Chris Botti -《The Best Tunes For Languid Evenings 》(温柔之夜)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名The Best Tunes For Languid Evenings
歌手Chris Botti

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Chris Botti,小号手,人年轻音乐资历却已十分丰富。十岁开始演奏,高中时开始职业生涯;生涯早期曾与萨克斯风手George Coleman、小号手Woody Shaw等爵士乐传奇人物合作。这些人的音乐常剑走偏锋,Botti在这段期间的收穫反映在他演奏时不温不火的声调与天马行空的创意。随后Botti转战流行音乐圈。受过爵士乐的洗礼,Botti不甘生涯仅止於泡泡糖般的流行声响,合作的对象均为「言之有物」的流行乐坛大将;如巴布狄伦Bob Dylan、艾瑞莎法兰克林Aretha Franklin、保罗赛门Paul Simon与史汀Sting等角色。从他曾合作过的对象,听者即使还不认识他,也应可以从中建立起某种「信任」,因为Chris Botti不像是会随便玩音乐的泛泛之辈。

Artist: Chris Botti
Title Of Album: The Best Tunes For Languid Evenings
Year Of Release: 2010
Label: Chinese Dragon Music
Genre: Smooth Jazz / Pop
Bitrate: Lossless / CBR 320 kBit/s
Total Time: 01:18:34

In 2013, Botti won the Grammy Award in the Best Pop Instrumental Album category. He was also nominated in 2008 for his album Italia, and received three nominations in 2010 for the live album Chris Botti In Boston. Four of his albums have reached the No. 1 position on the Billboard jazz albums chart.

Coming to prominence with the 2001 recording of his Night Sessions CD, Botti established a reputation as a versatile musician in both jazz and pop music for his ability to fuse both styles together.

He was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Corvallis and spent two years of his childhood growing up in Italy. His earliest musical influence was his mother, a classically trained pianist and part-time piano teacher.
He started playing the trumpet at 9 years old, and committed to the instrument at age 12 when he heard Miles Davis play "My Funny Valentine."
In 1981, he was selected as a member of McDonalds' All American High School Jazz band which marked his first Carnegie Hall performance.

At the age of 17, he ended up at Mount Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon by convincing his high school to allow him to fulfill his remaining senior year credits there. Botti constructed the scenario so that he could also play at Portland clubs in the evening. Mount Hood's program was headed by Larry McVey, whose band had come to be a proving ground and regular stop for Stan Kenton and Mel TormГ© when they were looking for new players. It was here Botti played alongside his friend, trombonist and future Academy Award nominated filmmaker, Todd Field. After graduating from high school, Botti studied under jazz educator David Baker and trumpet professor Bill Adam at Indiana University. Botti was also the recipient of two grants from the National Endowment for the Arts which allowed him to study with trumpeter Woody Shaw and saxophonist George Coleman during two consecutive summer breaks.

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01. A Thousand Kisses Deep [03:59]
02. When I Fall In Love [04:22]
03. Lisa [05:10]
04. Back Into My Heart [04:14]
05. She Comes From Somewhere [05:07]
06. The Look [04:21]
07. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets [05:31]
08. Estate [04:06]
09. Irresistible Bliss [05:00]
10. If I Could [04:33]
11. Cinema Paradiso [04:57]
12. The Look Of Love [05:02]
13. To Love Again [04:38]
14. Ever Since We Met [05:08]
15. All Would Envy [05:03]
16. Hallelujah [03:00]
17. When I See You [04:16]






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