pianist is, the answer is Angela Hewitt. In her series of recordings of the keyboard works of Bach for Hyperion, Hewitt's brilliant virtuosity, lively intelligence, and deep musicianship have defined what it means to play Bach on the piano at the turn of the second millennium. Even in this the last volume of the series containing some of his least-known works, Hewitt is not playing "the last and the least" but, as she remarks in his notes, the best of the rest. While not the best known of Bach's works, they are, at least in Hewitt's hands, supreme works of musical craft and sublime works of spiritual beauty. From the pair of Fantasias and Fugues in A minor that open and close the program through the dolorous Variations alla Maniera Italiana to the exquisite pair of chorale preludes, Hewitt has assembled her program with taste and sensitivity. Hewitt's performances here are as fine as those of the rest of her series, as serious, as witty, as virtuosic, as lucid, and as lovely as the rest of her Bach recordings. And Hyperion's sound captures Hewitt's performances in sound as clear and warm as the rest of their wonderful recordings.

A magnificent conclusion to a monumental cycle, Hewitt's final Bach disc will appeal to anyone who loves life and Bach.

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Fantasia and Fugue in A minor BWV904[7'59]
01. Fantasia[3'37]
02. Fugue[4'22]

Aria Variata 'alla Maniera Italiana' BWV989[16'12]
03. Theme: Aria[2'15]
04. Variation 1: Largo[1'19]
05. Variation 2[1'19]
06. Variation 3[1'24]
07. Variation 4: Allegro[1'05]
08. Variation 5: Un poco allegro[1'30]
09. Variation 6: Andante[1'56]
10. Variation 7: Un poco allegro[0'55]
11. Variation 8: Allegro[0'48]
12. Variation 9[0'59]
13. Variation 10[2'42]

Sonata in D major BWV963[8'49]
14. [no title][2'35]
15. [no title][1'08]
16. Fugue[2'13]
17. Adagio[1'01]
18. Thema all' imitatio Gallina Cuccu[1'52]

Partie in A major BWV832[8'43]
19. Allemande[2'03]
20. Air pour les trompettes[2'31]
21. Sarabande[1'45]
22. Bourrée[1'04]
23. Gigue[1'20]

Suite in F minor BWV823[8'25]
24. Prélude[2'08]
25. Sarabande en Rondeau[4'15]
26. Gigue[2'02]
27. Adagio in G major BWV968[5'08]
28. Fugue in C major BWV953[1'22]
29. Jesu, meine Zuversicht BWV728[2'48]
30. Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten BWV691[2'14]

Fantasia and Fugue in A minor BWV944[5'50]
31. Fantasia[0'56]
32. Fugue[4'54]






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