Sol Gabetta -《祈祷》(Prayer )[MP3]

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全部资源: 2007

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艺术家Sol Gabetta

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修儿.嘉碧妲 Sol Gabetta (大提琴)
肯迪达.汤普森Candida Thompson, artistic director (指挥)
阿姆斯特丹小交响乐团 Amsterdam Sinfonietta

里奥纳德.史拉特金Leonard Slatkin, conductor (指挥)
里昂国家管弦乐团 Orchestre National de Lyon



「我经常在音乐会安可曲演奏〈祈祷〉,发现许多观眾深深地被感动」,因此触发修儿录制这张专辑的灵感,曲目以古典作曲家的希伯来音乐作品为主。充满感性与省思的〈祈祷〉就是出自犹太裔作曲家布洛赫(Ernest Bloch)的三首《犹太生活》之一,专辑除了完整的《犹太生活》之外,也收录布洛赫《美名大师》中的〈即兴曲〉及《希伯来风冥想曲》。而在大师史特拉金指挥里昂国家管弦乐团的伴奏下,修儿拉奏布洛赫最著名的《所罗门》,这是由大提琴与管弦乐团合作的大编制三乐段希伯来风格幻想曲。


产品条码: 0888837621724
产品编号: 88883762172
发行公司: SONY MUSIC [发行商品]
发行日期: 2014年11月11日
产品制造地: 欧美 .
发行类型: 乐团 . 大提琴 . 管弦乐 . 古典 . CD .
内装片数: 1片

Audio CD (October 28, 2014)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: Imports

Catalogue No:88883762172
Release date:20th Oct 2014

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Sombre beauty
By Ralph Moore TOP 500 REVIEWER on November 22, 2014
Format: Audio CD
Since 2007, Sol Gabetta has accumulated a discography that must be the envy of many another classical instrumental soloist; this is her latest release on the Sony label which takes Jewishness as its theme, the exception being the final encore number written by Pablo Casals. However, Casals greatly admired Ernest Bloch and although the composer dedicated his "Méditation hébraïque" to him, Casals did not himself record "Schelomo" but the sombre beauty of his own composition, with its descending minor intervals, certainly sounds as if it had drawn its inspiration from the Jewish tradition.

We are given only an hour's music but as it is predominately elegiac and mournful in character, perhaps that is wise. However, "Nigun" is more rhapsodic despite its sorrowfulness and the Shostakovich pieces are less melancholy despite such titles as "The Song of Misery"; Shostakovich mines a vein of wry, ironic mawkishness so expressive of this composer's sensibility. In the "Méditation hébraïque", Bloch exploits the deepest register of the cello and its theme is typically built around falling minor fifths. "Schelomo" is by far the longest piece here; in it, the cello figures the voice of the wise king himself, and purports to tell his story musically and thematically rather than as a chronological narrative, although the general listener is more likely to hear the work in more less specific terms as a threnody for the suffering of the Jewish nation.

I have heard Gabetta live and although I admired her beauty of tone I did not find her sound very large; it is evident that this recording has placed the cello very forwardly in the sound picture; as a result, her breathing is sometimes too prominent and the orchestra is rather recessed, so we must accept that this is not a very natural soundscape, for all that we are allowed to appreciate the nuances of her playing. I was especially struck by Gabetta's willingness to vary her vibrato, sometimes accentuating it to mimic the wailing quality of a cantor's lament, as on the long, drawn-out concluding C of the opening "Prayer", and elsewhere fining down her tone to an unpulsed pianissimo. Her intonation is superb and she makes telling use of quarter-tone slides to enhance the intensity of yearning in the music; again, it is the vocal quality of her playing which is striking.

This issue is attractively packaged in the light cardboard slipcase increasingly favoured by recording companies, with notes in three languages.

“Prayer” offers the listener an intimate and meditative musical journey, with poignantly chosen pieces.

Sol was inspired to record this album from her experience of playing the piece “Prayer” by Swiss-born Jewish composer Ernest Bloch as an encore in her concerts – she always found the audience was deeply moved and longed for more music of this kind.

As she searched to expand this repertoire, she came across other pieces by Bloch, Dmitri Shostakovich and the cellist Pablo Casals.

The majority of the pieces on this CD are inspired by religious Jewish themes.

Classical | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 01:00:06 | 138 MB
Label: Sony Classical | Release Year: 2014

In every regard this is an outstanding CD. The recording quality is impressively clear yet warm, the orchestral playing well-boned and incisive, and the repertoire extremely varied. Sol Gabetta shines at every turn. Her technical command is absolute – as a pupil of Monighetti and Geringas, the legacy of Rostropovich seems firmly in place. More importantly, her nuance on shaping phrases is tasteful and expressive, and her sense of line always follows for a forward impetus in the music. Her impassioned playing of Respighi Adagio con variazioni fully exploits the music’s lyrical aspects, while Dvorak’s Waldesruhe is particularly evocative, and she brings a sense of rustic verve to the same composer’s Rondo, again delivered with impeccable assurance.

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01. From Jewish Life I. Prayer
02. From Jewish Life Ii. Supplication
03. From Jewish Life Iii. Jewish Song
04. Baal Shem Ii. Nigun
05. Meditation Hebraique
06. From Jewish Folk Poetry, Op. 79 Iii. Lullaby (Arr. For Cello And String Orchestra)
07. V. A Warning (Arr. For Cello And String Orchestra)
08. From Jewish Folk Poetry, Op. 79 Vii. The Song Of Misery (Arr. For Cello And String Orchestra)
09. X. The Young Girl's Song (Arr. For Cello And String Orchestra)
10. Schelomo
11. Song Of The Birds






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