Billy Joel -《Greatest Hits Vol. III》(精选辑III)[24bits 96KHz][FLAC]

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专辑英文名Greatest Hits Vol. III
歌手Billy Joel
版本[24bits 96KHz]

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曾三度荣获葛莱美奖的这位常青创作歌手,已有将近四年的时间没有推出新作。继之前两张一套的“精选辑I,II”之后,延宕多时的“精选辑III”终於在乐迷们引颈企盼下问市。会延迟这么久的原因,无非是 Billy Joel这位征战沙场的老将完美主义的个性又发作了。值得一提的是,本张精选辑也是Billy Joel 暂时退出流行乐坛的告别作;在本张精选辑宣传期过后,这位“Piano Man”将学习他的偶像George Gershwin的模式,转攻古典乐界。
这张“精选辑III”收录了’89年全美冠军单曲、集合了1949到1989年全球大事的「We Didn’t Start The Fire」、四首全美Top 10歌曲-包括深受本地听眾钟爱的「A Matter Of Trust」、葛莱美奖提名歌曲「The River Of Dreams」、与一代灵魂宗师Ray Charles合唱的「Baby Grand」...等等,大部份的歌曲出自於他的两张冠军专辑“Storm Front”以及 “River Of Dreams”,还有部份作品出自於’83年的“An Innocent Man”以及’86年的“The Bridge”专辑。

此外,本张精选辑还加收了三张前未发行的单曲(作者分别是Bob Dylan、Carole King与Gerry Goffin,以及Leonard Cohn)。首支单曲「To Make You Feel My Love」是 Bob Dylan特别为Billy所写的情歌,灌注丰沛情感的词意,透过情路多舛的Billy演绎,更显感人。

Greatest Hits Vol. III(精选辑III)

323 歌曲数:17 首

艺人 Billy Joel(比利乔)
类型 西洋歌曲
Billy Joel Greatest Hits Vol. III 比利乔 西洋

商品条码 : 5099748823625
商品编号 : 4882362
艺人/团体 : 比利乔 Billy Joel - 查看所有专辑
专辑名称 : 精选辑3
Greatest Hits Vol.III
音乐类型 : 西洋 [CD 精选辑]
发行公司/日期 : SONY MUSIC 1997/9/17
制作公司 :
内含片数 : 1

Audio CD (August 19, 1997)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Sony
ASIN: B000002BBP

Release Date August 19, 1997
Duration 01:16:10
Genre Pop/Rock
Styles Adult Contemporary Contemporary Pop/Rock Soft Rock Album Rock

Label: Columbia
Genre: Pop/Rock
Product No.: XSON11623F96

In his own inimitable fashion, Billy Joel has crafted some of the catchiest pop hits of the '80s and '90s, and most of them--17, to be exact--are on this disc. The jaunty, nostalgic "Keeping the Faith" opens things up, and we cruise right down memory lane with Billy: through the pop-soul of "A Matter of Trust," the brash, rocking "I Go to Extremes" and "All About Soul" (remixed here to good effect). Joel has grown over the course of his long career, and you can trace his maturity as an artist through these later songs. The tone is a bit darker, a bit edgier than on his earlier tunes. This is an artist who has always been about making pop music, but he's also lived and learned: "You gotta get tough/but that ain't enough/it's all about soul." Fans will probably agree, and will enjoy this collection immensely.

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine [-]
Perhaps it was inevitable that Billy Joel's Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 would pale next to its double-disc predecessor. Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2 covered nine albums (it ignored Cold Spring Harbor), a period during which Joel had 26 Top 100 hits. If it had picked up where the first collection left off, Vol. 3 would have covered three studio albums, which produced 11 hits. That alone would have made a respectable hits collection, and it would have made sense, since The Bridge marked the beginning of a new phase of Joel's career. Instead, the 17-song Vol. 3 begins with a pair of songs from An Innocent Man ("Keeping the Faith," "An Innocent Man") that sound entirely different from the material that follows, which finds Joel delving into mechanized, slickly produced adult contemporary pop. The remaining songs don't strictly adhere to his charting hits, substituting such album tracks as "Leningrad," "Shameless" and "Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)" for hits like "Modern Woman," "That's Not Her Style" and his non-LP cover of Elvis' "All Shook Up." Even with those missing hits, Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 does summarize Joel's latter career quite well, culling most of his best songs from the time. However, the album ends on a down note, as it adds three new songs, all covers, that are limply produced and colorlessly played. Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love" -- which Joel decided to perform as if it was a slow, sanitized Blonde on Blonde outtake -- is the best of the trio, but none of them qualify as Joel classics, and they are an inauspicious way to end this chapter of his career.

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01. Keeping The Faith
02. An Innocent Man
03. A Matter Of Trust
04. Baby Grand
05. This Is The Time
06. Leningrad
07. We Didn't Start The Fire
08. I Go To Extremes
09. And So It Goes
10. The Downeaster 'Alexa'
11. Shameless
12. All About Soul (Remix)
13. Lullabye (Goodnight , My Angel)
14. The River Of Dreams
15. To Make You Feel My Love
16. Hey Girl
17. Light As The Breeze






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