Charles Lloyd -《Hyperion with Higgins》(与希金斯的心灵交流)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Hyperion with Higgins
歌手Charles Lloyd

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  本碟的演录阵容,除了Charles Lloyd与Billy Higgins,还有吉他圣手John Abercrombie,以及当时才29岁的钢琴天才Brad Mehldau和他的三重奏伙伴、低音提琴好手Larry Grenadier,老少配合,都是大师级的超棒人马!

  Charles Lloyd吹奏次中音萨克管和Taragato(也就是匈牙利管)。Taragato是一种很民间化的欧洲根源性乐器,音色像英国管,又像高音萨克管,音域偏高。录音时的Charles Lloyd已经61岁了,岁月的磨砺和熏陶对他的影响似乎都渗透在他的双管中,音色醇厚中略带甜美,如新鲜花蜜一般,并且充满着哲思,每一声对听者的耳朵都是不小的引诱。也许Charles Lloyd吹奏时正面对着老友Billy Higgins吧,音乐的表情时时带着一种心领神会的微笑。“Dancing Waters, Big Sur to Bahia”、“Bharati”、“Secret Life of the Forbidden City”、“Miss Jessye”、“Hyperion with Higgins”、“Darkness on the Delta Suite”、“Dervish on the Glory B”到“The Caravan Moves On”,一曲曲奏来流畅自如,似乎是一部既深邃又浅易的概念作品。

  Charles Lloyd的吹管和伙伴们呼应默契,既承上启下,由为头牵引。周身都是节奏的Billy Higgins其时年纪已经相当老迈,却丝毫不显老态,轻轻松松地带动着低音提琴和钢琴组成的节奏组,即兴和遐思的妙趣被他挥洒得淋漓尽致。鬼才般的老牌吉他手John Abercrombie无论在自己还是他人的唱片中总有令人惊豔的表现,此次亦不例外,叙述性极强、条分缕析的吉他solo中透着灵动和睿智的魅力,令人舍不得漏过一个音符去。Brad Mehldau更是天纵奇才,超强的领悟力、创造性、即兴想象力以及深厚的古典钢琴功底使得他在伙伴们的旋律与节奏之网中游刃有餘,在曲始弹引子牵出旋律线也好,在曲中以轻盈而沉着的节奏响应着Charles的魅力吹管也好,在这支全明星组合裏以良好的分寸感将钢琴的旋律、节奏与和声美感体现得非常充分。Larry Grenadier的艺术气质甚至有点“神经质”,超凡的敏感使他不会放过伙伴们演奏中的任何细节,他会将伙伴们的意念动机一一拾起,然后凭借令人佩服的个人领悟一一回馈过去…


  作为上世纪60年代最具个人魅力的伟大萨克斯手之一,Charles Lloyd的运气似乎倒是一般。Charles Lloyd于1938年3月15日出生在美国田纳西州的孟斐斯,跟“猫王”是同乡。50年代中期开始他在洛杉矶呆过6年,是Gerald Wilson大乐团的成员,1961年改投到鼓手Chico Hamilton的五重奏中,后来又在1964到1965年两年中在Cannonball Adderley的六重奏中演出。这些年中,Charles Lloyd一直隻是个辅助性的角色,不太能发出真正自己的声音。1966年,他有了自己的一支四重奏,成员是后来名动天下、各自成为一代宗师的钢琴手Keith Jarrett、低音提琴手Cecil McBee与Jack DeJohnette,他们的演出深受欢迎。80年代初,Charles Lloy与法国钢琴手Michel Petrucciani有过短期合作,到80年代晚期,他又组建了新的乐团,在ECM等厂牌留下了不少优秀的录音。

  本碟碟名中的Higgins是指Billy Higgins,爵士音乐史上最伟大的鼓手之一,也是自由爵士乐派的宗师。早在50年代中期,就有很多美国爵士音乐家以无调性的音乐语言来表达远远领先于时代的音乐理念和思维,其中的杰出代表,就是由中音萨克斯手、小号手兼小提琴手Ornette Coleman、低音提琴手Charlie Haden、吹管乐手Don Cherry(兼擅小号与长笛)和鼓手Billy Higgins组成的四重奏乐团,正是这支当时领风气之先的杰出乐团,开创了“自由爵士”乐派。

  Charles Lloyd与Billy Higgins很早就相识。在他为ECM录的唱片中,ECM 1674“Voice in the Night”、ECM 1734“The Water is Wide”、ECM 1878“Which Way Is East”以及本碟一共4张,Billy Higgins都有份参与演录。本碟录音时间是在1999年12月,地点在美国洛杉矶的Cello录音室,由Michael C. Ross录音,Charles Lloyd自己担任制作人,但本碟直到2001年5月Billy Higgins逝世之后才以现在大家看到的这个碟名出版,作为对Billy Higgins的纪念。——上述文字来自爵士当铺

商品条码 : 0044001400025
商品编号 : ECM1784
艺人/团体 : 查尔斯.洛伊 Charles Lloyd - 查看所有专辑
专辑名称 : 与希金斯的心灵交流
Hyperion With Higgins
音乐类型 : 爵士 [CD 专辑]
发行公司/日期 : 玖玖文化 
制作公司 :
内含片数 : 1

产品条码: 0044001400025
产品编号: 014000-2
发行公司: ECM [发行商品]
发行日期: 2002年02月08日
发行类型: Jazz 爵士 . CD .
内装片数: 1片

Label: ECM Records ‎– ECM 1784, ECM Records ‎– 014 000-2
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 2001
Genre: Jazz
Style: Post Bop, Contemporary Jazz

Release Date August 21, 2001
Duration 01:10:24
Genre Jazz
Styles Post-Bop Jazz Instrument Saxophone Jazz
Recording Date December, 1999

Review by David R. Adler [-]

The December 1999 sessions that produced The Water Is Wide yielded enough material for a second album. Hyperion With Higgins is the result, and its title reflects the sad fact that Billy Higgins, Lloyd's friend and soul mate and the session's drummer, passed away not long after the music was put to tape. The music's spiritual quality is heightened by the after-the-fact dedication. Quite unlike The Water Is Wide, Hyperion With Higgins is comprised entirely of Lloyd's original compositions, although the same lineup is featured: Lloyd, Higgins, John Abercrombie, Brad Mehldau, and Larry Grenadier. After a couple of fairly straightforward jazz pieces ("Dancing Waters, Big Sur to Bahia" and "Bharati"), the quintet delves into two longer works: "Secret Life of the Forbidden City" and the Coltrane-esque "Miss Jessye." They then romp through the title track, a spirited mid-tempo blues, before tackling the album's centerpiece: the five-part "Darkness on the Delta Suite," an ambitious, free-leaning melange of Eastern and rural blues connotations (with a brilliant solo interlude by Abercrombie). The last two pieces -- "Dervish on the Glory B" and "The Caravan Moves On" -- depart almost completely from jazz vernacular. The former recalls the upbeat, folk-like drone of the sunset portion of "Forest Flower," while the latter, featuring Lloyd on taragato, evokes not only the Middle Eastern desert, but also the inexorable march of time. Thus does a fitting homage to the departed Higgins conclude this exceptionally focused, all-original statement from Charles Lloyd.

BBC Review

A companion to last year's The Water is Wide set; tenorist Lloyd with drummer Billy...

Ian R Watson 2002

Recorded at the same sessions as Charles Lloyd's The Water Is Wide, no doubt in time this will come to be seen as a memorial to the veteran drummer Billy Higgins, who sadly died before the album was released.

Tenor player Lloyd may have his name on the cover, yet this is a group of musicians (all leaders in their own right) who are very much attuned to each other, adding significantly to the cohesive feel throughout. But with each successive playing it is hard not to let the ears become increasingly drawn to the taste and unique swing of the percussion master. The lovely sound Higgins conjures up on "Dancing Waters, Big Sur To Bahia" (dedicated to Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso) should come as no surprise as one of his talents was that as a singer and guitarist (in private) of Brazilian song.

Nowhere is there a sense of grandstanding from any of the musicians; themes tend to unfold rather than be stated, making the longer pieces feel much shorter than they actually are. Lloyd is that rarity, a player who can evoke the ghost of John Coltrane whilst remaining true to himself due to the warmth of a voice that is hard won. Having said that "Miss Jessye" does float on a mid 60's Coltrane-like groove with guitarist John Abercrombie stepping out of the shadows to dig in with some bluesy licks, after which pianist of the moment Brad Mehldau shifts the mood into a different direction.

"Hyperion with Higgins" opens with a short tenor and drums duet before being joined by the galloping swing of bassist Larry Grenadier until Mehldau decides to run with the baton. Abercrombie has become (almost like ECM itself) the epitome of taste and sensitivity. He stretches out on "Darkness on the Delta Suite", going through a kaleidoscope of feelings and moods gently steered by the cunning and verve of Higgins' drums.

Lloyd forsakes the tenor for the taragato on "The Caravan Moves On", its woody sound blending perfectly with the middle eastern aura. The mournful close is a reminder that Higgins has now moved on, leaving the Jazz world a sadder place.

October 2001
Charles Lloyd
Hyperion With Higgins
ECM Records

By Bill Milkowski

One is tempted to hone in exclusively on Billy Higgins' ebullient playing-every rebound, roll and cymbal crash-throughout this satisfying companion piece to last year's The Water Is Wide. Standing as the late, great drummer's last recorded work, it's only natural to focus in on his final statements in a long career permeated with smiles and an irrepressibly swinging spirit. But the work here is of such a piece that you can barely separate the parts from the overall fabric. Everything hangs together and flows so organically, from Larry Grenadier's near subliminal bass lines to Brad Mehldau's crystalline piano statements to John Abercrombie's warmly fingerpicked guitar lines, all in the service of Lloyd's resplendent compositions, each a thing of grace and fragile beauty.

A subtle Brazilian strain runs through the mellifluous opener "Dancing Waters, Big Sur to Bahia (for Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso)," which has the tenor saxophonist affecting a mellower pose (more John Klemmer than John Coltrane) than on other tracks here. "Bharati" is more dynamic, featuring the kind of forceful, fluid scalar runs that Lloyd is noted for since 1966's Forest Flower. The piece is also underscored by some particularly brilliant tempo shifts and percussive coloring by Higgins, who shifts nimbly back and forth between 12/8 and 4/4.

One of the most uplifting moments on this collection happens on "Secret Life of the Forbidden City," and again, it centers on Higgins. Coming out of Mehldau's unaccompanied solo piano interlude two minutes in, the piece heads into a straight 4/4 swinging mode at the three-minute mark. To hear Higgins' ride cymbal pulse in combination with his idiosyncratic/hip snare statements on this kind of midtempo groove is truly one of the joys of jazz. This is classic Billy Higgins. Savor the memory. Both Lloyd and Mehldau respond to Higgins' syncopated effervescence with some of their most spirited playing on the record.

Lloyd digs deep on "Miss Jessye," which features some fine call-and-response from Abercrombie on the intro before seguing to a groovy kind of soul-jazz groove that inspires tenor work from Lloyd that falls somewhere between John Coltrane and Booker Ervin. Abercrombie also gets off a blues-drenched guitar solo here, setting the tone for one of Mehldau's more soulful solo expressions.

Another highlight on the collection, the loose, free-spirited "Hyperion With Higgins" with its daring, extended drums-tenor intro, plays to another of Higgins' strengths and also features some of Lloyd's most forceful playing here (definitely more John Coltrane than John Klemmer).

The somber 12-and-a-half-minute "Darkness on the Delta Suite" takes its time to develop, drawing from spirituals, blues and free-jazz references along the way, and featuring some virtuosic turns from both Lloyd and Abercrombie. "Dervish on the Glory B" is a jaunty calypso number that sounds like as good a candidate for an audience sing-a-long as Lloyd has in his repertoire. And the album closes on a world- beat note with "The Caravan Moves On," performed by Lloyd on taragato (sounds like a soprano sax) and with Higgins laying down a hypnotic groove on hand drum that sounds part Papa Jo, part Gnawan. Abercrombie's quicksilver solo here emphasizes the kind of nontempered statements heard in Middle Eastern music as the piece in general conjures up images of Bedouins traveling across the desert.

A spiritual vibe and some very spirited interplay permeate this inspired collaboratio

Companies etc

Phonographic Copyright (p) – ECM Records GmbH
Copyright © – ECM Records GmbH
Made By – Universal M & L, Germany
Recorded At – Cello Studios


Composed By – Charles Lloyd
Design – Dieter Rehm, Dorothy Darr
Double Bass – Larry Grenadier
Drums, Percussion – Billy Higgins
Engineer – Michael C. Ross
Engineer [Assistant] – John Sorensen*
Executive-Producer – Manfred Eicher
Guitar – John Abercrombie
Liner Notes – Charles Lloyd
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Photography By – Dorothy Darr
Piano – Brad Mehldau
Producer – Charles Lloyd, Dorothy Darr
Technician [Sound] – Joe Harley
Tenor Saxophone, Tárogató [Taragato], Maracas – Charles Lloyd

Dancing Waters, Big Sur To Bahia
(for Gilberto and Caetano)

Recorded December 1999 at Cello Studios, Los Angeles

An ECM Production

℗ 2001 ECM Records GmbH
© 2001 ECM Records GmbH
Barcode and Other Identifiers

Barcode: 0 44001 40002 5
Rights Society: GEMA
Label Code: LC 02516
Other (SPARS Code): AAD

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1. Dancing Waters, Big Sur To Bahia 5:51
2. Bharati 6:59
3. Secret Life Of The Forbidden City 10:03
4. Miss Jessye 10:21
5. Hyperion With Higgins 7:19
6. Darkness On The Delta Suite 12:39
6.1 Mother Where Art Thou
6.2 Robert Johnson On The Banks Of The Ganges
6.3 Perseverance
6.4 Till The River Runs Free
6.5 Peace In The Storm
7. Dervish On The Glory B 8:23
8. The Caravan Moves On 8:32






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