Django Reinhardt -《Django et Compagnie》(金格与伙伴们)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Django et Compagnie
别名Jazz in Paris Vol. 11

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  「Django Et Compagnie」专辑收录金格大约1935-37年间在巴黎与不同乐手陆续完成的录音作品。这些乐手之中包括著名小提琴家史提芬.葛瑞波利(1908-97)和Nitta Rette、Andre Pasdoc、Yvonne Louis等歌手。从这张录音可以看出三○年代欧洲爵士虽没有美国的大乐队,但喇叭、萨克斯风、钢琴、吉他一应俱全,从"Cloud Castles" 到"Budding Dancers"没有歌声,以小提琴、吉他为主,音乐听来滑稽、逗趣彷彿早期卡通的配乐。"Points Roses"到"Cheri, Est-ce Que Tu M’aimes"有精致如摇篮曲、探戈、法国香颂的演唱。曾有人说若没有金格与史提芬,这些美妙的歌喉将被埋没,此说法不论是否夸大,「Django Et Compagnie」里当吉他与小提琴从主奏退为伴奏乐器的确衬托出歌者细腻的嗓音。

商品条码 : 0731454924122
商品编号 : 5492412
艺人/团体 : 金格莱恩哈特 Django Reinhardt - 查看所有专辑
专辑名称 : (爵士巴黎11)金格与伙伴们
Django et compagnie
音乐类型 : 爵士 [CD 专辑]
发行公司/日期 : 环球 
制作公司 : 爵士巴黎
内含片数 : 1

Audio CD (January 29, 2001)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: Emarcy Import
ASIN: B00004XT22

Release Date June 5, 2001
Duration 54:18
Genre Jazz International
Styles Continental Jazz Swing Gypsy South/Eastern European Traditions Guitar Jazz Jazz Instrument Recording Date
March 12, 1935 - October 26, 1937

Review by Ken Dryden

Django Reinhardt is exclusively a sideman in this compilation of recordings made with various French bands and singers during the 1930s. The instrumental tracks are okay, especially those with violinist Michel Warlop's orchestra, even if Warlop is no match for Stéphane Grappelli. The final two instrumental tracks by Wal-Berg & Son are a mystery, as Django is not among the credited musicians. The vocal tracks are another matter. Nina Rette's vocals, dominated by her bird-like vibrato, mar her work with Reinhardt and Grappelli. Reinhardt isn't even listed in the session by singer Andre Pasdoc (if he isn't present, why is it included?); no matter, as this pair of songs deserve to remain obscure. No better are the tracks by long forgotten singers Yvonne Louis or Micheline Day. Frankly, any fan of the genius of Django Reinhardt is advised to look for works recorded under his own name or by the Quintet of the Hot Club of France, as these mostly mediocre French pop songs are difficult to sit through just to enjoy an occasional brief run or solo by the masterful guitarist.

Django Reinhardt ‎– Django Et Compagnie
Label: Gitanes Jazz Productions ‎– 549 241-2
Series: Jazz In Paris – 11
Format: CD, Remastered
Country: France
Released: 2000
Genre: Jazz
Style: Gypsy Jazz, Swing

Django Reinhardt
Real Name: Jean-Baptiste Reinhardt
Profile: Jazz guitarist and composer.
Born 23 January 1910, Liberchies, Belgium.
Died 16 May 1953, Fontainebleau, Seine-et-Marne, France (cause: cerebral hemorrhage).
He was also a painter.
Sites: about-django.com, Wikipedia
In Groups: Air Transport Command Band, The, André Ekyan Et Son Orchestre Jazz, Bill Coleman & His Orchestra, Coleman Hawkins And His All Star Jam Band, Dickie Wells And His Orchestra, Django Et Compagnie, Django Reinhardt & His American Swing Band, Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli, Django Reinhardt Et Son Orchestre, Django Reinhardt Et Son Quintette, Django Reinhardt Trio, Django's Music, Eddie South Quartet, Franco American Quartet, Franco American Quintet, Grappelli-Reinhardt Combo, Guérino Et Son Orchestre Musette De La Boite À Matelots, Hubert Rostaing Et Son Orchestre, L'Orchestre Alexander, L'Orchestre Du Theatre Daunou, Louis Vola Et Son Orchestre Du Lido De Toulon, Michel Warlop Et Son Orchestre, Nitta Rette Et Son Trio Hot, Orchestre Musette Jean Vaissade, Philippe Brun "Jam Band", Philippe Brun And His Swing Band, Quintette Du Hot Club De France, Rex Stewart Quintet, South-Grappelli-Reinhardt Combo, Stéphane Grappelli And His Hot Four
Variations: Viewing All | Django Reinhardt
D Reinhardt, D. Reinhard, D. Reinhardt, D.R., Dj Ango Reinhard, Dj. Reinhardt, Django, Django Rehinardt, Django Reinhardt & His Quintet Of The Hot Club Of France, Django Reinhardt Et Son Grand Orchestre, Django Reinhardt Et Son Quintette, Django Reinhardt, Guitare & Orchestre, Django Reinhart, Django Rheinhardt, Django's Music, Djungo Reinhardt, Д. Рейнхарт, J. Reinhardt, Jean "Django" Reinhardt, Jean Reinhardt, Jean-Baptiste "Django" Reinhardt, Jeangot, Jiango Reinhardt, Jiango Renard, Jungo Reinhardt, Reinhardr, Reinhardt, Reinhardt Jean, Reinhart, Rheinhardt


Accordion – Louis Vola (tracks: 10, 11, 13)
Alto Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet – Maurice Cizeron (tracks: 1 to 6)
Double Bass – Louis Vola (tracks: 1 to 6, 14, 15), Roger Allier (tracks: 16, 17)
Drums – Maurice Chaillou (tracks: 16, 17)
Guitar – Django Reinhardt (tracks: 1 to 9, 12 to 15), Henri Schaap (tracks: 14, 15), Joseph Reinhardt (tracks: 1 to 6, 10 to 12), Roger Chaput (tracks: 16, 17)
Piano – Emil Stern (tracks: 1 to 9, 14, 15), Michel Emer (tracks: 13 to 15)
Saxophone – Alix Combelle (tracks: 16, 17), André Ekyan (tracks: 16, 17), André Lamory (tracks: 16, 17)
Tenor Saxophone – Alix Combelle (tracks: 1 to 6)
Trombone – Eugène D'Hellemes* (tracks: 16, 17)
Trumpet – Alex Renard (tracks: 1 to 6, 16, 17), Pierre Allier (tracks: 16, 17)
Violin – Michel Warlop (tracks: 1 to 6, 10 to 12), Stéphane Grappelli (tracks: 7 to 11, 13 to 15)
Vocals – André Pasdoc (tracks: 10, 11), Micheline Day (tracks: 14, 15), Nitta Rette (tracks: 7 to 9), Yvonne Louis (tracks: 12, 13)

Credits for tracks 14 & 15 are either Stern or Emer on piano and either Reinhardt or Schaap on guitar.
Sylvio Schmidt probably plays violin on track 13.
Recorded in Paris on April 17, 1936 (1-6), September 2 or 6, 1935 (7-9), October 13, 1935 (10-12), March 12, 1936 (13), October 26, 1937 (14-15), March 12, 1935 (16-17)
Reissue of the Polydor LP 2489 188
Digitally remastered on 24-bit

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01. Michel Warlop & Son Orchestre* - Cloud Castles 3:13
02. Michel Warlop & Son Orchestre* - Magic Strings 3:27
03. Michel Warlop & Son Orchestre* - Sweet Serenade 3:11
04. Michel Warlop & Son Orchestre* - Crazy Strings 3:24
05. Michel Warlop & Son Orchestre* - Novel Pets 3:30
06. Michel Warlop & Son Orchestre* - Budding Dancers 2:40
07. Nitta Rette Et Son Trio Hot - Points Roses 2:50
08. Nitta Rette Et Son Trio Hot - Un Instant D'infini 3:29
09. Nitta Rette Et Son Trio Hot - Mon Cœur Reste Près De Toi 3:10
10. André Pasdoc - Pourquoi, Pourquoi?... Accompanied By – L'Orchestre Vola 2:57
11. André Pasdoc - Vivre Pour Toi Accompanied By – L'Orchestre Vola 3:16
12. Yvonne Louis - Mirages (Chasing Shadows) Accompanied By – L'Orchestre Vola 2:57
13. Yvonne Louis - Au Grand Large Violin – Sylvio Schmidt 3:13
14. Micheline Day Et Son Quatuor Swing - Y A Du Soleil Dans La Boutique 3:00
15. Micheline Day Et Son Quatuor Swing - Chéri, Est-ce Que Tu M'aimes? 3:29
16. Wal-Berg Et Son Jazz Français - Horizons Nouveaux 3:15
17. Wal-Berg Et Son Jazz Français - Love Again 2:55






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