Andre Previn -《Jazz At The Musikverein》(维也纳爱乐厅爵士现形记)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Jazz At The Musikverein
歌手Andre Previn

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Jazz at the Musikverein (1997年,537-704-2)

这是於维也纳爱乐厅的现场录音,录音的空间感相当好,只再加上 Mundell Lowe 的吉他,近70分鐘的录音,相当超值,另外两人在 Telarc 也合作过3张专辑。

Andre Previn, piano 安德烈‧普烈文, 钢琴, 指挥

安德烈‧普烈文生於柏林,但就在二次大战即将爆发之前,便与其家人移民至加州;他继续音乐方面的进修,与约瑟夫‧艾克隆(JosephAchron)及马 里欧‧卡斯泰诺弗-泰德斯柯(MarioCastelnuovo-Tedesco)学习作曲,并随皮耶‧孟都(PierreMonteux)学习指挥。他 以青年才俊为电影音乐谱曲,并在音乐会中担任独奏、室内乐或爵士乐的演出,而享有极其成功、辉煌的声誉。

1985年六月,他成为皇家爱乐管弦乐团(RoyalPhilharmonicOrchestra)的音乐总监,并展开在SoundBank举行 的为期两週的音乐节盛会。他曾与皇家爱乐管弦乐团做过两个极受讚誉的电视系列节目,一个是以交响曲为主,节目名称为 《SoundsMagnificent》,另一个则以协奏曲为主,称为《GreatConcertoSeries》。普烈文除了与皇家爱乐管弦乐团合作录 了许多唱片外,亦有许多国际巡迴演出活动。1987年一月,他辞去皇家爱乐管弦乐团音乐总监之职务,而成为首席指挥,任期直到1992-1993那一季 止。1992-1993这一季,他返回伦敦交响乐团(LondonSymphonyOrchestra)担任荣誉指挥。

普烈文的音乐事业在这二十五年来延伸至世界上的每一个主要的管弦乐团。长久以来的演出关係包括有继巴毕罗利 (SirJohnBarbirolli)之后接任休士顿交响乐团(HoustonSymphony)音乐总监;伦敦交响乐团第十任首席指挥,此职位他共做 了十一年;以及匹兹堡交响乐团(PittsburghSymphony)的音乐总监。1985年,他放弃此职位,而接手担任卡罗‧马里欧‧裘里尼 (CarloMarioGiulini)之后的洛杉磯爱乐(LosAngelesPhilharmonic)的音乐总监。最近,普烈文放弃了他在洛杉磯爱 乐的音乐总监职位,但每季仍将有大约六週担任该团的客席指挥。

他和其他管弦乐团的合作,尤其是和洛杉磯爱乐,使他在全球各地有过无数的巡迴演出,很自然地有各种管弦乐曲目的唱片发行。普烈文先生在电视上的表 现也是备受肯定的。他在一九七O年代与洛杉磯爱乐制作的一系列常态性音乐节目,在全英国造成相当的震撼,为古典音乐找到了许多新的听眾群。
近年来,普烈文已鲜少有时间担任客座指挥,但他每季仍都与维也纳爱乐(ViennaPhilharmonic)一起出现,并定期指挥柏林爱乐 (BerlinPhilharmonic)、芝加哥交响乐团(ChicagoSymphony)、波士顿交响乐团(BostonSymphony)以及费 城管弦乐团(PhiladelphiaOrchestra)等。最近则将与克里夫兰(Cleveland)、纽约、匹兹堡、华盛顿 (Washington)、蒙特娄皇家大会堂(MontrealRoyalConcertgebouw)以及德勒斯登国家管弦乐团 (DresdenStaatskappelle)等演出。
此外,普烈文不仅设法找时间以钢琴演奏参与室内乐的演出,也参加必要的协奏曲的演奏。他也是位活跃的作曲家,作品包括有 《Principals》,是应匹兹堡交响乐团之委託而作;《Reflections》是应费城管弦乐团之託而写。其他成功的作品尚有 《EveryGoodBoyDeservesFavour》,是他与汤姆‧史托帕德(TomStoppard)共同之作,目前世界各地均有该曲的演出;一 首应阿胥肯纳吉(VladimirAshkenazy)之邀所写的钢琴协奏曲;一组连篇歌曲,由珍妮‧贝克(DameJanetBaker)在伦效首演; 以及一组为凯瑟琳‧贝特(KathleenBattle)所写的连篇歌曲《Honey&Rue》,此连篇歌集不久前才在卡内基音乐厅 (CarnegieHall)首演,并获得相当好的评价。

商品条码 : 0731453770423
商品编号 : 5377042
艺人/团体 : 普列文 Previn - 查看所有专辑
专辑名称 : 维也纳爱乐厅爵士现形记
Jazz At The Musilverein
音乐类型 : 爵士 [CD 专辑]
发行公司/日期 : 环球 
制作公司 :
内含片数 : 1

Label:Verve Records ‎– 537 704-2
Format: CD, Album
Country: Europe
Released: 1997
Genre: Jazz
Style: Contemporary Jazz, Swing

Here is an example of crossover marketing '90s style - a classical conductor/jazz pianist signed to the classical Deutsche Grammophon label, whose previous jazz album issued on DG got lost in the shops and whose next disc was prudently shifted over to PolyGram's jazz line, Verve. The occasion was a rare jazz concert in Vienna's legendary, acoustically marvelous symphony hall, the Musikvereinsaal, where Previn -- who normally leads the Vienna Philharmonic there -- enraptured the Viennese with his piano/guitar/bass trio. According to Previn, one member of the Philharmonic was astonished to learn that the music was made on the wing ("You improvised in public?!," he exclaimed). Well, it wasn't that big a deal for Previn and his usual cohorts Mundell Lowe (guitar) and Ray Brown (bass), who turn in an amiable collection of mostly vintage standards that they probably know in their sleep. Previn is as fluid, witty and melodically inventive as ever in his bop-derived, light-fingered manner, with occasional side trips into stride and Brubeck-like chordal perorations, and there is one flippant, blues-based Previn original entitled "Hi Blondie." The lack of a drummer becomes an asset in this golden mellow hall; a drum kit would have upset the acoustical balance. Andre even gets a chance to make a speech to the audience, but alas, it's in German with no translation (wish we could figure out what he was saying that made the Viennese chuckle). ~ Richard S. Ginell Andre Previn Trio: Andre Previn (piano); Mundell Lowe (guitar); Ray Brown (bass). Composer: André Previn . Personnel: André Previn (piano); Mundell Lowe (guitar). Recording information: Musikverein, Vienna, Austria (06/24/1995). Editor: Andrew Wedman.

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Do those cats need to be introduced?
By Bruno Gebarski on June 14, 2006
Format: Audio CD
Well here they are again! relentless bass player Ray Brown, on the guitar Mundell Love - Jazz veterans and "routiniers" - featuring El Maestro El Grande André Prévin mostly known for his classical expertise not only as a conductor but also as a pianist knocking off some fingers busting works such as Prokofiev's Cello Sonata! Some folks do not know about his love for Jazz! He actually did initially 3 albums of the same kind cutting the first one in the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena California (after a long recording Jazz break Previn said himself "he took his best insurance policy with Joe Pass and Ray Brown on his side back in 1989 (Telarc CD 83302) the second one is with - Pass did unfortunately passed away - Mundell Lowe (Telarc CD 83303) and some sort of an original recorded at the "Summerfest: La Jolia" in San Diego back in 1991 (Telarc CD 83309). Mundell Lowe, Ray Brown and André Prévin are three outstanding musicians and nobody could add or improve on that particularly statement, having done it all! and doing it again better and better all the time! Get those 3 marvellous Telarc digital recording quality audio CDs and enjoy! Bruno Pierre Gebarski

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Recorded At – Wiener Musikverein


Bass – Ray Brown
Engineer – Klaus Behrens, Reinhard Lagemann
Guitar – Mundell Lowe
Piano – André Previn
Producer – Elizabeth Ostrow

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Recorded live in concert June 24, 1995

01. Stompin' At The Savoy (5:58)
02. Andre Previn Introduction (1:52)
03. I Can't Get Started (4:53)
04. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (5:56)
05. Medley: What'll I Do / Laura (6:56)
06. What Is This Thing Called Love? (5:27)
07. Captain Bill (4:24)
08. Satin Doll (7:17)
09. Hi Blondie (5:04)
10. This Time The Dream's On Me (4:49)
11. Medley: Prelude To A Kiss / The Very Thought Of You / Come Rain Or Come Shine (9:57)
12. Sweet Georgia Brown (6:21)






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