《Adobe Premiere Pro CC 基础教程》(Premiere Pro CC Essential Training Tutorial)[压缩包]

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    主讲人Ashley Kennedy
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中文名Adobe Premiere Pro CC 基础教程
英文名Premiere Pro CC Essential Training Tutorial
主讲人Ashley Kennedy

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New to Premiere Pro? Start here and learn how to professionally edit video with techniques the experts use. Ashley Kennedy introduces a fast-track approach that breaks down the entire import-to-output process into eight quick steps—ideal as an overview for new editors, and a good crash course in Premiere Pro for editors migrating from other platforms. Then she transitions to an expanded workflow, showing how to import media, create a basic rough edit, and refine the cut with music, sound effects, transitions, visual effects, and titles. Along the way, she demonstrates how Premiere Pro integrates with other CC applications, and offers keyboard shortcuts and other workflow-enhancing tricks to help you become more efficient in Premiere Pro. The course wraps up with tutorials on color correction, multicam editing, and the export process.
Topics include:
Editing in Premiere Pro in eight steps
Setting up a project and a sequence
Importing and organizing media
Marking and selecting the best takes from clips
Performing insert, overwrite, and replace edits
Trimming, splitting, moving, and deleting clips
Performing intermediate editing and trimming techniques
Customizing your workspace and using creative tools
A brief look at Creative Suite integration
Making audio level adjustments and mixing audio
Recording voice-overs
Applying transitions, effects, and filters
Changing clip speed
Color correction techniques
Creating titles, credit rolls, and lower thirds
Multicam editing techniques
Exporting your final project


31m 45s
1m 26s
Using the exercise files UPDATED
6m 32s
What is the Creative Cloud?
4m 32s
Which version of Premiere Pro CC does this course cover? NEW
2m 32s
What's new in Premiere Pro CC 2014.1: Interface, organization, and structure changes NEW
7m 32s
What's new in Premiere Pro CC 2014.1: Effects changes NEW
9m 11s
1. Getting to Know the Premiere Pro Editing Environment
21m 7s
Launching Premiere Pro and starting a project
6m 9s
Taking a tour of the Premiere Pro interface
8m 47s
Going a bit deeper into the editing tools and layouts
6m 11s
2. A Quick Introduction to the Basic Premiere Pro CC Workflow
52m 7s
How to use this fast-track chapter
2m 47s
Importing and organizing media
1m 53s
Selecting shots
8m 7s
Basic editing
6m 27s
Adding B-roll to supplement your interviews
7m 38s
Refining the edit
6m 20s
Performing basic audio adjustments
7m 38s
Adding titles
6m 13s
Outputting the project
5m 4s
3. Setting Up and Organizing Your Media
26m 51s
Starting from scratch: Setting up your project
5m 23s
Importing card-based media
4m 18s
Importing media from existing Premiere Pro projects
3m 39s
Identifying and organizing media in the Project pane
6m 11s
Relinking offline media
7m 20s
4. Basic Editing
48m 19s
Playing and marking shots in preparation for editing
8m 55s
Subclipping shots
4m 18s
Setting up a sequence
3m 49s
Performing insert edits
3m 51s
Moving clips and swapping shots
5m 21s
Performing overwrite edits and understanding three-point editing
6m 53s
Performing basic trims
4m 42s
Splitting clips and removing material
6m 18s
Reviewing Timeline navigation techniques
4m 12s
5. Refining the Edit: Using Trim Tools
21m 53s
Trimming shot length using the Ripple tool
5m 24s
Creating split edits using the Roll tool
3m 0s
Changing clip content and position: Performing slip and slide edits
4m 6s
Using the Trim Monitor window
4m 51s
Trimming tips and shortcuts
4m 32s
6. Additional Editing and Organizational Techniques
44m 59s
Performing replace edits
4m 24s
Performing top and tail edits
3m 36s
Understanding track monitoring and locking
3m 37s
Using markers
6m 32s
Using the History panel to undo and redo actions
3m 14s
Customizing the keyboard
4m 6s
Creating buttons
2m 56s
Using the Sync Settings features in Premiere Pro
3m 46s
Performing searches and creating search bins (CC 2014.1) NEW
6m 24s
Working in a multiproject workflow (CC 2014.1) NEW
6m 24s
7. A Brief Look at Creative Suite Integration
4m 7s
Taking a look at Dynamic Link and round-tripping in the Adobe Creative Suite
4m 7s
8. Basic Audio Editing
37m 12s
Making basic audio level adjustments
10m 49s
Keyframing audio
5m 41s
Basic audio mixing
4m 43s
Fixing out-of-sync audio
3m 21s
Recording voice-over in the Timeline
3m 19s
Syncing your video to high-quality audio
2m 49s
Sending your sequence to Audition for audio cleanup
6m 30s
9. Working with Stills and Graphics
19m 32s
Working with stills in a video environment
9m 18s
Animating stills
5m 3s
Working with layered Photoshop documents in Premiere Pro and Photoshop
5m 11s
10. Working with Effects
1h 10m
Working with basic motion effects
4m 36s
Adding and modifying transition effects
5m 27s
Adding, modifying, and saving video filters
6m 40s
Adding and adjusting audio effects
5m 20s
Keyframing video and audio effects over time
7m 21s
Understanding rendering options in Premiere Pro
5m 6s
Using adjustment layers with effects
4m 24s
Adding effects to master clips
4m 47s
Adding effects to master clips (CC 2014.1) NEW
6m 29s
Masking and tracking effects (CC 2014.1) NEW
6m 8s
Using the Warp Stabilizer effect
4m 21s
Chroma keying with the Ultra Keyer
4m 59s
Using Dynamic Link to work with Premiere Pro clips in After Effects
4m 35s
11. Manipulating Clip Speed
18m 51s
Working with freeze frames
3m 18s
Using fit-to-fill editing
3m 24s
Using the Rate Stretch tool to make clips faster or slower
2m 55s
Working with the Clip Speed/Duration window to make precise speed changes
4m 46s
Making variable speed changes
4m 28s
12. Basic Color Correction
30m 33s
Color correction: Looking with your eyes
3m 17s
Taking a brief look at the different color correction tools in Premiere Pro
7m 46s
Following a proper color correction workflow using the Three-Way Color Corrector
9m 24s
Color correcting master clips
3m 8s
Using the Lumetri color filters
4m 17s
Color correcting your sequence in SpeedGrade
2m 41s
13. Working with Titles
21m 42s
Creating a basic lower-third title
7m 37s
Applying animation to titles
4m 4s
Creating rolling and crawling titles
4m 51s
Working with Photoshop titles in Premiere Pro
5m 10s
14. Multicam Editing
11m 55s
Syncing your multicam group clips
4m 43s
Performing a multicam edit
3m 0s
Refining the multicam edit
4m 12s
15. Sharing and Exporting
13m 27s
Exporting your project
7m 2s
Batch exporting with Media Encoder
3m 10s
Using export enhancements
3m 15s
2m 22s
Next steps
2m 22s






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